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Review: Bound By Desire

Bound By Desire by Rebecca Lyndon

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Holy sizzling hot shifter sex! This short story is a flaming hot kinky read. Sarah McIntire returns to her hometown while her father is on vacation for a month. Since she followed her father’s footsteps to become a veterinarian, she can easily cover for him. Her first patient with a pregnant mare leads her to Grant LaCroix. Relatively new, Grant owns the old Anderson spread. Grant’s immediate confrontational attitude puts Sarah off. Despite his less than warm welcome, Sarah’s focus is on the ailing mare with a breech foal.

Sarah and Grant’s initiation interaction is rough and it only becomes rougher when the sun sets. Grant’s family is cursed with their males shifting into some kind of demon creature. Basically, Grant hulks out and his hulk form is a Dom. From the time Sarah and Grant’s hulk form get it on, it is one smexy ride.

The shifted sex in this book is hot. It’s not often an author will cross the lines in…

Review: When the Duke Found Love

When the Duke Found Love by Isabella Bradford

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Lady Diana is the youngest of three daughters. She's the only one who isn't betrothed at a young age, set up by her late father. At eighteen, she needs to start looking for a husband, especially since she's been involved in some scandalously improper behaviour. Unfortunately for her, instead of a loving father finding a good match for her, her mother, Lady Cecilia Hervey is in charge.

Lady Diana's mother loves her dearly, but it's obvious the mother is completely oblivious. She's dumb as a doornail when it comes to finding a suitable husband for her youngest. She heeds the advice of Lord Brecon. If Lord Brecon recommended Lord Crump, then I fear for his sons. The end of the story gives a glimpse as to why Diana's mother and Brecon were distracted, but still, they were so far off, it's not even funny.

Duke of Sheffield was more or less raised by Brecon after he was orphaned. …

Review: Pushing Her Buttons

Pushing Her Buttons by Sabrina York

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Samantha is a powerful executive who likes to stay in control. She's been burned before when she followed her desire to be sexually submissive. This is all in the past and that is where it will stay. Until her sexy neighbor flirts and stalks her. Sam’s inner struggle to resist the tempting offer he provides is taking a toll on her. When she tries to shut him out by bringing home a date, it backfires. Her dominating neighbor ups the game with a sexual ménage.

The sex in this book is kinky hawt. It’s enjoyable and requires little tools of the trade for the characters to get their kink on. This is what makes the book a pleasure to read. The characters Sam and her smexy neighbor without a name are fine. Sam is obviously insecure and shies away from a potentially self destructive relationship. The neighbor on the other hand is sexy, suave and rich. Isn’t this what every woman fantasizes about? His D/s and perverte…

Review: The Game Plan

The Game Plan by Breanna Hayse

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Who is a brat? Who is rude and needs a good spanking? Cassie needs it! In The Game plan, Cassie is a much younger step sister of three gorgeous men. Rob and Bryon are the older ones. They are both a dozen years older than Cassie. Glenn, closest in age to Cassie's even feels her sharp tongue.

Cassie has daddy issues. Her deserted her at the young age of 8 and she never got over it. No matter how much love and support her step father, Bill provided her, Cassie still clings to this neglect as if it were the most important event in her life. I have to say, I'm not a fan of women who are into ageplay because of some fucked up daddy issue. I was not too thrilled about this premise. Yes it does explain why Cassie behaves the way she does. Still, why does the sub need to be fucked up to want to be into some kinky lifestyle choices?

My pet peeve aside, this story is AWESOME! The domestic discipline Rob and Bryon apply…

Review: Uncollared

Uncollared by Nona Raines

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Mia is on top of the world. It's her one-year anniversary with her Dom and they are dining at an expensive restaurant. She is excited to hear the cherished words come out of his mouth to take them to the next step. There is a reason why children are cautioned against making assumptions. Mia's hopes are crushed in six small words in one sentence: "But it's time for us to move on."

Mia is a social worker who dedicates her life taking care of others. She's been the responsible one, raising her siblings as her mother struggled to provide food and shelter. Mia's time as a submissive under a loving experienced Dom finally gives her the one thing she craves. Mia's service needs to be balanced by a Dom who will, in return, provide for her needs. Turned away so abruptly, Mia is lost and hurt.

This story is beautifully written about a sub that loses her Dom without any notice. The pain and betrayal from the reject…

Review: Deathless Love

Deathless Love by Renee Rose

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ready for some spanking vampire domination? This kinky paranormal romance is for the domestic discipline fans. Kate is a singer for the band, Morphs. Little does she know she’s best friends with a gay vampire. It’s not the gay part which shocks her. She’s knows this already. It’s the fact that he’s a vampire who has repeatedly removed this memory from her which stuns Kate. When Fox is caught with his fangs out again by Kate, he knows he’s in trouble. This last time, he is unwilling to wipe out her memory for fear of damaging her irreparably. Letting a human know of the vampire world is verboten.

This piece of information allows Kate to quickly connect the dots and realize Dominic DeParma, the owner of the bar No Return, is also a vampire. When Dominic who goes by Dom finds out Kate is aware of vampires, it isn’t looking good for either Kate or Fox. Luckily, an off chance mention of spankings turns this around. Dom is a…

October 2012 BDSM Book of the Month Bedtime Readings

We are rolling out a new feature on the BDSM GoodReads Group.  We are providing two readings a week of BDSM and kinky authors.  The first two are the ones from our October 2012 Book of the Month.

Ageplay - The Game Plan by Breanna Hayse

My review of The Game Plan is here.  Below is an excerpt narrated by Will Versuch.

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F/f - Society of the Golden Rose by Breanne Erickson

My review of Society of the Golden Rose is here.  Below is an excerpt read by yours truly.

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Review: Forest of Glass

Forest of Glass by John Tristan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sold off as a sexual slave is the strongest message a parent could give an unwanted bastard child. Leith of Calish is the Lord of the Manor's oldest child. Unfortunately for Leith, his mother is not the Lord's wife. One year, Leith's father is unable to provide the tithe required by the Fair. In exchange for riches and jewels, Lord Calish throws his son Leith at Orias, Lord of the Fair.

This is where the story begins with a naked illegitimate boy, tossed away by his own father into a world of magical beings. Orias is a Fae Lord who finds Leith intriguing, to his regret. Instead of enslaving Leith as a sex slave, he offers Leith a deal in exchange for one year of servitude. This is where kinky hopes of fae orgies and BDSM delights abound. Orias is besotted with Leith and hopes to receive devotion in return.

Mr. Tristan weaves a tale, which hints at sadistic sexual practices but never fully delivers. The illicit sex sce…

Review: The Mayor's Daughter II: Stablemate

The Mayor's Daughter II: Stablemate by Will Versuch

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Jessica aka Sierra is now joined by Amanda. Amanda is renamed to Nevada. Poor Amanda is under age and caught drinking by the sadistic cop. Amanda is different than Jessica because she's a soccer athlete. She has a better chance to be a better draft pony faster than Jessica.

This second installment is fucked up. I don't know now to put this nicely. I really hated the cop in this book. He's a sadistic son of a bitch and should be shot. Shooting him would be way too kind. We are treated to another round of pony girl training with Jessica watching Amanda forced through the early stages. Amanda is receiving a much rougher treatment. At various points of the story I'm hoping Amanda just dies. Death would be kinder. I'm so irritated at this amoral cop who sets the girls up for failure. There is no win here. Even the rewards are punishment.

This story is total non-con. There i…

BDSM Bedtime Stories on Goodreads

This concept came from the minds of Will Versuch and myself.  One day, Will posted an audio of his book.  It was only the first chapter.  He wanted to see if readers would be interested in listening to his books.  The response was very positive.  The women loved a male voice reading an erotic novel.

I joked that we could have people read stories so we can have BDSM bedtime stories.  That is one way to get our kink on.  My joking was taken seriously by Will.  He contacted me and explained how it could be done and the work required.  I thought he was crazy because of the amount of work.  What about the authors?  Would they like us reading their work?  Or would they feel we are stealing their hard work?

What we decided was a joint effort with the authors we personally know on the BDSM group.  We contacted several who we thought would be interested.  Once we roll this out completely on  September 26th, 2012, we'll ask for more authors who are interested to sign up.  It really is a wi…

Review: Dominatrix Fantasy Trilogy Set: Spanked, Denied & Collared

Dominatrix Fantasy Trilogy Set: Spanked, Denied & Collared by Shoshanna Evers

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Blake Claren’s life is on cruise control. He’s works as a waiter to pay for his college. He’s a quiet and rather dull boy, wandering aimlessly. He does have a little dirty secret. He fantasizes about dominant women. His perversion delves into OTK with a sexy woman in his dreams. Hiding his desires, Blake broadcasts his submissive needs to unsuspecting Dommes.

Victoria is a Domme eating at Blake’s diner. His service is so abysmal, she leaves him a tip in words, rather than money. You don’t deserve a tip, little Blake, You deserve a spanking. Call me if you agree. Heart a beating, Blake takes the plunge and calls Victoria. He’s in for a spanking good time.

This story is a middle of the road femdom piece. It’s not at the point of exaggerated stereotypical bitch woman in sadistic control. It’s also not the other extreme of a weak minded woman in charge. Instead, this is a…

Review: Mile Below Peep Show

Mile Below Peep Show by Nishi Serrano

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Calling all underwater world lovers, this short story is not to be missed. Lady Abigail Bertram (Abby) is on the shelf. She’s been single for too long plus she runs her family’s textile business. How shockingly bluestocking, who would want a woman like this? Luckily, her best friend, Lady Rose Abrial is to the rescue. Rose and her husband, William, are part of a secret sex society. They are scheduled for another kinky sex adventure, this time a mile below the surface instead of a mile above the surface. Rose and William are allowed to bring one guest with them. Abby is in for a splashing time.

The steampunk in this story is light. There are a few gadgets which bring the steampunk elements to the forefront. It would be nice to have more steampunk gadgets permeating this world. The best part of the story is the underwater resort. As a water lover and an avid scuba diver, this watery resort is particularly appeal…

Review: Beneath a Rising Moon

Beneath a Rising Moon by Keri Arthur

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Neva is desperate to help her twin sister out. So desperate, she braves the "lion's den". Or should we say, the "werewolf's" den. Neva is one of the daughters of the leader for the prude old school werewolves. The Golden clan doesn't believe in the "dance". The dance is a filthy meaningless hook up for sex. The Sinclair clan practices this in excesses. Duncan is one of the Sinclair Alpha's son.

Neva the good girl hooks up with Duncan because she wants to use him to help find out who tried to kill her sister. Duncan the prodigal son returns home to help figure out why female werewolves are being killed and why all evidence points to the Sinclairs. Their fathers are not on good terms. It's almost like a Romeo and Juliet star-crossed lover story. Except in this story, the only one holding the grudge and caring is the Montague family - Neva's father. The Sinclai…

Wax play basics

What is wax play?
 Wax play is when we use wax on the body to elicit a sensual or painful response. Generally it is an erotic sensation for people to get their kink on. Some may use it for painful torture which turns into pleasure.


As always, I have a section on safety.

Wax play is considered an edgeplay because there is a possibility of bodily damage. Possible damage would be burns by the flame or by the wax. The burns can be mild to severe depending on the wax used and temperature of the wax.

Similar to fireplay, here are a few helpful safety items.

1. Have a fire extinguisher handy. Know where they are located.
2. Have water within reach. Water in a spray bottle is recommended.
3. If the players have long hair, make sure it's out of the way.

While these are recommended they are not mandatory. These are to help in the case of the worst scenario. It’s better to be prepared. Another item I highly recommend, keep pets and small children away. Distraction…

Review: The Challenge

The Challenge by Terri Pray

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Let be explain my rating because it will come across as contradictory. I did not enjoy this book. I really hated Mark. If I could tap him in the head with my Sig, I would. I guess it is true that if the characters are designed in a way that the readers hate them, the book will rated lower. I must be one of those readers who has this issue with characters designed in this manner.

Still, this does not mean the BDSM in the story isn't good. Nor does it mean the writing was poor. Both were good. I just couldn't enjoy this book. It crossed lines for me that I seem to have issues with. Sting is the Kink Rating for the review site.

Sting (Kink) Rating: 3 Stars

Story Review Rating: 3 Paddles

Mark works for the company Linda Sasson owns. Linda is even his boss. This doesn’t stop Mark from crossing he lines. He wants Linda as a slave and serving his every need. Mark is a Dom who dances on the edge of the BDSM club rule…

Review: Love Slave for Two: Reunions

Love Slave for Two: Reunions by Tymber Dalton

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

What do you get when you have three men, two boys and a stowaway male puppy in an RV traveling from Florida to Yellowstone? A vacation is not the word that comes to mind. Tyler's family vacation idea with his purchased RV as a surprise for Tom and Nevvie certainly leaves them speechless.

This long awaited follow up book to the Love Slave series is a hoot. Rather than focusing on heartbreak and death, it's focusing on family vacation and family bonding. Ever notice one parent always thinks family trips are the best idea for family bonding? The rest of the family humours that one person and suffers through? Make no mistakes; Nevvie suffers through this time away from home. The person unintentionally causing the frustrations is Tyler. Tyler means well; he is just not the best with details at times. Nor is he good with driving a big ass RV. Some of the things that go wrong in this trip are so funny and totally…

Review: Eanna: A Realm of Janos Novel

Eanna: A Realm of Janos Novel by Andre SanThomas

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Eanna is the revered Handmaiden to the Crown. This title is a treasured one as she is treated as a princess and is catered to her every whim. She's used by the court to slake their manly lusts, but it's rather clinical. She's just hole for them to fuck. It's rather sad actually. She is pampered with caretakers and lives a life of luxury. She knows nothing else. This is what she was prepared for since she was a young maiden.

This title of Princess with the lovely jewelry, clothing and extravagant food is only temporary. It's time to find a new Handmaiden. The contest to find a new one is interesting. What is also interesting is what happens to the previous Handmaiden. Eanna is only given ten days to learn how to become basically a peasant sex slave work horse. There is no other term for it. In this world, there are no wives. There are only owned women used for working and fucking…

Review: Stolen

Stolen by Shiloh Walker

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Let this be a lesson. Staying hidden and anonymous is a double-edged sword. Shay Morgan hides in a snow entombed place - Alaska. In this tiny community, she's able to keep to herself. No one knows who she really is nor do they know what she does for a living. This anonymity helps keep her sane. Shay doesn't want to deal with her past and she's virtually all alone except for a handful of people. Even these people, not all of them know the real Shay Morgan.

Elliot Winter is in love with Shay yet gave her up because he couldn't get her to trust him. They couldn't build a life together if she can't share. Elliot's frustration is understandable and justified for the most part. Still he loves her from afar. When Elliot and Shay are brought back together, Shay's secrets are exposed. Elliot is now thrown into a nightmare situation. Shay's public life is stolen from her.

The conflict in this stor…

Review: Triple Dog Dare

Triple Dog Dare by Tymber Dalton

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Wedding planning, shifting, other shifters and alpha powers, is there anything else that can be thrown at Elain Pardie? This much anticipated book four in the Triple Trouble series barrels both Elain and the reader over with changes galore. Elain is just becoming accustomed to mating with three men who happen to be wolf shifters. Now she learns the truth about her parents as well as a blood oath which endangers her life.

Fortunately for Elain, she makes powerful friends. Her mates, Ain, Brody and Cail are friends with dragon shifters and have a huge clan to back them up. Elain is barely keeping her head out above the water when she learned about her new powers and a war coming through with the "chicken" shifters. Elain definitely grows in this one. She comes into her own as an alpha shifter. Her tolerance for those after her comes to a boiling point and she kicks some serious ass. It makes a reader jump up and cheer he…

Review: Once Burned

Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What happens when fire and electricity meet? Sparks? Fireworks? Fireworks it is! Finally, the story about Vlad is here. Vlad is one of the vampires in the Cat & Bones series who is mysteriously hot. He has a past which makes him more attractive. What is it with the bad boys who are ruthless in their protection of their people? I fell in love with him. His method to instill fear in everyone is sexy too.

I've been hoping for a good woman to match him. Leila is the woman for him. She's pretty amazing. She's special with her powers of electricity. She's the perfect match for him. She's smart and she tells it as it is. She's also someone with great empathy for her the people around her. Plus she's not afraid of Vlad which is the best part. Her irreverence towards him is hilarious.

Ms. Frost delivers another great story with wonderful world building and this time, very engaging characters.…

Review: For My Master

For My Master by Suz deMello

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Mixing work with pleasure never seemed so sexy as when Kathy agreed to her boss, Ross Guerrero’s harebrained scheme. Kathy Belmont is twenty nine with a few years under her belt as a law enforcement officer. She currently works for a secret US agency. Their current mission is to cross the Mexican border and destroy El Silencio’s drug fortress. Ross’s plan is to get them into the drug lord’s home through a sex party invite. The catch – Kathy will need to go in as a sex slave. This would be a sex slave to her uber sexy boss, Ross.

The premise of this story and some of the BDSM scenes need a heavy dose in suspending reality. The short story is on the edge of unbelievable cheesy territory. The predictable sexual fantasies of a young woman for her older male boss are trotted out. Her lust to submit to him in delicious deviant ways is amusing and smexy. One particular noteworthy desire involves a dildo, lube and her slutty assho…

Review: Dominant Women Submissive Men: An Exploration in Erotic Dominance and Submission

Dominant Women Submissive Men: An Exploration in Erotic Dominance and Submission by Gini Graham Scott

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This book is published in the early 1980s. Several of the chapters seem dated and irrelevant. It should also be noted, this author does not have this book listed in her list of published books on her official website. She is a researcher who does write business and how to book. If the book research is based on the population of fifty males and twenty five females as indicated in the beginning of this book, it explains a lot.

The books starts out explaining the types of men and women attracted to the D/s relationship in a Domme to male submissive manner. It comes across as a bit judgmental using words like “inept” and “inferiority” when describing a “natural male submissive” versus a “male balancer”. The first half of the book is a large generation validating many of the misconceptions the vanilla world places upon female dominants and males submissives. …

Cosmo BDSM tips part II of II

Let Him take Control

This Saturday, we are going to review the next set of BDSM Tips inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey.  The second set of 26 tips are under Let Him take Control.  The original article is located in August 2012 Cosmo Article. The categories will be a bit different than the Dominate Him. There are actually a bit more kinky ones for these.  Just goes to show, women want to submit more but only when they call tell the guy what to do.  O_o  No wonder men are confused about women.

Mild and every day sex

1. Strap one of his belts across your waist, and let him hold on to it like a leash. This is kind of fun.  But really, the belt is supposed to be used across her ass for a good strapping. 

2. Tell him to pinch (or use a clothespins) your erect nipples. This pinching is pretty standard.  The clothes pins, now that is moving to kinky.  May I recommend a zip line? 

17. Have him use a ruler to lightly tap your inner thigh as he's going down on you.  Is this sexy?  Is this somet…

Review: Dearest Pet: On Beastiality

Dearest Pet: On Beastiality by Midas Dekkers

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Not sure what to expect, I borrowed this book to learn more about bestiality. The first six chapters cover the history of man loving beasts. The Egyptians, Greeks, Indian to name a few exhibit animals in their arts mating with humans. This is nothing new to me. Classic stories of satyr romping with young women and Leda with her swan lover are examined.

After the classical examination, the book turns towards the raising of exotic animals by humans. Based on what I've read, I find animals imprinting on humans is a bad thing. Animals are incapable of adjusting to their natural habitat or integrate within their own species. A very sad example was a chimpanzee named Lucy who was raised by humans. She liked to sleep on mattresses and had her food prepared for her. Before she went to bed at night, she'd look through the magazine rack. They even taught her how to sign language for food, help, etc. Then he…