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No Master Blog Tour and Interview

@riptidebooks #blogtour

Review: Wet and Wired

Wet and Wired by Zenina Masters
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Water fae have arrived in a wave of ecstasy!  These are the shifters and fae I have been eagerly looking forward to read. Ms. Master delivers with a beaver and a merman. Yes, the dirty jokes that come to mind are just being held back by a very weak mental dam. The puns that could be squirted out with these two characters will probably fall flat. I digress.

Leda is a the proverbial busy beaver. She works the crossroads and is the specialist for all electrical work. Her traits of being a beaver carrying over to human now has me hearing her whistling all her words like some cartoon beavers on TV. Her most amusing animal trait for me is her need to constantly chew on different wood-like sticks to make sure her teeth do not overgrow. Leda is an industrious shifter who is direct and commitment shy. Altion on the other hand is the epitome of sexy water fae in the shape of a merman. He dances erotically in the water to entice Leda to joi…

Review: Flogged By The Ferret

Flogged By The Ferret by Caitlin Ricci
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A ferret is a cute and adorable pet, right? For a shifter to shift into a little cute furry rodent, how can they be threatening? Well, first of all, ferrets are not rodents. They are part of the weasel family and they can be ferocious. Nero is a ferret shifter who works in law enforcement. He is used to being the one who protects. So it is natural for him to also be a dominant. When he is alerted to a possible kidnapping of Lady Leo's son Amani, Nero is the shifter for the job.

This story is really too cute for me. I thoroughly enjoyed Nero's character. He is steadfast, protective, patient and a lovely dominant. Amani the lion cub is so adorable too. He plays at being all big and wild but he really is a sweet kitty. The dynamic between these two characters is so smooth. They fit together well with their personalities and desires. It is fun to see Amani's misconceptions be busted up by Nero.

The conflict of th…

Review: Top to Bottom

@DelDryden @riptidebooks lovely piece of erotica where two women find each other again through D/s 
Top to Bottom by Delphine Dryden
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Lovers reuniting can be sweet or it can be trying. Drusilla aka Dru is recovering from a blow to her heart. Broken up with the loss of her wife, Dru leaves the place which reminds her of too many happy and wistful memories. Starting fresh again, and determined to carry out the dream she had with her wife, Dru returns to her hometown to open up Escape. There is another kink club already, but Dru's is catering to a different crowd. Surely there is enough room for both, right?

Ms. Dryden creates plausible and all too realistic conflicts in this story. As someone in the lifestyle who has watched a community torn apart when a new club comes into town, this story moves me. Dru's fresh start is constantly hampered by an old lover and hidden rivals. Dru's ex-lover, Amie, is a bit disappointing. For those who read the book pri…