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Review: Being Me

Being Me by Lisa Renee Jones

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Finally the reader finds out what happens to Sara when the lights go out in the storage unit. The first book in this series wowed me and I couldn't put it down. This second one unfortunately underwhelmed me. It's almost as if the book made a ninety degree turn for no apparent reason.

Sara is still playing at "Nancy Drew" except she has no experience with detective work nor is she from a family of law enforcement. She bumbles through her search for Rebecca's location. This is now mixed in with her friend Ella's disappearance. Sara continues to vicariously live through Rebecca's journals. Regrettably, she's using it as guide for her own life and how to interpret all these dominant men around her. The name of the book is oddly fitting as the reader is treated to the real Sara. This Sara is a grave disappointment.

If the first book showcased Sara boldly making positive changes to her life, this …

Review: Beneath an Emerald Sky

Beneath an Emerald Sky by Michael Barnette

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Lovers separated mixed in with espionage and cyberpunk, this story should be right up my alley. To have it with m/m is a treat. Unfortunately, I was disappointed with this story. Mr. Barnette usually provides a great read with a tight storyline and hawt sex. In this one, the sex is lukewarm as past lovers Emeraldsky and Steel-Or reunite.

What is also surprising is the writing in this tale. The sentence structure comes across sloppy and different then I'm used to seeing from the talented Mr. Barnette. There are fragments instead of well constructed sentences. The wording is awkward and jarring. I'm not sure if he is trying to be more creative or if this is a new style of writing. What I can say is that it pulled me out of the story.

The cyberpunk portion of this story was okay. It isn't a fresh new look at this genre. Instead, it felt as if it recycled parts of the movie - Repo Man. The concept…

Review: LaForge, a Spanking Romance Trilogy

LaForge, a Spanking Romance Trilogy by Rollin Hand

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Domestic discipline with dryads and spankings, could this trilogy be a bit more mystical? Mr. Hand is a new author for me. His stories are straightforward and more than just about the spanking. In this trilogy, it's a bit of paranormal with witches mixed in with possible fae characters. It kind of reminds me of a Twilight Zone or Supernatural show.

There is a town, LaForge, which receives good fortune as long as a sacrifice is performed each year. Only women age 18 to 35 can become a willing participant. I have two regrets when I learned of this condition. The first one is that this town doesn't really exist. The second one is that I'm too old. C'est la vie. For this tale to work, Mr. Hand provides a believable back story which helps to bring this all together. It's nicely done with just a touch of erotic spankings.

This is a light BDSM story with gentle domestic discipline. The …

Winner of Truth! Sarah Kat! CONGRATS!

Thank you to all who participated in the Truth Blog Tour and stopped by my blog.  My DH drew a name out of the hat and the winner is Sarah Kat!  Jenny Pedroza will be contacting Sarah for her address.

Review: Gabrielle and the Leviathan

Gabrielle and the Leviathan by Michael Alexander

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Girl on girl action plus alien tentacle sex, what more could I ask for? I do enjoy F/f stories especially when they are kinky. To top it off with non-con tentacle sex where every hole is violated, how can I resist?

It's no surprise I'm a fan of Mr. Alexander. This latest gift from the depraved author is right up my alley. There is a lovely scene depicting hardcore corporal punishment through a whipping mixed with humiliation.

The story is more than just sex. The sci-fi part to it hooks me in as it's something I really enjoy. The plot is easy to follow and makes sense. The reason why the Leviathan goes after women is pretty creative. It sells the story for me. The pace to this book is just right with enough space between the debauchery.

Overall, this story is lighthearted and smexy. It's a quick read with sexy and sweet characters. It almost feels like a porn spoof of Star Trek. Th…

Review: Touch & Geaux

Touch & Geaux by Abigail Roux

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

How can a relationship survive if it is based on deception and misdirection? Is it a long con? These are the questions running through Zane's mind as bombshells are dropped on him by Ty. Could Zane's heart be anymore crushed? Is this the end of Ty and Zane together? No! Say it ain't so!

Ms. Roux is a sadist. She drags the reader through broken glass and then throws salt and lemon juice on our bleeding, open wounds. What's next? Will she take a rusty dull spoon and carve out the heart she's stomped beneath her motorcycle boots? I'm not sure I can take much more of the punishing torture she puts Ty and Zane through. I think tears leaked from my eyes continuously through the last third of the book. Some of it was from laughter at Ms. Roux's quirky sense of humor. Most of the time it was because the pain both Ty and Zane go through is unbearable at times.

In this latest installment, it starts out with so…

Review: Mafia Captive

Mafia Captive by Kitty Thomas

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Wrong place at the wrong time usually means bad things. Once again Ms. Thomas crafts a tale which blurs the lines a bit and questions right and wrong. Faith Jacobson is barely able to eek out a living. She has saved a bit of money and hopes to do better. Alone in the world, except for a few party friends, Faith is just passing through life. She's merely a drone with very little to offer in the world. She's average and if she were to disappear, no one would care.

Faith makes one mistake. She witnesses a murder and she foolishly gets caught. Ms. Thomas creates a rather weak and foolish girl here. Faith isn't too stupid to live. She's a girl with an abusive past and never moved past it. It hangs above her like a black cloud. She seems to be constantly crying or stuttering.

Leo on the other hand, he is quite alluring. He skates the line between good and evil because of his family affiliations. Still, he doe…

Review: On His Terms

On His Terms by Sierra Cartwright

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Even a stubborn, opinionated woman can be a submissive. Some are naturals and others need a bit of work. Is this really true? Anyone can be a submissive if they work hard enough at it? This is an iffy theory. My personal view is a person needs to have the inclination to be a submissive in order for submission to work.

In ON HIS TERMS, Chelsea Barton is an aggressive and manipulative spin doctor. Her goal is to land a few big-name clients in order to help her small business grow. She mixes it up with pleasure when her target clients are Doms. Exposed to a little kinky slap and tickle, Chelsea is determined she can easily be trained to be the perfect submissive. She targets Master Alexander to train her. He isn't taking on new submissives to train but that doesn't deter her.

Ms. Cartwright does a good job of showcasing a newbie submissive coming to grips with a mentality she wasn't expecting. This is almost like a BDS…

Review: Half a Million Dead Cannibals

Half a Million Dead Cannibals by Kari Gregg

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Zombies and romance don't usually go together. Yet Ms. Gregg does it again with hot m/m romance in a post-apocalyptic world. Riley and Graham are trapped together moderately safe from the zombies terrorizing the world. It's not only survival from these monsters, but against the elements and other survivors.

Ms. Gregg creates a desolate world which is reminiscent of the Walking Dead. Except this story is much better and a whole lot hotter. Riley fortunately found Graham who is a former military man. Between the two of them, they survived pretty well. In order to survive, they will need to leave the city.

This short story is a gripping tale of suspense as the two men depend on each other to make it out alive. It's also a story of romance between a sweet gay male and bisexual male. Their blossoming romance is fraught with peril. Ms. Gregg writes the sexual tension so well. Both her characters are endearing an…

Review: Testing Tom

Testing Tom by Lucy Felthouse

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Delicious and romantic side of femdom! Ms. Felthouse shows a more realistic D/s dynamic between a Domme and her sub. In Testing Tom, Katrina's heart is broken as her submissive tosses her over for a "normal" relationship. It came out of left field. Now Tom is back and begging for a second chance.

This could be a set up for a depraved revenge punishment as well as some harsh grudge fucking. (Not that there is anything wrong with that scenario because it's just as tempting for me.) Instead, Ms. Felthouse treats the reader to a controlling yet sweet testing of trust rebuilding. There is no set up for failure, instead it's devoted to reassure Katrina isn't setting herself up for another heartbreak.

This short story is a good example of a responsible dominant's behaviour accented with steamy kinky scenes. With just a few implements, Katrina dominates easily and it's beautiful to witness. The BD…

Review: The Deepest Night

The Deepest Night by Shana Abe

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Returning to the magical world of Drakon and Stars walking on earth, The Deepest Night pauses to bring two Drakon together. In the first book, Lora lost her soulmate, Jesse. Still in love with Lora, Armand pursues her more fiercely in this story. This unrequited love is painful to witness. All hope is not lost for Armand as his heartbroken father forces Lora and Armand together in a manner they never expected. This second installment is populated with more questions than answers. The reader is still kept in the dark about Lora's past. The focus is on Armand and his family. It's also the beginning of the unwilling bonding between Lora and Armand.

Ms. Abe weaves a wonderful tale of struggle and lost. In this, she also offers up hope and redemption. She is so good at showing how a female resists against males yet over time, loses against the male's wishes. In the first Drakon series, Rue resisted becoming mated…

Review: Restraint

Restraint by Erica Chilson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I'm mixed on this story. The writing is stilted for me. Is it because the lead character is all confused? The repetition of a scene while makes a point throws me out of the story because it feels awkwardly inserted. If this was a movie, one could tell it's another dream/memory sequence. It a book, it doesn't come across the same way.

Katya is obviously a survivor of something traumatic. As the story unfolds, it's pretty evident what is going on, who the perpetrators are and why they are involving Katya again. This mind fuck is pretty cool and I enjoyed that piece.

What disturbs me at times is the fact that each of these main characters is fucked up with some kind of mental problem/instability and they are into BDSM. At one point, they even client only a sick fucked up person would be into BDSM. That is a pet peeve of mine and I don't appreciate this message. It's true theses characters have issues the…

Review: Spin Out

Spin Out by James Buchanan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Apparently, dating a parole when one is an officer of the law is a no-no. In this second installment of Deputy Joe, my stomach is in knots. Joe decided to keep things nice and calm for Kabe to prevent Kabe from worrying. Joe's intent is good, unfortunately the end result, not so good.

Even though this is a first person point of view, I am really getting into the story. I'm not like Joe. I'm neither male nor gay. I'm definitely not a LDS. I'm far from being a LEO. Yet I can connect with him. Mr. Buchanan does an excellent job of telling the story from Joe's perspective. I'm sucked in and feeling all sorts of sorrow for Joe. He is stuck between a rock and a hard place. There are no good outcomes. I feel so badly for him. I really enjoyed this story with all the realistic up and downs.

I can also see why Kabe is so pissed off with Joe. Kabe may be submissive in the bedroom, but that doesn't…

Truth Blog Tour! And Chance to Win TRUTH!

We kick off Sherri Haye's Blog Tour of her highly anticipated third book, Truth.  Today, we have a treat for you!  We have an audio excerpt as well as a YouTube Trailer.  You can listen to this steamy excerpt either way.  Wait, there's more!  Stephan was kind enough to sit for a little interview.  Comment for a chance to win a hard copy of Truth.  (Only available to USA and Canada residents) A winner will be picked on July 27th.

Summary of Truth, Finding Anna 3
For the last two months, Brianna has discovered something she never thought she would again. Hope. After the horror of being Ian’s slave for ten months, a fate she never imagined she’d escape, it feels as if she is living a dream. She has freedom she hadn’t expected to have again, and she wakes up every morning not fearing what the day will bring.

There is also Stephan. The man who saved her from the daily torture she had to endure at the hands of Ian and his friends. The same man who makes her heart race with just the…

Review: Truth

Truth by Sherri Hayes

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

What is the truth? Can Anna handle the Truth? In the third book in Finding Anna series, Anna's father, John, shows up to claim his daughter. This is the father who sold her to the sadist Ian. Suddenly, he waltzes in and wants to take his daughter back? He wants to protect her now? I don't think so. Stephan feels exactly the same.

There are some interesting questions posed in this story. Exactly what happened for Ian to take possession of Anna? Is the reader to believe John's side of the story? Or what Stephan's pieced together? This title is aptly named as the Truth is not fully revealed and everyone is trying to find it. There are facts presented, yet there are too many missing pieces which leaves the truth up for interpretation.

While Stephan is trying to protect Anna and help her acclimate to life outside of slavery, he's being hit from multiple fronts. The fear and misconceptions of BDSM in this story i…

Review: His Kind of Woman

His Kind of Woman by Nona Raines

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A story about bullying is surprisingly moving. Roy Girard is a reformed bully. His brother, Travis is also a reformed bully. Travis's past is a classic reason why he was so mean. Travis's guilt weighs on him; He wants to apologize to Victor, the main target of his youthful anger. There is an added twist to Victor. He is now known as Venetia.

In addition to this heavy subject, Ms. Raines mixes it with a tough transgender topic. Talk about a double whammy. This story is surprisingly light in touch when showing both sides of the story. The added element of erotic sex is beautiful.

One may question if bullies ever change. One may even question if a bully did change, would the person bullied ever want an apology? How would the bullied person feel if the bully changed his tune and apologized? Is this a realistic portrayal? I would say Ms. Raines captured it perfectly.

This situation is a little too close to home. W…

Review: Curse Breaker: Guild Assassin

Curse Breaker: Guild Assassin by Berley Kerr

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Space folding, steampunk and hyper-senses make an interesting world. This is a mix of Dune and X-men world. Lead character Wendy Breca's powers seem to be a mix of the Phoenix Entity with Wolverine. Unfortunately, Wendy's maturity is more a young Rogue rather than Jean Grey, which is understandable due to her age.

Wendy Breca is an orphan committed to an insane asylum with people trying to kill her. She doesn't know why. Fortunately, she's saved by a secret organization, a discreet guild. This is where Wendy learns about her powers as well as why she's in high demand.

Wendy is a kick ass female. But she's not perfect. In fact, Mr. Kerr designs her with some pretty big flaws. Her downfall will be her lack of self-discipline. She is an alcoholic just like her mother and it's ugly. What is really confusing about Wendy for me is her fixation for a man who doesn't return her interest and is…