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Review: A Few Bad Men

A Few Bad Men by James   Cox

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This series is addictive. In the latest installment, the resistance is getting closer to winning the war. The leader of the MC is also closer to getting his lover back from the prison located on Earth. This book features Valentine, the brother of Romeo who is in the MC. Valentine made a small error and is sent to the hell hole on Earth. Smarter than your average bear, Valentine can tell things are not going well on Earth and he hitches a ride back to Mars. After stowing away, he makes it back to find a much different Mars than he remembered.

The pace of this story is fast and action packed, just how I like it. It is a bit surprising how quickly the villain is found and neutralized. Then again this is book number seven. The threads are all coming together. This one feels more like a set up for the next book to find Liam which would be nice. Liam keeps being mentioned and in this one, readers finally learn what is happening to him on Ear…

Review: Mixed Signals

Mixed Signals by Alyssa Cole

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dystopian futures still require schooling - how mundane. Full disclosure, I did not read the first two books in this series. Whilst it is fine to read this book as a standalone, it is recommended to read the first two books as there are references to previous events and characters.

Maggie Seong is a lucky girl. She survived the Flare with her family intact. In addition, her family increases as her brothers get married. Now that things are settling down, her parents are urging her to explore the world by getting the college experience. Maggie is resistant to going off to college. This is not hard to understand as the past four years have been a fight to survive. The safety of her family and home is not something Maggie is willing to leave, just to see more of the world.

Fortunately, Maggie doesn't go off to school by herself. Edwin Hernandez takes her to college because he is also going to school there. With the States trying to rebu…

Review: Darker Space

Darker Space by Lisa Henry

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ready for a teasing non-con cock tease? Ms. Henry once again fools me into thinking this book is going to have some arousing erotic non-con with the Faceless taking liberties upon Brady and Cam. Denied! Brady and Cam are back on Earth. They are now together and with Lucy, Brady's sister. They are drones on a military base. Brady's chip on his shoulder is so large that it is an impressive feat for him to even get out of bed.

The first half of the book, I'm thinking Ms. Henry should not have written a sequel because the first book's "happily ever after" just tanked. Brady is in a whiny fighting-against-everyone mode. He comes across as the victim all the time. His actions are all counterproductive and I just want to smack some sense into the boy. Why Cam puts up with Brady's shit, I don't know. I'm almost about to give up on the book and give the book a one star. Plowing forward, I am determined to fin…

Review: Mastering Hanna

Mastering Hanna by Anna Lund

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sexual slavery is not even a concept in Hanna's world. She's a decoy princess and bored with her life. She is the lookalike and raised next to the Princess. In times of danger, her job is to take the heat. During a usual outing, the Princess, Hanna and the other ladies in waiting are captured and taken off the planet. These women who have never experienced a day of hardship are now kept as captives and ready to be sold off as the lowest of low.

The premise of this story is erotically hot. The sexual tension is just right to keep a reader engaged and arouse. This sexual awakening for Hanna at the hands of her prison guard, Jarrod, is entertaining. The dubious consent helps heighten the passion between Jarrod and Hanna. For Hanna, this is the experience of a life time. Sure, she will be at the whim of another person. This is no different than before. Except now, her servitude is all about spankings, cravings, licking, thrusting a…

Review: Stealing Her Heart

Stealing Her Heart by Sindra van Yssel

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Chauvinist cops with a grudge are a pet peeve for me. Vanessa is a cop who works hard to make the detective grade. Unfortunately for her, she is stuck with a captain who should not be a cop, let alone a captain. Captain Buckner places Vanessa in a bad position. She can either "play with the big boys" and use her body to catch a crook or be a whiny little girl flaking out of the police force. Vanessa chooses option one.

As a cop related theme, this story is a bit weak. Ms. van Yssel's forte is the BDSM scenes so I didn't pay much attention to the suspense plot line. Vanessa is a character I felt badly for because no matter what she does, she is in a lose-lose position. Fortunately for her, Vanessa's life is going to get interesting when she meets two dominants. Mistress Lizabet is Vanessa's ticket to an exclusive club. This exclusive club is important because this is how she is going to catch Gerard, …

Review: Grave Illusions

Grave mistake to miss this book @LinaGardiner #bookreview
Grave Illusions by Lina Gardiner

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Where has this author been? How have I missed her books? Ms. Gardiner is a new to me author and she has been around for a while. Thankfully, I have found her now and I'm keeping an eye out for her books. Jess Vandermire is a cop turned against her will into becoming a vampire. She is putting together a task force to take down vampires. This is all covert and one of the men she wants on her team is ex-cop John Brittain. John is persona non grata because he is a cop killer. Even worse, he kills his own partner. When Jess and John's paths cross, it is the catalyst which brings dramatically changes both their worlds.

The world building is similar to a few other vampire heroine books. There are good and bad vampires. The bad vampires want to rule over the humans and treat them as blood slave. For those who enjoy the movie Blade with Wesley Snipes, think of Jess as a …

Review: Cast in Honor

Cast in Honor by Michelle Sagara

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Place this at the front of your to be read list. Cast in Honor follows right after events the previous book, Cast in Flames. This is not a standalone book. The series should be read in the order written otherwise there will be a lot of back history lost. Kaylin is back on her day job. Whilst they may have fought off the Devourer successfully in the last book, in this one, Shadows still exist. Even worse, it appears one sect is doing its best to bring the Shadows back to the for front.

I really enjoyed this book because it answers several of the questions posed in Cast in Flame. In addition, Nightshade is back and the way he is returned is convoluted and fraught with danger. It isn't a Ms. Sagara book if the plot is not comprised of multiple threads, all going in different directions yet interconnected so that when one is pulled, another will be yanked. The complexities of this world is mind boggling and it is for those who enjo…

Review: Bitter Bite

Bitter Bite by Jennifer Estep

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

This bite is more bitter than expected. This is a 3.5 star book as I did feel a strong emotion in this book. Specifically, I felt anger. Finn is a superlative con man. When his "long dead" mother arrives on the scene, she does so in a sneaky way. She is a client first and after Finn is totally enamoured by her charm, it is too late for Gin to warn him. After years of being Finn's family, it is all thrown away because she isn't family by blood. This book hurts. There is no other way to say it. It seems that the people closest to Gin hurt her the most. They cut her with such deep slices and she takes it silently and stoically. She may not rail, but I do.

I am pissed at Finn. I get it. He has mommy issues. He should know Gin better and he does, but his emotions lead him in a different direction. It is as if his mother is always just one step ahead of Gin. This is beyond frustrating. The problem I have with this series…

Review: Dick, It's What's for Dinner

Dick, It's What's for Dinner by James   Cox

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

One never knows what comes out of the erotic mind of Mr. Cox. The title of this book says it all. Vernon is a guy who wants to be a chef. He dreams big for a boy from the lower rungs in society. Cooking classes are not cheap. He earns money at a scuzzy stripper bar by shaking his ass and flaunting his pecs. When an incredible offer to earn a few thousand credits over the course of six months lands on his naked lap, he takes it. With his two friends, they entertain the military ship with an erotic cooking preparation.

This story is surreal. It is comedy with a dash of conspiracy. The plot is wacky and totally enjoyable. The characters are a stitch. The three amigos, Vernon, Rei and Ale, take their wiggling tushes and create memorable dining experiences. Mr. Cox really ups the ante in this story with the descriptive scenes. I am no cooking guru but I'm not sure these cooking shows choreographed by Vernon actual…

Part & Parcel Spotlight

Review: Blind Date

Blind Date by Keiko Alvarez

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Fasten your seat belts, it is going to be a wild ride. Don't waste your time reading the book blurb for Ms. Alvarez's stories. It is much more fun to read her books with no preconceived notions because one never knows what is going to happen. This story starts out with a usual pick up in a bar. The hook up is a bit different and very sensual. I liked where this "blind date" was going.

As expected, the last half of the book is a complete mind bender. I'm not exactly sure what services these women offer. All I know is that I want to read more. Ms. Alvarez concludes this story much too fast. The hints of a threesome to a possible foursome leaves a reader fantasizing about kinky shenanigans. Just as we want more, it ends. The lure of more clients and how they are brought in could be several more good erotic chapters. One has to wonder what Ms. Alvarez's game is because she entices readers and then denies them. Perh…

Review: The Duke's Possession

The Duke's Possession by Zoe Blake

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Naughty girls need love too. Or actually they need a hard spanking. Not just one, but many to remind them because bratty little girls have short memories as evident by Charlotte. Charlotte is the quintessential spoiled brat. She is the perfect example of sparing the rod and spoiling the child. At the tender age of 19 years old, she is already a terror and quickly finding her reputation on the road to ruin. Her parents take the cowards way out and find a husband to take Charlotte in hand.

Lord Asherton is particular in his sexual appetite as well as what he wants in a wife. It is rumoured his deviant predilections would make a grown woman cry. Charlotte's nasty attitude sparks Asherton's interest. He feels an overwhelming desire to correct this child and punish her "bottom" hole thoroughly. As far as Charlotte is concerned, Lord Asherton is a stick in the mud and she can't abide even the sight of him. Th…

Review: The Strength of the Pack

The Strength of the Pack by Tymber Dalton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Let me count the ways I love Ms. Dalton. This follow up book to Vulnerable is everything I hoped it to be. Whilst most of the books in this series can be read as standalones, this one cannot. This must be read with Vulnerable first to really feel the full impact.

Leo and Jesse are now full time lovers and protectors of Eva. Some may think this is a triad but it is not. Ms. Dalton once again shows how there are so many different types of relationships and if it works for the people involved, it is all good. The three busybody women in the Suncoast Society are now accepting requests for matchmaking. Eva is the first one who blurts out to them that she really would love it if they could find a man for her. One sexy dominant coming right up.

In real life, it isn't as awesome and smooth like it is in Ms. Dalton's books. I wish it was like this! Nate Crawford is the dominant of choice for Eva. Nate is amused by the set up…

Review: Just Desserts

Just Desserts by Gail Koger

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

A huge fan of Ms. Koger, I am caught off guard when JUST DESSERTS is a surprising rehash of her first book, Just My Luck. Kaylee is back and she's pregnant. Not the most patient of people, being pregnant has made Kaylee even more of a hothead. What really surprised me about this book is how over fifty percent of this book is a copy of the first. There is very little new here and it just disappoints.

With this world Ms. Koger's created, it is usually filled with action-packed sequences. The snarky heroines make the story hilarious. With Kaylee featuring in this one, I'm expecting some bad ass fighting scenes. I'm expecting to find out more about this world. None of my expectations were met. There is very little plot development and very little featured about the Shani Queen Mother. Frankly, I'm baffled with this book. It's unlike Ms. Koger because even when she creates similar strong female characters, the adven…

Review: Exclusive Access

Exclusive Access by Ravenna Tate

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

Whiplash, anyone? In EXCLUSIVE ACCESS, Julianne Wallis is a reformed reporter who is determined to get her story from Kane Bannerman. Too bad she screwed him both literally and figuratively when she interviewed him five years ago.

This story did not work as well for me as the last three. I must have been reading too fast because the four good friends is now expanded to a group of twelve Weathermen. In addition, it seems the Weathermen may not be such a covert group. In fact, it seems as if they are an open secret. I must have not been paying close attention with the last three books because the whiplash I'm talking about isn't the light kinky sex in this book. It's because I'm trying to figure out if I missed a book between the last one I read and this one.

These disgruntlements aside, my desire to see more plot movement and more progress on dismantling the Madelaine project is completely unfulfilled. Granted, this…

Review: Heaven

Heaven by Belinda McBride

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Happily ever after for a fallen angel turned succubus may not be in the cards for Anahita. Stuck in an in-between world where she is slowly starving to death due to lack of sex, she is almost giving up hope. When an angel appears to slay her, Anahita almost welcomes it if it were not her own brother.

HEAVEN is the third book in this series. The books should be read in order. This is not a standalone. Full disclosure, I read it as a standalone and I'm sure my experience is not as good as it would have been if I had read the first two books.

Ms. McBride does a good job of recapping some of the events from the previous books so there isn't too much confusion. This world is torn apart as it appears the angels have been corrupted. Whilst trying to battle this corruption, Anahita suffered. The tragic loss she experiences is more than she can bear. Fortunately for her, in this one it seems she will finally be reunited with her lovers.

The …

Review: Magic Stars

Magic Stars by Ilona Andrews

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I couldn't resist. I bought this the day this came out. I'm finally writing the review now. I sucked this book down so fast. I read it several times and enjoyed it each time. Here are a couple of parts which just made me laugh.

“I’ve seen the Beast Lord,” the cat said. “He’s black, his mate is Asian, and they don’t have kids.”

“Not that Beast Lord, you moron,” the wolf said. “The first one. The ex-Beast Lord.”

“Wait,” the jackal said.

“There is another Beast Lord?”

They were idiots. He was about to fight two idiots. “You can’t challenge him,” the wolf said. kindle loc. 157-161

“Tooooooday.” Julie drew the word out.

“I’ll fucking kill you!” the cat declared. “I’ll rip your throat out and feed it to you.”

Yes, he’d never heard that one before. Julie sighed again and glanced at him.

“This is taking way too long. That was a declaration of murderous intent. We’re clear. The big one is yours; I’ll take the ginger.” kindle loc. 163-166

Review: Not Safe For Work #bookreview #bdsm Jon is a dom who brings the submissive sweetness out in Rick
Not Safe For Work by L.A. Witt

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Just the title of this book makes me cringe in anxiety. When I see these four little words: not safe for work, I think the worst because so many work places have a zero tolerance policy against anything "deviant". This concept is interpreted with such varying degrees, it is almost as if we need to be robots in this world to avoid presenting an improper face. It is draining, especially for those who tend to be a bit more on the rowdy and causal side. Jon is such a person. He works for a conservative firm as an architectural modeler. He is a closeted bisexual male who is tired of the dating game. He wants a submissive he can have a real relationship with. He does come with complications. His roommate is his ex-wife and his paycheck are going towards paying for the kids' education since the original kids savings are all ta…

Review: Veiled Magic

@deborahblake #bookreview #dragon #witch vibrant descriptions paint a vivid world for a reader
Veiled Magic by Deborah Blake

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

New to me author, Ms. Blake captures my attention within the first few words in her new series. Veiled Magic is an urban fantasy with a slightly offbeat character, Donata Santori. Donata is the black sheep in her family. She comes from wealth, lives in squalor and possesses an inquisitive mind. Her skills as a witch come in the form of talking to the recently deceased. What she really wants to do, is be a meaningful contributor to society as a law enforcement agent aka a cop. A bit of a wall-flower, she follows the rules and quietly molds in a windowless basement office.

The catalyst for Donata's deep desire to be more accepted in the police force is crime of murder and theft. Donata soon finds herself in a mystery and conspiracy much larger than her little view of the world. Forced to use her alliances and quick wit, Donata grows in b…