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Review: Pony Girl Tales - The Collection

Pony Girl Tales - The Collection by Penny Birch

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Heat Rating: Blaze

Sting (Kink) Rating: 4 Stars

Story Review Rating: 4 Paddles

Pony play is a favourite kink of mine. No one does it better for me than Ms. Penny Birch. This deviant delightful minx generally has me aroused in a blazing hot manner. The duo of Peter and Penny Birch pushed me over the edge into happy smexy land. This collection of pony girl tales is sizzling hot. What I like about it is the juxtaposition of British propriety and sexual humiliation.

Sexual humiliation is not for everyone. For those who love to experience or read it, Ms. Penny Birch is a favourite of mine. She takes something simple, such as mud and makes it so sexy dirty. Let us not forget the sloppy Strawberry yogurt scene which had me humming in delight. What I enjoy most about this book is the girls in the story are not apologetic in their sexual desires. They revel in their spankings, whippings and sexual exp…

Review: Dragon Candy

Dragon Candy by Talia Skye

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Candice is a powerful female executive on top of the world. She possesses money and power. What more could a woman want? Sure she has neither sex life nor personal life, but her little boating vacation should do the trick. Except her boat is sucked into some dimensional warp and she’s in a land of dinosaurs! Well, there are reptiles similar to the dinosaurs described by human scientist and archeologist. Worst, some of these reptiles are humanoid in shape and want to eat humans!

Candice’s early journey starts from being stranded in desert, nearly eaten by reptilian men, rescued by former military and then prepared to be sold to the wealthy men in this backwater world. The first third of this book was capture, rape and nonconsensual sex. The former military men had gone off the reservation and were wild. Captain rescued her from being eaten yet he was no hero. He’s selling her off into sexual slavery as women are hot commoditi…

Review: Pure Bliss

Pure Bliss by Sophie Oak

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Finally this book showed up on Amazon so I was able to buy it and read it. It was worth the wait. This is another lovely work by Ms. Oak. James, Hope and Noah fit perfectly together. They are brought together with a little help from Hope's past. I think Bliss is a trouble magnet. Seems like everyone there is a hiding from a bad past. There is always a killer around. Why don't they just declare the town as a witness protection location? It has enough people who are former law enforcement or more.

I love this town Bliss and how the people help one another. Ms. Oak really gets this message across with the community rallying around Hope. Between the food cooked and the men with shotguns, I'm not sure which one makes me feel more warm fuzzies. It's cute all around.

The sex in this book is good. I think this is the first one of Ms. Oak's where I wasn't as entranced by the sex. I wanted to know what woul…

Review: THE BEST OF M. J. RENNIE, Vol. I Femdom Forever

THE BEST OF M. J. RENNIE, Vol. I Femdom Forever by M.J. Rennie

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Heat Rating: Flame

Kink Rating: 4 Paddles

Review Rating: 4 Stars

Femdom stories are few and far between. Many of the femdom stories I’ve read contain a cruel uncaring Domme and a wimpy male slave. Many times the male slave is treated in a manner which is impalpable to me. There seems to be a certain lack of love between the two. I am pleasantly surprised and pleased in FEMDOM FOREVER, this is not the case.

This volume one contained one main story and excerpts of several other works by M.J. Rennie. The main story is titled PERMISSION. In this story, Mark becomes the husband of Darlene. Darlene is a sexually aware woman who knows what she wants and lustfully trains Mark to give it to her. The training of Mark blew my mind. The sensuality of it plus the possibilities of sexual delight made me very envious of Darlene. It also makes me question, is this really possible in reality? …

Review: Sins of the Father

Sins of the Father by Fyn Alexander

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

How can this be the end to Angel and Kael? I want to read more about them. I want to know what happens when Angel goes off to Uni. SINS OF THE FATHER is the conclusion to an amazing trilogy. In this story, I've finally realized what is so attractive about Kael and Angel's relationship. Angel is humanizing the sociopathic Kael. Kael possesses many qualities of a sociopath. Not all sociopaths are serials killers. In Kael's case, he's merely a sanctioned killer and he does have ethics. He sees things in black and white, and I'm not sure if Angel's ability to show Kael shades of grey helps.

In this story, we finally learn the back history of Kael's father. As soon as the new character was introduced and Kael wrote in his diary about questioning who his father was, I knew what the outcome would be. I'm sure any reader could easily predict it. The point of the story wasn't to figure out the endin…

Review: How to be Kinky: A Beginner's Guide to BDSM

How to be Kinky: A Beginner's Guide to BDSM by Morpheous

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I resisted reading this book for a long time. I'm not sure if it was because it was non-fiction or because I knew I had to lead a discussion on it. Shame on me! This book is FABULOUS! I wish this book existed when I first wanted to learn about how to be Kinky over 20 years ago. It would have saved me a lot of trial and error.

Morpheous writes in a very easy to read style. His explanations are clear and concise. What I liked most about his book is his encouraging tone. He emphasizes safety in a manner which makes sense yet isn't beating a person over the head with it. The information he provides is in easy bite size pieces.

Generally, the layout of a book doesn't do much for me since I mostly read fiction. For a non-fiction book, it is more critical. It's more critical because there are pieces of information that I want to remember. In addition, the instructions in written f…

Review: Carnal Captive

Carnal Captive by Vonna Harper

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Heat Rating: Spark

Kink Rating: 4 Paddles

Review Rating: 2 Stars

Human trafficking is a popular theme as of late. I’m not sure if it is because it titillates or because it is a reflection upon our current society. In Carnal Captive, we meet Shari Isle who is a struggling artist with c-cup boobs and a runner’s body. She’s the one who is captured by Carnal Incorporated to be turned into a sex slave. Bay Dennan is the rich man who wants a plaything to control. His life consisted of being told what to do and someone else calling the shots. Now he finally possesses the power to control someone else’s life.

This concept is good. The non-consensual theme is a favourite of mine to read. Ms. Harper creates some plausible scenarios in which a woman can be kidnapped. The breakdown and training of Shari is detailed and graphic at times. This story is less about the BDSM lifestyle and more about using sexual torture and bea…

Review: Counterpunch

Counterpunch by Aleksandr Voinov

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm not sure what my problem was in avoiding this book. I think my friends needed to kick my derriere a bit harder so I would have read this earlier. I resisted and I loathe to admit this, but I think it was because I didn't like the cover. Shallow, non?

I adored this book. It was very very good. It's a 4.5 star for me. The reason why it isn't 5 is because I probably won't be reading it again. I try to reserve books that I love and will read over and over again as 5 stars. Still, I will be recommending this book to many.

Brooklyn's situation is just all f-ed up. When the situation comes out as to why he's a slave, I'm just pissed. Really pissed. It's terrible. It's like Nicholas Cage in Con-air situation but even worse. Back to the story...I love pugilism so this story's theme suited just fine for me. I loved that this story took place in the UK. (As a side note, I think…

Review: Bending Tyme

Bending Tyme by Maria-Claire Payne

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Heat Rating: Spark

Kink Rating: 3 Paddles

Review Rating: 3 Stars

Time traveling kinky romance, how is this going to work? As it turns out - quite well and I enjoyed the story. Esme Tyme is a CEO for her antique business. She is knowledgeable about the period of history she's been time warp transferred. Esme ends up with the man in the picture of her locket she’s found during renovation of her building. The man is Lord Davenport.

Lord Davenport is stunned to find a woman literally drop into his lap who matches the picture in the locket his mother gave him. His mother who has the second sight commissioned this portrait from a vision she had about his true love. At this point, the story feels and sounds a bit sappy, doesn’t it? I found it to be cute and amusing. Ms. Payne forces us to suspend belief and as a result, her storyline is clever and endearing.

The struggle for Esme to adjust to the restriction…

BDSM - where do I start?

Recently, I have been approached by several members new to a group I moderate who have expressed interest in the BDSM lifestyle. Some have read BDSM books and want to know how to encourage their spouse to become a Dom/me or sub. How do they approach their spouse/significant other? What do I recommend as a first step?

      First, I want to state that I am not an experienced Domme nor am I a trained sub. I am a switch who loves to read, attend BDSM class and experiment with my spouse. I'm more a of kinky kind of gal. Second, the steps I recommend are from my perspective as someone who has been through these initial journey. I'm still learning. For what it's worth, these are my personal recommendations.

What is BDSM?

      I recommend first learning about BDSM activities at a minimum. There are various websites that list a glossary. BDSM terms* lists many of the different activities as well as the BDSM terminology. (Still in progress)

      Or if you pr…

Review: Dom and Domme

Dom and Domme by Sindra van Yssel

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Former lovers reunited after years of separation can be good or bad. Most of the time, it’s bad because there was a reason why they broke up. In the case of Grey and Elizabeth, it’s very good. Pride and stubbornness kept them from each other for ten years. Grey is now all grown up as a tenured professor at a college. Elizabeth is a professional dominatrix instead of working in the financial industry. When they were together in college, they were lovers enjoying hot vanilla sex. Her career is what separated them. Meeting together again at a BDSM club throws Grey into a loop. If Grey were a sub, this would be a perfect reunion.

Elizabeth “Betsy” is looking to buy the BDSM club Grey patrons and is shocked to see Grey, especially as he’s interested in the sub that is submitting to her for the night. The BDSM scenes in this book are odd for me. Grey and Betsy behave poorly with their subs in several of the scenes. Both o…

Review: Dark Soul Vol. 3

Dark Soul Vol. 3 by Aleksandr Voinov

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Over 60 days since I submitted my review to be posted. Not waiting any longer. Posting my review.

When the man you desire is out of reach suddenly finds a way to come within your grasp, will you succumb? In this third installment, Dark Soul Vol 3 has me on the edge of my seat. We meet Silvio again. He’s just as deadly as before, except this time, we actually see him in action. The way he takes out the threat to Stefano, his current boss is spectacular. It hits on a kink I really enjoy. I’m not going to spoil and tell you what it is, but boy does Mr. Voinov write it well.

What I’m most impressed about is the way Silvio is depicted. He exudes sexual appeal to both sexes. Mr. Voinov describes Silvio so well I can see him and feel the same arousal as the characters in the book. I don’t care if Silvio is deadly and dangerous. I would willingly let him play with me because he’s that damn seductive. What this means to …

Review: Be Brave

Be Brave by Fyn Alexander

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I fell in love with Kael a little more in BE BRAVE. I confess to a desire in having a Daddy. It's not as if I was abused or neglected like Angel or need a father figure. The only similarity I have with Angel is I'd like to have a strict Daddy laying down the rules and teaching me survival skills. In BE BRAVE, Kael teaches Angel more killer survival skills. Angel is one of those blessed people who have an amazing memory in addition to super keen eyesight. If only I would be blessed in this manner, too.

In BE BRAVE, we are treated to more heated dungeon scenes with Daddy Kael and Angel. Kael seems to be more on edge in this book. He's gone from protective to almost overbearingly protective of Angel. The standards for Angel to uphold are almost impossible. I wonder at how Angel can meet such exacting demands. I'm a bit intimidated. It appears as though Angel is also frightened of Kael at times. Just when we think Kael is s…

Review: King's Conquest

King's Conquest by Valentina Heart

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The male consort can give birth to children and usually there is more than one child. Yes, you read that right. A certain type of man in this world can become pregnant, carry children to term and delivery the babies. Prince Rinin from the kingdom of Kari is part of the surrender terms to the kingdom of Jede. He is to be King Merinej’s uralain. For Rinin, this is worse than death, even though an uralain is one of many concubines and an honour. Rinin considers an uralain nothing more than a whore. He forces King Merinej to sign a wedding contract which includes a promise to produce a child.

I picked this book because I had to read how a man could possibly become pregnant. My mind could not conceive how this could happen. I was pleasantly surprised how Ms. Heart made this a reality. This world she created is a familiar one. Warring countries forces the losing side to submit their royalty into sexual slavery. Two co…

Review: Blushing Violet

Blushing Violet by Ann Mayburn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

You would need a popsicle stick to help your dick stay up if you didn’t take Viagra. I’m paraphrasing what shy Violet yells at her ex-boyfriend. With funny lines like this, how can I not enjoy this fun read? Carrot top Violet is a size sixteen woman who needs a man. Low self esteem from her family’s constant put downs, Violet is pathetic. I feel nothing but pity for this downtrodden gal with split pea soup coloured eyes. Despondent, she signs up to an online dating club who matches people by the books they read. Yes, I know what you are thinking. Matching by the books the person reads, this could be dangerous. The first thought that went through my head was, what kind of kinky sadistic bastard would I be matched up to in this dating service? The second thought was, wait, men don’t read. I’d be matched up to some kinky sadistic Domme – interesting.

Violet tries this as her last hope to meet a man. To her shock and surpr…

Review: Shocked

Shocked by Amy Valenti

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Are you that person who shines so bright everyone wants to be around you? Or do you know this person who exudes so much energy sometimes talking to them is draining? Lissa is this person. Her life force is so strong it attracts all sorts of attention, unfortunately, the wrong sort. In this paranormal romance, there are vampires out there. They aren’t your usual blood sucking leeches. Instead, they are psivores – creatures who drain human life force. Nick is one such creature. Not all of the psivores are monsters. There are some who are killers; just like some human are killers. Lissa has attracted a killer with her bright life force shining like beacon in the dark.

Nick is hunting the killer to help keep his kind under the radar and also for personal reasons. His vendetta against Taylor works out well when he uses Lissa unknowing as bait. When Lisa and Nick accidentally meet, sparks fly. Unprepared, Nick takes a quick hit off…

Review: Angel and the Assassin

Angel and the Assassin by Fyn Alexander

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Fantasize about a strong dangerous man to take you away from your miserable life? Angel Button just found out his mother is out of town with a new boyfriend. He knows his time with his cruel stepdad is coming to end within twenty-four hours. What he doesn't expect is to meet Kael Saunders. Kael Saunders is an assassin for Her Majesty's secret intelligence service. He kills without any guilt, even when there is an innocent bystander.

For the first time, Kael is not able to take care of collateral damage. Against his usual protocol, he flees back home with Angel and protects him. We only need to suspend the belief that the British government would be willing to do anything to keep Kael happy so they help with Angel's situation.

Kael is the deadly dangerous Dom. I am imagining a taller Vin Diesel. He exudes strong alpha Dom vibes which has me weak in the knees. Kael's style of D/s is very strict. He is the pe…

Review: Sodom and the Phoenix

Sodom and the Phoenix by Ann Mayburn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rising out of flames and ashes is one of my favourite images. I love Phoenixes which is why I picked this book to read. Of course, I also love reading anal which is why I couldn't resist the title SODOM AND THE PHOENIX. We return to the amazing resort of Sodom, located in Detroit, Michigan. Once again, I'm wishing this resort really existed as I live in Michigan and it would be so thrilling to drive down and enjoy some hot smexy VR role-playing.

Tanwen Evans is vacationing at the resort as a treat from her best friend. Two years after her divorce, she's still a bit broken up and this vacation promises passion she's only dreamed of in the privacy of her home. Imagine her surprise when she learns she's visiting at the same time a BDSM convention is held. Her surprise is Bryan Hamilton's lucky fortune. Bryan is an experienced Dom who is intrigued by the newbie Tanwen. Offering to be her guide in this kin…

Review: The Submission Challenge

The Submission Challenge by Jennifer Denys

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Over 4 months since I turned in my review. Given up hope. Posting my review.

“I dare you!” “No, I dare YOU!” Game on between Rebecca and Jon to see who will win the dare. I love a good challenge between two headstrong people. Jon is a dominant who is going to show the very vanilla best friend of his sister how good BDSM can be. Rebecca derides BDSM and disparages women in the BDSM lifestyle who enjoy submission. She finds these women as “ones who are easily controlled by others who would take advantage of their submissive” and are foolish to boot. Rebecca is manipulated to submit for 24 hours to Jon so she can see what submission is all about. Jon is determined to tame this hot tamale that he has secretly lusted after for years.

I must commend Ms. Denys at how accurately she captures what many vanilla people think of submissives, especially submissive women. There is quite a bit of misunderstanding about the …

Review: Passion's Due

Passion's Due by C.J. Black

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Well, it's been almost 6 months and no posting from TRR, I'm posting my review. My new policy. Anything over 30 days after turned, if not posted, I'm posting on GR.

Unloving stepmother? Check. Father who favours his stepson? Check.
Stepbrother who is a total loser and sells you out? Check. Angie is experiencing a bad day. One could say it’s a bad period of her life.

She can’t get her life in order much less help her stepbrother fix his problems. Under duress, she goes to see her brother who’s hiding out at a rehab center. Once again, he wants her to help fix his money issues. This time, even he knows she doesn’t have the money to pay off the man who he owes a lot of money.

Alex Curtis wants his money back, but he’s willing to forgive the debt for a little booty. Yes, Angie’s stepbrother pimps her out to Alex.

Angie is furious and insulted. From there, this short story follows a predictable path of meani…

Review: Little Tease

Little Tease by Amy Valenti

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

My review is the SECOND one (even though I turned my in February 2, 2012)

Ever feel like a mouse being played with by a cat?

Lena is a switch who is currently riding her Domme persona at seventy-one point two percent. Lena's a little analytical, isn't she? She doesn't appreciate becoming prey when she's been predator. Lena and her BDSM friends are enjoying the new fetish club when she meets Josh who is a friend of a friend. Josh is pure Dom. Since Lena is a Domme at this point, she's hesitant to switch back to sub, even if she melts at Josh's Dom vibes.

This story is a bit slow at times, but it was interesting reading about Lena struggling with her desires and what her head tells her. Josh is masterful and sensitive. I'm honestly blown away by his sensitivity and maturity. He never does anything to corner or push Lena into submitting. Instead, he exercises patience and coaxes Lena to trust him. This is the…

Topping from the bottom

This is my perspective on it and from personal experience. Please note - I'm going to use bottom and sub a bit interchangeably here even though there is a difference. I'm also going to use the pronouns he for the Top and she for the sub/bottom. Both of this is for simplicity's sake.

Topping from the bottom is frowned upon in the BDSM community as a whole. (Individually, some may disagree.) It is frowned upon because the bottom is the one calling all the shots and controlling from the bottom.

This is actually a bone of contention among several. I tend to find a few writers creating characters in this manner and presenting it as the BDSM way of life. I don't believe they actually know they are doing it. But the way they set up their characters, the actions speak loudly of it. Some do it on purpose to get a point across. Those that do not, well, I have personally found the said writers have never been in a BDSM lifestyle and don't understand …

Review: Packing Heat

Packing Heat by Kele Moon

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hot fireman plus a sexy policeman equals a smoldering hot read. In PACKING HEAT, heat is definitely a component between Brad and Gavin. The sexual tension is enough to cause spontaneous combustion.

Thirty-eight year old Brad is no stranger to closet gay men. His first experience burned him so badly, more than twenty years later, he still can't be in a steady relationship. Gavin, Brad's renter and housemate sends mixed signals. We call Gavin, the drunkenly bi-sexual and soberly straight man. Or do we?

Gavin is sending mixed signals because he's not able to effectively communicate his true desires to Brad. While this could be cheesy, Ms. Moon writes this scenario so well that I'm buying it. Ms. Moon builds her characters with multiple layers in a way that appeals to me. Their bad childhood isn't vomited out in a pity party. Traumatic events do not cripple her characters completely. Yes, they do exhibit hang-ups in way…

S&M 101 for Kinky Folks

Back in September of 2011, I had the pleasure of attending a class given by Jay Wiseman. He was a dynamic speaker and very informative. Oddly enough, I felt like I was in a neuroscience lecture. I was not able to capture everything. Here are my notes of what I can relay.

      Mr. Wiseman's SM 101 is for the kinky group. Why do we do this? He's coming at it from a neurological and psychological way. He referenced Dr. Charles Moser who has many published journals on this topic. Dr. Charles Moser is currently Chair of Department of Sexual Medicine at IASHS.

What is IASHA?
      The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (IASHS) is committed to the development of sexology. Sexology is the science of sexual behavior in all of its aspects. By definition, a sexologist is a person with expert knowledge in sexual science who devotes him/herself to its objective observations which are logically consistent. (

      Mr. …

Review: Celebrity in Death

Celebrity in Death by J.D. Robb

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Eve is back in. If there is one thing I can say about Eve, is that she is consistent. She holds the bar high. She takes no shit and isn't impressed by Celebrity. I love this about her. Eve says and does things I wish I could say and do at work. Of course, I'm not as kick ass as her. Her work ethic is what I like.

I enjoy how JD Robb writes. She adds these little bits of humour here and there which enhances my enjoyment of her characters. Eve's phobia of dressing and matching I can understand. I'm the same way. Fortunately I have my own Roarke who buys clothing and shoes for me. He dresses me which I appreciate too. This is perhaps why I connect to Eve so well. (Now if only my Roarke was so damn wealthy! Drat!!!)

In this latest installment, Eve is investigating the death of a actress playing Peabody in the movie made on the Icove case. I loved the "Who done it" Clue type mystery. It's…

BDSM 101 Part II

Why do people uses RACK instead of SSC?
RACK - Risk Aware Consensual Kink is inherently dangerous. It fits better when applied to BDSM as a whole because it pushes a scene and it indicates a level of risk.

SSC - Safe Sane and Consensual is not as edgy or risky and more of a coined term now for the Vanilla folks to use.

Basic Negotiation

Can be very simple
      "Do you want to play?"
      Answer - "Yes"

Factor in how well you know the person and trust them. Is this an effective negotiation for strangers? No.

      * limits
      * sexual contact
      * hard - absolutely not
      * soft - unsure/maybe
      * Watch somebody play with another person before you play with them

      * It is different for everyone
      * It is a cooling off period
      * Dom/mes may need them - for example, one Dom likes to email 2 days later to say, "Are you okay?"
      * Aftercare is part of the negotiation - tell each other what you expect aft…

BDSM 101 Part I

This was a class I attended presented by a Dom from the Ohio Chapter - SMART. This is his opinion.

BDSM is consensual. It is NOT abuse. It is NOT domestic violence.

Reasons why people do this
      * power exchange
      * sexual
      * giving or receiving sensation

      * dislike self and wants to be punished
      * angry at men/women and want to beat them
      * above all NOT a replacement for therapy
      * Cathartic scenes are few and far between
      * can't control own life and looking for someone else to control it

Things to remember before entering a BDSM relationship

      * Master own life before mastering another

      * Be in control of own life before giving control

      * Don't go in for vengeance or manipulation

      * Don't go in broken/wounded - looking to be fixed

      * If you need professional help - don't go into BDSM. This is NOT therapy.

Basic Terms

Top - person holding the handle
      - actively doing physic…

Review: Quick Study

Quick Study by Robyn Shot

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Virgin in a college level art class drawing male nudes. What could be more boring? Surprisingly, this story is rather captivating. I wasn't sure what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised. Eden professes to hidden suppressed desires to her roommate, Kaleen. Kaleen generously offers up live action by letting Eden watch her fuck Tyler, her boyfriend. Confirming Eden's lustful wants, Kaleen sets Eden up with Dane, the nude male model, from art class.

This is where the story becomes interesting. Dane and Kaleen are part of some sort of secret sexual cult. Eden is brought into the cult without any information. I'm a bit frustrated as I want to know more about this secret society. I want to understand the meanings behind the triangles. The tidbits we receive from Kaleen and Dane are not enough to satisfy me. I have a few guesses, but I'd like my guesses confirmed.

The sex in this story is HOT. I liked it. Mad…

Review: Yellowstone Wild

Yellowstone Wild by India Masters

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ugly duckling turned into swan story is what this is. Libby is forced to return home to a ranch in Wyoming to photograph Yellowstone as her latest photography assignment. Libby has the life I'm envious of and wish maybe I had tried when I was younger. To travel all over the world taking photographs for a living is just amazing. Love it. For Libby, she loves it too. She has even gone to do war photos in ravaged bloodied lands. Returning home where she was a "geek" should be a piece of cake.

Libby dreads going home. Between her critical sister Alex and the twin Cade boys, I'm not surprised. Her sister while well meaning, is a bitter critical woman. I wouldn't visit her either. When we learn about Libby's altercation with her father which was never reconciled, it saddened me further. What really puzzled me was the issues the twins - Bodie and Tyler Cade held against Libby. Sure, they want to ma…