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Review: Magic Gifts

Magic Gifts by Ilona Andrews

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another great read from the talented duo - Ilona Andrews. I love the Kate books. She's far from perfect and she struggles with work and family obligations, just like the rest of us. I'm glad she's finally with Curran as he brings out the best in her and she can now share her burdens with him. This story was quite amusing. I loved the snarky dialog between Jim and Kate. Andrea's snarky answers were hilarious too. I can't wait for Andrea's books.

This story was interesting because it shows how much Kate is willing to sacrifice for one child. The good of the many is forfeit for one little boy. I find this concept interesting because generally, people espouse the opposite, except when it's their loved one. Kate on the other hand does it regardless of her affiliation. She does what she believes is right. Her sense of justice is quite stringent.

Lastly, I have to say, I loved Doolittle showing up ag…

Review: Rosemary & Mistletoe

Rosemary & Mistletoe by Bianca Sommerland

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a second book in the series. I recommend reading the first book because otherwise, you'll feel like you've been dropped into the middle of Act II in a scene you aren't sure about. The characters may confuse you a bit too. Still, I was able to figure out pretty quickly what was going on. Rosemary reminds me of the books by Sunny - Mona Lisa. I'll have to read the first book to understand better about Rosemary's harem of men to feed her. Actually, I felt it was a mix of Sunny's Mona Lisa, Anne Bishop's Dark Jewel's and LKH's Anita Blake feedings of the ardeur. Since Sunny's Mona Lisa series I felt was a complete rip off blending of Ms. Bishop and LKH's books, perhaps Rosemary is yet another version of the original two.

Regardless of how these characters came about, I still enjoyed this book enough that I really want to read the first one. I want to know about…

Review: Grown Men

Grown Men by Damon Suede

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

What just happened? I like this type of story where it's a futuristic pioneer story. I'm always geeked about people trying to cultivate and "seed" the land. I'm not sure why this is so alluring. In this one, Runt, is a small guy who's waiting for a clone wife to be his helpmate. He's totally fallen behind on his producing of foods to send back to the "company". Ox who doesn't speak is sent instead. He's huge, strong and able to out do Runt in just about everything. Runt fears Ox is going to steal the farm from him. As they spend more time together working, they bond in more than one way. *wink wink*

I really liked the world Mr. Suede built. The digital queen bee was extremely clever and I loved it. The attention to detail he paid in adding layers to this world made me a very happy camper. The genetically modified eels, moths, everything had my inner geek girl squealing with jo…

Review: Cole for Christmas

Cole for Christmas by Treva Harte

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Pining away for one of your best friends is a good way to have your heart broken. Ever since Sarah met Cole, she's wanted more than friendship. Unfortunately, Cole is openly gay and a masochist to boot. His BDSM lifestyle is too much information for vanilla Sarah to handle. She tries to protect him by learning a bit about the lifestyle. Basically, just enough so she can ensure he isn't being abused; any other details, she blushes and stammers for him to stop sharing. Sarah has finally adjusted to be the best protective friend she can be. Hopefully, this Christmas she will be able to spend it with him as her parents are out of the country while Cole's parents had essentially disowned him.

To Sarah's delight, Cole wants to take her to a skiing locale and spend Christmas with his new Dom. Sarah's wariness turns into fiery outrage as she figures out the identity of Cole's new Dom. Jeff and Sarah's past a…

Review: When I Fall

When I Fall by Belinda McBride

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Doesn't everyone want to be royalty at one point or another? Power, money, the good life is what most people dream of when they think of royalty.

Helios Dayspring only knows the downside of royalty – responsibility, assassination and political strife. After his rescue from slavery, one would think he has it made. Instead, after a year, he is still trying to determine the traitors as well as recover the memories erased during his sexual slavery. Through all of this, Griffin Hawke is there to support and love him.

This second book in the series pulled me in just as much as the first one. Ms. McBride further builds upon the world she's created and I love it. I enjoy stories where rebel forces have to band together and start fresh in an undeveloped world. I love learning about the inner workings of a civilization. Some of the things we learn about Helios' people impressed me. It also surprised Griffin as he was also in the…

Review: An Uncommon Whore

An Uncommon Whore by Belinda McBride

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

How would you feel to not remember anything but the present? Would it ease your mind or would you always want to know what happened in the past? Pasha knows he’s an uncommonly handsome sex slave and that there was a past. He just can’t remember it. During one of his sexual servitudes, being pimped out by his master, he spies upon a man that he desperately wants, but doesn’t know why. This man is a scarred pilot of a ship, Griffin. Griffin is a desperate man, trying to keep his people together while keeping the hope alive. His hope is to find his missing prince, who was once a beloved lover. By sheer chance, he buys the veiled Pasha for the night. Griffin’s prayers are answered; Pasha is his long lost Helios. Helios remembers nothing.

I totally enjoyed this story. Helios and Griffin are totally hot together. Learning about the terrible subjugation of Helios was sad yet kind of hot. It reminded me Joss Whedon's D…

Review: Caught

Caught by Cassandra Carr

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Imagine giving everything to a man you loved and receiving not even an invitation to his bed. You are only good enough to be relegated to the guest room after a scene. You submit to his every whim and provide sexual satisfaction and when you want a bit of loving reassurance, he leaves you high and dry.

Callie left Jack three years ago because she was dying from neglect – her love was never returned. Returning home for the first time to visit over the holiday season, Callie bumps into Jack, only to turn tail and run. Jack, the Dominant, chases and corners her before she can escape. Their first contact after years is a hot submission with her on her knees, sucking him off at their mutual friend's party.

Jack never understood why Callie ran from him. He loved her desperately and was afraid his intense BDSM desires scared her. It must have because she left without a word or way of finding her. Finding her again, he doesn't want to l…

Review: The Breaker's Concubine

The Breaker's Concubine by Ann Mayburn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

HOLY COW! I just finished this in one reading. My review will be forthcoming once it is approved. All I can say is, "Buy this book. DO NOT WAIT. BUY IT NOW AND READ IT!" My FAVOURITE book from Ms. Mayburn to date.


Males sharing one female with addictive tasting male come. An entire race on a planet where men can push out pheromones to control those addicted to their taste. On top of this, a warrior prince of this realm is betrayed and forced into sexual servitude. This is, if he can be trained to submit and become the perfect concubine to an alien world's empress. In order to train Devnar, the warrior prince from Jensia, he's sent to Melania, a known breaker.

Based upon the terms "breaker" and "concubine", I figured this would be sadistic BDSM training session. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Melania's style of breaking a concubine i…

Review: Mastered by the Hired Man

Mastered by the Hired Man by Melissa Harlow

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sold off as a child bride, Lenore’s understanding of sexual relations between a man and a woman could be summed up in one word – twisted. Oh how I enjoyed her sexual humiliation and education at the hands of her older and perverted masterful husband. This story is pure spanking material with a lovely little plot. It reminds me of the Reluctant Dom by Tymber Dalton, but in a dirty crass gritty way. Carlos is the chosen one to take over James’ domination of Lenore. Carlos is a very reluctant Dom who doesn’t understand what it means to dominate. He’s thrown into a world of sexual perversion which excites yet disgusts him. His latent sadistic dominant desires catapult him out of control as he wars with his tender feelings for Lenore, his boss’s wife.

This story is just sad all around. I felt sorrow for James’ medical condition. I understand his anger yet concern tearing him apart for what to do with Lenore. Lenor…

Review: Submission Becomes Her

Submission Becomes Her by Paige Tyler

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ever meet the almost perfect mate, but he just wasn’t exciting in bed? Even though he had a great body, there just was no chemistry there because his vanilla ways were too boring? Josie feels this way about her ex-boyfriend Gavin. They ended their relationship amicably months ago because they agreed there just wasn’t that sizzling spark.

Now this is why on-line meetings can be beneficial. Behind the anonymity of a screen name, dark deep secrets can be revealed easier than in person. This is what happened to Josie and Gavin. To their surprise, when they schedule a real life blind date, they already know each other.

This short sweet smexy spanking story brought a smile to my face. SUBMISSION BECOMES HER, light BDSM definitely qualifies for the tasty SugarKink category. The story presented a simple plot which flowed at a fast past. We are treated to a smoldering spanking conclusion. I recommend this teaser story to t…

Review: Shattered: A Deeply Disturbing Erotic Novel

Shattered: A Deeply Disturbing Erotic Novel by I.G. Frederick

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

An abuse of authority is not always a bad thing. When it is, it becomes a train wreck. When hard lines are crossed and someone is shattered into a state of suicidal depression, I’m furious. This book only generated negative emotions for me – fury, disgust, loathing and sorrow. The first three are all applied to Jessica who was the protagonist in the first book, Broken. In Shattered, she hasn’t changed. She’s still the spoiled brat who continues to demonstrate what Vanilla people believe BDSM people are like. I’m disgusted with her utter lack of ethics. I loathe her self-centered caviler attitude to someone she broke on purpose.

Zachary is a sweet, highly intelligent twenty-five year old with an undiagnosed Asperser syndrome. In his cry for help - Jessica, his psychiatrist, violates every code of ethics. I’m appalled at her thought process. Her treatment of Zachary is abhorrent to me speci…

Review: Bondage by the Bay Tales of bdsm in San Francisco

Bondage by the Bay Tales of bdsm in San Francisco by M. Christian

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Are you ready for a buffet catered by a chef with eclectic tastes? M. Christian’s Bondage by the Bay provides sensual appetizers to meaty entrées. There are a couple of sweet dessert stories as well as a couple of dishes I’d have rather left untouched. This is the double-edged sword of an anthology. I’m generally not fond of anthologies for a good reason. I don’t always like the writing material or styles of all the authors included. The more authors, the less likely I’m going to enjoy the anthology. The plus side of an anthology is I’m introduced to authors I haven’t read before and I’m able to discover a true gem.

In Bondage by the Bay, the tying theme other than sex is that it revolves around San Francisco California. If the book was designed to perpetuate the image of San Francisco as a hedonist haven, it succeeded. Some of the stories were light and sweet. One that I found amusing …

Review: Teacher Plus Two

Teacher Plus Two by Valentina Heart

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I've read a story by Ms. Heart before and found it to be emotionally touching and filled with a depth I did not expect. I foolishly put off reading Teacher Plus Two for a bit. I should have known I would regret waiting so long. Orrin is a human Adult on the cusp of reaching Teacher status. This status is denoted in a physical manifestation with blue eyes turning violet. Our story begins with Orrin's kidnapping for the sole purpose to train sexual slaves. The force of sexual relations is anathema to Orrin's existence. We are treated to his fast decent into hell. The fact that he finds love during this journey helps emotionally balance him yet creates a vulnerability his sadistic abductors exploit. Teacher Plus Two is the second in this series. I did not read the first book, yet this second one is perfectly fine as a standalone. I loved it. Here is why I loved it.

First, I enjoy fantasy sci-fi type books…

Review: Snowed in With Santa

Snowed in With Santa by Sue Lyndon

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Looking for a little holiday cheer? Do you have the song stuck in your head, “Here comes Santa Claus; here comes Santa Claus…”? Alana is this person who needs some holiday cheer. She’s a recent college graduate who’s job opportunities didn’t pan out as she hoped. She did complete college a semester early, in December. This would have been fine had she not been a teacher and in the Northern Hemisphere. As we all know, teachers start work in the late summer for US schools. Like many other teachers, Alana picks up a job in retail during the Christmas season.

Unfortunately, Alana is dressed up like an elf to be Santa’s little helper, not working as a cashier for one of the many stores at the mall. Personally, I’d rather be an elf. It’s more fun, especially when the costumed Santa is a hunky man. Jared dresses up as Santa to help out. He is the more experienced man who is fantasizing naughty positions with “south pole” an…

Review: Lost in Bliss

Lost in Bliss by Sophie Oak

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm in a reading slump. I'm trying to read 600 books this year and I don't think I'm going to make it. I'm in so many challenges that I can barely keep them straight. I don't like when reading is a chore. What do I do when I'm in a reading slump and I have reviews I don't want to write? I go straight to Ms. Sophie Oak. I can ALWAYS count on her to bring me out of my book blues. Lost in Bliss does not disappoint.

Yes, it's another menage were two men who are like night and day chase after a woman and have to convince her she's the one for them both. Yes another killer is in BLISS again!! I'm starting to agree with the news media, there is something about Bliss where there just seems to be too many killers for such a peace loving small town. Are these guys, Rafe and Cam so different than Nate and Zack or the twins? Well, no, not really. Laura is a bit different than the other wome…

Review: Dark Predator

Dark Predator by Christine Feehan

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Zacarias de la Cruz is the oldest in the de la Cruz brothers and the most powerful. He also has the darkest soul, tattered in shreds due to centuries of killing his own kind. This was a very long book. Maguarita is from a long line of humans raised to defend the de la Cruz. She's sacrificed quite a bit already to protect them. She's also naturally gifted with animals. So we know she is psychically gifted which means she's a suitable lifemate for Zacarias.

The story basically goes like this.

Zacarias denies Maguarita is his lifemate and he's tired. Maguarita is compelled by this handsome yet predatory man and disobeys him. They miscommunicate a bit, Zacarias sees colour and he's stunned to find his lifemate. (Don't all of them feel stunned they have finally found their life mate?) Predictably, there are human and vampiric enemies which threaten to tear them apart. Old friend with ancient blood …

Review: The Tap Room

The Tap Room by Liz Crowe

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Eie-meanie-minie-moe, which cock do I choose today? Red-headed, almost-divorced Erin is surrounded by pussy hungry men. I wanted to read this book because I'd read a short story by the author and the sexy content was sweet and tasty. To return to THE TAP ROOM world, I couldn't wait to read about the business partners of the brewery. In addition, the author, Ms. Crowe is from Ann Arbor, Michigan, which is near and dear to my heart.

Erin's brewery is finally successful. However, her personal life is in the bottom of the barrel with her 20 plus year marriage down the drain, sacrificed to her job. Her partners Trent and Owen's personal lives aren't that much better. Trent has gone through a divorce due to the brewery. Owen comes across as a commitment phobic who is emotionally constipated. This is Erin's words, not mine. As if that isn't enough, the new employee, Jeff who is also super hot wants to tap Erin'…

Review: Dominance and Deception

Dominance and Deception by Amy Valenti

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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A hot dominant cop and a sexy submissive forensic hit all the arousal buttons for me. No, this isn't an episode of Bones. Although, I think in Bones, the cop would be the submissive. I digress. In DOMINANCE AND DECEPTION, we meet Zack and Faye. They have been working together for a couple of years in the same precinct. Not surprisingly, they carry a torch for each other but are too afraid to mention it. When a murder case brings it to a personal level through a shared lover, it's probably the best thing for the two.

Zack is an uber Dom. I love his ability to top Faye who is actually a switch. I love Faye and can relate as a fellow switch. I'm thrilled with Ms. Valenti's characters because none of the BDSM people are in the lifestyle due to some messed up abuse from their past. This is a…

Review: Midnight Sins

Midnight Sins by Lora Leigh

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Rafer loves a much younger woman who is his blood brother's wife's younger sister. He is a bad boy along with his two cousins who are ostracized in this small minded town. Orphaned, their grandparents treated them like garbage. Only one uncle stood by them and he was harassed his entire life. Who knows what their parents did that caused an entire town to turn against them. Some secrets are kept by killing. As an Nauti boy, he too is a military man with "secret" clearance that can't be checked up on. Wait, stop. This isn't in the Nauti boy series. Yet the similarities down to the baby that was miscarried and was conceived during a drunken night.

This book wasn't as engaging for me as some of her other books. I'm a big Lora Leigh fan so I'm surprised. I started on her books with Bound Hearts series. I enjoyed her Nauti boys soo much. Her elite ops and SEALS series are also ones I enjoy…

Review: Mistletoe and Submission

Mistletoe and Submission by Kim Dare

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thank you to my dear friend, Dee W. She gave this to me as a Christmas gift. It was delightful! I liked it a lot. I could relate to Carl and felt badly for him. I understood his confusion and his worry. His pining for something he doesn't think he will ever have just brought a tear to my eye. Especially when he thought his devotion was just going to be thrown away like yesterday's rubbish. Sloan is the one I wanted to smack upside the head. His problem is he believes he's an awesome Dom. He's not. He's not perfect and I agree with Mr. Hammond. Sloan is a fringe player who doesn't know shit about communication. He also misreads his desired sub so badly I can't even begin to start ranting about it. I'm overcome with shocked frustration at his idiotic know-it-all attitude. I want to kick him in the ass. ARGH!

There were several things in this story that bothered me which is why I …

Review: Holiday Kink

Holiday Kink by Eve Langlais

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a hot short story. The BDSM was just kinky and delightful. I liked it because the wife was discovering her kinky side and her husband came along for a ride. I can see how it is hard to talk to a spouse about newly awakened sexual desires. Most women never talk to their spouses about it. They may go into detail with female friends yet never their spouse. Isn't that odd? I know for me, I don't go into detail with people I know cuz I'm such a deviant. I stopped telling my spouse after awhile because it he didn't like it.

So to my surprise, the husband in this story did his own sleuthing and learned up on how to spice up their sex life. Totally hot! I liked it. I would like to know what happens at New Years. I'm fortunate that after a while, my DH rethought his stance and is similar to Andrew in this book. Woohoo!

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Review: Stoneface

Stoneface by Tymber Dalton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Betrayal, infidelity, jealousy, hot ménage, sanctimonious parents, steadfast best friends, what isn't in this book? Oh right, my favourite erotic genre, BDSM. I can forgive Ms. Dalton leaving out the BDSM because this book drew out various emotions from me – anger, frustration, sorrow, pain, pleasure – the list goes on. Ms. Dalton is an auto-buy.

In STONEFACE, I'm once again gasping in sympathy pains for the characters she creates. I'm sensing a reoccurring theme in her books, which I enjoy. The theme is betrayal. The personal betrayals the lead character experiences are realistic and cuts so deep. Gwen experiences many setbacks in her life. Her ex-husband drunk repeatedly calls her after their divorce due to his infidelity. As the youngest of three siblings, she was surprisingly not treated as a loved baby of the family. Instead, she's the whipping boy by her …

Review: Darkest Hunger

Darkest Hunger by Aline Hunter

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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Wouldn't it be nice to know who your fated soul mate is from the time you are born? A fated mate is the other half of you who will be able to connect through heart, body and soul. This person would love you for eternity. How could this be a bad thing? For Willow, it's been a heavy albatross slowly strangling her to death.

Willow, the Lycae Princess, is foretold through prophecies that she will betray her blood for their worst enemy, the blood-sucking leeches, vampires. Willow has been trained since an infant to hate them and especially avoid the Vampire King, Bridon Walkyr. Obedient to her father and loyal to her kind, she will do anything to prevent the mating from happening. No sacrifice is too great.

Does this sound a bit melodramatic to you? As I'm reading the story, I felt this fatalistic martyr complex to be a bit over the top. As the story unfolds, the facts behind t…

Review: Timing Is Everything

Timing Is Everything by J.V. Altharas

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is my first taste from Mr. Altharas. I say taste because that's all he gave me in this short story. I REALLY liked it. Hot. It was too short for me though. I wanted more. I wanted to know what happened next. I want a whole weekend filled with kinky BDSM play! (I'm a greedy little glut, aren't I?) I want to read more about Marcus Dom-ing two women. I want to read more about Tasha maybe being a switch. Will she continue to Domme Katrina? Or will Tasha become the weekend plaything? What dastardly kinky sex acts will Marcus force Katrina to suffer through with lustful pleasure? What other toys will be used? Oh my imagination is going wild! Would I rather be Tasha or Katrina? Decisions, decisions...

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Unexpected Consequences

Unexpected Consequences by Cara Bristol

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I swooned in sexual ecstasy reading this book. The phrase running through my mind the entire time was "Spare the rod; spoil the child!" This phrase is one of my favourites and it must be Jared's too.

Jared is newly wed to Melanie. The twelve-year age difference doesn't make him her "daddy", but due to their affiliation to the Rod and Cane Society, he does dole out punishment for her misbehaviour like a father would to a child.

I liked this book because Melanie was spanked and paddled hard for misbehaving. Perhaps I am tired of women who are "Daddy's little princesses" manipulating people and receiving no consequences. In this book, bad behaviour was treated accordingly and fully laid out prior to the punishment. What I find amusing is that Melanie's father and mother are part of the Rod and Cane Society. Yet Melanie was ignorant to its mission and vision. She knew going into t…

Pulled Long

Pulled Long by Christine d'Abo

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Baby brother, Ian, finds a Daddy!  Well, not really, but boy is Jeff hot and sexy.  What's the problem?  Jeff was married to a woman.  Ian's been on that ride before and he isn't interested in another straight man dabbling on the wild side with a gay man.  Through a series of misunderstandings and Ian's own personal issues, Jeff is pushed away, hard.

I rooted for Ian and Jeff to come together so I was a bit miffed with Ian and his judgmental ways.  I'm glad Jeff persisted.  Jeff is way hot and what he does with Ian in Mavericks' had me creaming in my pants.  Each scene had me panting for more.  Just as it seemed the two of them would be together, they get kicked hard by Jeff's ex-wife.  This story moved fast and I devoured every word.

This story was a bit disturbing in the anti-gay sentiments.  I understand that there are those who don't like gay men, but to have it shoved into the face in this …

A Shot in the Dark

A Shot In The Dark by Christine d'Abo

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A fireman who's also a Dom.  Fire!  Fire! Fire!  Carter is a Dom who can generate heat and passion in the control freak Paige.  Paige is the oldest in the Long siblings and this is her story.  I really enjoyed this story because I can totally empathize with her.  As the old child in my family of three, I feel the same responsibilities she feels.  Her need of BDSM is so well expressed in this story.  I feel the same.  Fortunately, this is where we differ.

Paige unfortunately was damaged by an ex-boyfriend who played at being a Dom.  I can't state how much I loathe people like her ex-boyfriend.  His brand of BDSM is what gives the rest of us a bad name.  I want to pistol whip the jerk.  I appreciate Ms. d'Abo showing how he was wrong and this is not acceptable.  Make no mistakes, abuse is not BDSM.  Of course, since Paige has been badly burned and embarrassed, she's shy to try again.  People could ask why …

Double Shot

Double Shot by Christine d'Abo

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Friends becoming lovers is a storyline I am always leery of reading.  Generally they end as friend with benefits and then fizz out.  In this one, Sadie and Paul get their kink on!  Sadie is the middle child in the Long family.  The three siblings own a cool coffee shop which they are trying to run together.  I love sibling stories and friends becoming lovers and family helping each other.  Between these two themes, I'm in hog heaven with this first in the series.

Sadie has always crushed on Paul but never dared to take it further.  Paul admired Sadie yet it was never the right time.  Paul is part of the sex club - Mavericks.  It's supposed to be a BDSM club, but for a BDSM club, there is quite a bit of sex and more booze than I'm used to.  Plus there are so rich Dom's in this story which has me flagging it as glitterkink.  Still, the light BDSM, specifically the voyeuristic scenes are tasty and had me humming i…


Stud by Cheryl Brooks

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Review to come.  I'm still putting my thoughts together.  This one, I wasn't sure I'd like more than the others.  I can say it was much meatier.  After the beginning which I was kind of bored with, it became much better.  I read the acknowledgements and the light bulb went off in my head.  Now I know why this one appealed to me better than the others. 

Updated Review

Tarq is a man in the wrong time.  He can survive in the wild but in civilization, his strengths do not help him.  I can't imagine what life would be like, being unable to read.  In this day and age, with the necessity of literacy to get around, I can't fathom how well Tarq has survived.  Tarq is a "stud" in a non flattering way.  Basically, he spends his life squirting sperm into women who pay him to have a night of passionate sex.  If they get pregnant, even better, more population for his dying race.  He has over 500 children. 

I enjoyed the fi…