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Review: RIDIN' DIRTY: An Outlaw Author Anthology

RIDIN' DIRTY: An Outlaw Author Anthology by Blue Remy
My rating: 0 of 5 stars

After reading this anthology, it has cemented my suspicion. I do not like motorcycle-club themes. Just like I don't like cowboy ones. I am leaving this book unrated because for the most part, most of the stories, I hated. I have this book specifically for Ms. Blevin's Nix. I should have just waited for the novella to come out as a standalone.

First, I want to make clear, all the writers did a good job of writing. What I mean is, the stories were developed. The characters were fleshed out. The plots were fine - as much as a writer can do when they need to compress into an anthology. From a technical standpoint, the writing of each and every story is great.

Second, I need to preface that this is just not my genre. Just like some people can't abide BDSM, MC just does nothing for me. Turns out, the only MC books I enjoy are because I really like the author - like Ms. Blevins and Ms. Mayburn. Sti…

Review: Nix

@candaceblevins Finally the review is out on Nix - deer flaunts tail at wolf #bookreview

Nix by Candace Blevins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A doe and wolf cross paths in the woods... does the doe run for her life or does she eagerly spread her legs to be eaten by the big, bad wolf? Ms. Blevins is my drug dealer of choice. I go to her for hits of erotic rough sex perpetrated by sexy alpha males. Nix is no exception.

Nix is a wolf who is new to the Chattanooga RTMC chapter. He is former military with no criminal record. He is ideal for running the RTMC's gun shop. When an Olympic athlete he's been a fan of dashes into the store, he's mesmerized. Tippy is trying to start a new chapter in her life. Instead of shooting guns, she's customizing them. Who knew there was such a demand for after market changes?

What I liked most about this story is how Ms. Blevins takes part of the deer traits and merges them into the human-side of Tippy. I love how Tippy can freeze just like…

Why I disappeared

So... I've been steadily keeping this blog with tours, book reviews and sometimes my sex toy reviews.  This past spring/summer has done a number on me with work.  I must confess, I have very little energy left.  Then when I get back into it...I got caught up in the Pokemon Go frenzy.  Yes, I'm now hooked.  At night, I go hunting for monsters on my cell phone.  Search for bloody Poke stops for more balls.  (That just sounds wrong, doesn't it? Or maybe right?) 

What is everyone else doing this June/July?

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