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Review: Bonds of Courage

Bonds of Courage by Lynda Aicher

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When worlds collide, does an Ice Queen shatter or will she melt and become something else? Vanessa Delcour splits her life into three distinct quadrants. She keeps her business and personal life completely separate. She splits her personal life down to two sections - those who live in the lifestyle and those who do not. To keep these separate, she actually owns three phones to ensure never will the three meet. It's a taxing job to split a life to this degree. I can personally attest to this which is why I connected with Vanessa so well. I too own separate phones for work and personal and I don't mix the two. Oddly enough, I also separate my vanilla friends from my lifestyle friends, just not to the degree which Vanessa accomplishes in this story.

The ground work Ms. Aicher lays out in this story to generate conflict is well done. There is a reason why Vanessa aka Mistress V keeps others from knowing about her li…

Review: Shaman Rises

Shaman Rises by C.E. Murphy

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

It's been a brutal year filled with non-stop changes for Joanne Walker. This is the end for her. The Master who has destroyed her life is finally going to confront her directly. Or is he? Joanne experiences even more loss in this book. While she's fighting him directly, he is using her friends and loved ones against her.

Ms. Murphy weaves a tale of heart-break, betrayal and a happily for now. This book leaves a reader feeling unresolved in some aspects while explaining why the Master is the way he is. It's fascinating and when a reader thinks about it, it makes so much sense why he is so aggressive and why he keeps trying to gain a foothold in this world.

Ms. Murphy excels at creating her characters to be fallible. No matter how great their intentions are and how they want to be, there is always a chink in their armor which brings them to their knees. In this story, it is one gut punch after another. Honestly,…

Review: Triple Cross [Triple Trouble 7]

Triple Cross [Triple Trouble 7] by Tymber Dalton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An exploding moose will definitely catch a reader's attention. In this highly anticipated latest installment of the Triple Trouble series, it's all coming together.

Elain is the main featured character. She's learning just how powerful a seer she will become. Frustrating her is the lack of guidance and training manual. She and her two "sisters" still wing it.

Ms. Dalton doesn't disappoint in this book. The plot moves forward. Several open threads from previous stories are brought to closure in this one. Both main and secondary characters are continuously developed and woven into a strong community. This is what makes Ms. Dalton's books so good. There is strong support group through family and friends. In fact, the bonds are so interconnected the friends are considered family. As with any family, there are fights at times because not everyone agrees. Ms. Dalton addresses this in a way…

Review: Terran

Terran by Cara Bristol

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The second in the Breeder series is another winner. 3.5 stars page turn with some smexy maledom. Tara Diehl is an alien on the planet Parseon. One of the few humans allowed on this patriarchal world, she needs to constantly stay on guard. Females are just objects for men to sell, trade and abuse. If a female is lucky, they are bred and fed. Tara is an irregularity as one of the only females running her own booth in the human bazar. When she crosses paths with Marlix, it causes her no end of trouble.

Marlix is one of the more feared Alphas in this world. He's known to be ruthless and without heart. He does have a secret which would cause him to possibly lose his standing. In a world where might means right, it is dangerous for him to desire a lush female, let alone a human.

Ms. Bristol's sci-fi/fantasy (SF/F) stories really work for me. I like the world she creates and I like her characters. Her characters while ali…

Review: Relapse

Relapse by Tara Crescent

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Another lovely installment of Lisa and Patrick's budding relationship. The title is definitely appropriate as there is a bit of setback between Lisa and Patrick. It's a good one though. This one really shows how Lisa and Patrick are both getting over their past and trying to move on into a healthy relationship.

There is definitely growth exhibited by Lisa which is a relief. It was iffy with the second book because Lisa came across as a typical crazy female. Patrick's hang up is surprising and it's a well written point concerning his "anti-Andrea" focus.

The medical kink in this story is a bit more subdued yet still arousing. For those who enjoy enemas, this is a light one good to erotic-ize enema play. This is a sweet romance which ends in a note making me yearn for more. Next up, will it perhaps be Patrick's parents introduction? From a sexual perspective, can we dare hope for some fisting? *fing…

BDSM Bedtime Stories Season Three Episode Eight ~ Helen Karol


Review: Stone Song

Stone Song by D.L. McDermott

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Bards seem to be involved in the old Fae stories. In this book, a modern day singer holds more power than a person holding a gun. Sorcha is more than just a singer. She is a musician who loves all music and creates it passionately. Her grandmother knew better and didn't exactly prepare Sorcha for the dangers of her voice. Sorcha is a stone singer who can use her voice as a weapon of mass destruction. It's pretty cool and I like it!

Ms. McDermott does a great job of creating something different. It's a mix of a mythical siren plus Marvel comic book's character Banshee. Sorcha is a character who embodies the bohemian lifestyle of a musician. She is much more as she learns from the Fae. She's terrified of them and with good reason. So when Elada Brightsword offers to help her, she's suspicious. Never bargain with the Fae.

This third book spends more time world building which is good. It's go…

Review: A Princess Bound: Naughty Fairy Tales for Women

A Princess Bound: Naughty Fairy Tales for Women by Kristina Wright

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Princesses bound, spanked and sexual torments is my kind of fairy tale. In A Princess Bound, Ms. Wright brings together an awesome collection of fairy tales retold. There are seventeen erotically delicious stories in this anthology and I loved every single one of them. Usually, in a collection, I may like about half of the stories if I'm lucky. Sometimes, a collection is disappointing and I only like two to three out of the couple of dozen choices. Ms. Wright does an amazing job in her selection because every single story is seductive and well written.

Each story takes a turn with some of the popular and less popular fairy tales. Some of them are set in the days long past. Others take on a fresh look with a modern twist. Each of them have one thing in common. They contain an element of sexual yearning. Sometimes the story ends in a happily ever after. Sometimes it hints at a happi…

Review: Poison Promise

Poison Promise by Jennifer Estep

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Ganging up on Gin is no longer a surprise. It's a given someone is always trying to kill Gin. In Poison's Promise, Ms. Estep steps it up a notch with more graphic torture. This is a 3.5 star book for me. Gin is still trying to keep her head above the water with the number of criminals trying to make a name for themselves by taking out Gin. In the previous couple of books, it seemed Gin was taking a passive stance. She is really tired of killing, especially since she isn't being paid for it. Honestly, she should be bankrolled by the local government for taking out all this trash.

In this one, the old Gin is back. It did take a painful metaphorical stab in the heart by her sister and some physical torture by a sadistic psychopathic vampire to jumpstart Gin into action. Gin is no longer playing defense. She is moving to offense and it's a refreshing turn. Doubly so since Mab Monroe's heir is finally…

Review: Magic Breaks

Magic Breaks by Ilona Andrews

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The wait is over and it's is well worth it.Kate returns in Magic Breaks.This a must buy and immediately read book.In Magic Breaks, all hell breaks loose when Hugh d’Ambray returns to start a war between the People and the Pack.With the Pack's attention split in three different directions, it seems Hugh is succeeding with his divide and conquer strategy.
This is definitely not a standalone book.To fully appreciate this book, all the previous books must be read.This is the beginning of the end.This book is the showdown we've been building towards since the very first book.The journey has been difficult with great sacrifice and lost.Not every character we've grown to love is with Kate as she finally confronts Roland.Each skill and word of power Kate learned is too prepare her for this day.Is it enough?
Duo authors Ilona Andrews outdoes themselves in this latest book.The writing is tight and action packed.This book moves a…