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Gathering Storm

Gathering Storm by Lyn Gala

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I LOVED this book.  I was completely surprised by how enjoyable this book was for me.  It looked kind of good but I didn't expect it to be so good.  The story was a nice slice of life story with military men in it.  There is just something about military men which makes me melt.  I think it's their sense of order, discipline and authority.  The top in this book, Charleston was so HAWT!  Older, a former teacher and former military black ops guy is pretty much a wet dream for me.  I guess it is for Vinnie (aka Troy) too.  It's good to know the main character and I have the same taste in men.  And we even have similar sexual fantasies!  WOOHOO!

I ended up giving this a 5 star because I will want to read parts of it over and over again.  Yes, the story line wasn't very complex.  It was a suspense trying to capture a killer.  The thing that pulled me in is Vinnie's struggle.  His lost little boy situation due to his as…

A New Beginning

Dane squeezed his lips tightly. The cock aiming for his mouth was like no cock he'd ever seen. The head of it was surrounded by little appendages which wiggled independent of the cock. It almost looked like a little baby sea anemone. He hoped it didn't sting like one.

Dane nearly opened his mouth in a yelp when the tentacle in his ass hit tunneled deeper and took a ninety degree turn, following his intestine. The scene from Aliens popped into his mind which made him scream.

Lightening quick, the cock dove into his mouth. Shit! The cock did have a mild sting to it, not too different than the TENS unit he played with Bob. He clenched his jaw, hoping to bite off the cock. The little tentacles on the cock finally made sense. It forced his mouth wide open from the inside. He choked as he felt the head thrust into his throat. As he swallowed, the nasty cock slid halfway down. Just as he started to feel woozy, it pulled back. Tears streamed down his chee…

Fisting Part III

Lube, Lube and more Lube

The instructor wanted us to know that lube is your friend. The lube mentioned on the website I mentioned above will easily last most people over a year. When using lube, there are several considerations.

Consideration 1. Are you fisting vaginal or anal?

This is important because, any lube that is sugar based, is NEVER to be used in the vagina.

Why is this?

Because sugar in the pussy will generally cause yeast infections. Yeast infections are BAD. Before so many different lubes were available, Crisco was popular.

Crisco also has sugars in it, which can also trigger a yeast infection.

So what? Can't I just douche my vagina afterwards? One of those feminine douches I see in the market?

Theoretically this can be done. It's not recommended because contrary to marketing and selling of the product, vaginal douching is not healthy for a woman. It can cause more problems. For more information on this, please contact your OB/GYN.


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

Ivan clenched his gun tightly as flashbacks of the week before caused him to stumble on the sidewalk. Looking up, he tried to determine which building he was held captive. Suppressing the bile collecting in his mouth, he focused on finding the right building. His memories were jumbled up as he looked at one mirrored building after another. He remembered the room was curved rather than straight line.

He could see two buildings that matched the pictures in his head. Ivan strode towards the one on his left first. He would search every floor until he found the bastards who did this to him. He winced as a throbbing in his left shoulder increased. He could feel the heat spread up his neck. NO DAMMIT! It's happening again, Ivan raged.

Ivan no longer controlled his body. He tried to stop walking, only to have his pace increase. He whirled through the revolving door and walked towards the security desk.

"Hello, Blue. I'm here for a treatment" Ivan…

Life in Fusion

Life in Fusion by Ethan Day

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Boone aka butt boy is certifiable.  All I know is, if this was a female lead, people would be ripping Boone to shreds.  Since he's a drama queen gay guy, I guess it's okay.  Double standards at its best.  Seriously, just about everything about Boone DRIVES ME CRAZY!  I should hate this crazy mo-fo.  He's vain, irreverent, selfish, conceited, just everything bad.  The bad stereotypes one sees for gay guys. 

Boone's not really that way though.  It's his facade to protect himself.  He's kind of endearing that way and grows on a person.  Of course, based upon how his parents behave, well, it's no wonder. 

Wade on the other hand is dreamy.  This alpha male with the ability to get stuff done is amazing.  I'd be his love slave.  Too bad he doesn't like women.  But seriously, it has to be tough for Boone since Wade is held at such a high level of admiration and respect.  Can he be good enough for Wade?  …

Fisting Part II

The class I attended
Mistress Joanne was the presenter. The two hour class was a combination of lecture and demos. I believe there was a section with hands on fisting, but I left before that time.

We started out with some safety and experiences.
Mistress Joanne emphasized a few items.
She doesn’t use SSC. She has issue with this terminology and uses RACK instead. RACK is Risk Aware Consensual Kink. She’s been practicing fisting for many years and says there are dangerous to fisting since it is edge play. She gave us examples of fisting gone wrong. One of the demo subs also explained personal fisting gone wrong situations. Above all, she let us know that fisting takes lots of patience and practice.

Preparing the scene
As a fister she likes to keep her fingers well manicured with short nails. She has seen people with long nails who pad it with cotton balls before slipping on a glove. She always uses a glove for the safety of the bottom and top.

Supplies needed on ha…

Fisting Part I

What is fisting?

Fisting is when a person inserts a fist or two into a woman’s vagina or anus. For a man, it is the anus. Fisting is considered edge play. There have been questions about fisting due to some of the books we’ve read. Is this for real or is this only fantasy? How does one go about learning the ins and outs of fisting? Is it true that fisting will cause the hole to gape and no longer retain its shape? These are some of the questions I’ve seen. Perhaps you have more. Please feel free to ask more questions.
This discussion thread is to help the new readers and authors to BDSM learn about fisting. Don’t be shy.

Reference material
This website is one of the best I’ve seen for anal fisting.

Please note, they have a 21 and over requirement. Our group has 18 and above. Those of you under 21, enter at your own risk.
This website is good because it goes through some key elements to know before fisting.
1. Learn the anatomy
2. Cleaning …

Cock Stuffing ~ Sounding from a SME

One of the women in the BDSM GoodReads group was kind of enough to provide more information

Most of the pictures are prince's wands, which usually are meant to be indwelling and/ or are most often custom made. The full set is servicable but not especially typical of what gets used in play. Nearly all the sets I have are double ended, some have half size steps from one end to the other. The sets that are extremely curved on the end are a bit more difficult to play with and more likely to cause internal scratches and such. A scratch today inside the urethra could be a keloid (knot of scar tissue) that obstructs the urethra in 20 years, so it's generally best to use the ones with a gentle curve.

The biggest thing to remember is that this is sensation and power play, not pain play. If it hurts you're not only not doing it right, but you're probably damaging your sub. Femmes can be sounded also, and the g-spot is a target for stimulation, but it's mos…

BDSM Second Gang Bang Challenge 2011

Basic rules for the BDSM Gang Bang

Rule 1. You must sign up by Midnight US Eastern Time on August 25th and make your participant list post on the participation thread.

Rule 2. You will have from Midnight on August 25th August 14th through Midnight August 31st to chose your picks for the other participants. You may make your selections on any basis you like - perhaps you've already read the book and recommend it, or you've heard good things about it, or you think it's a book which that particular participant would like, or the cover/blurb makes you hot and wet. There is no wrong recommendation.

You may chose 1, 2, or 3 books. Since this will not be a huge challenge if you only want a picker to select ONE choice please note that in the participants list in your post (this is for all those that like to be told what to do and have their choice taken away- you know who you are!)

Rule 3. When you send your picks do so by PM through Goodreads. Do not post your picks o…