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January 2012 BDSM Friends challenge

January 2012 BDSM challenge

UPDATE - The book should be of BDSM material.

The challenge will be 1 month, starting January 1 and end January 31

The goal is to pick books from your friend's READ bookshelf.


Step 1 - Select the number of friends you want to pick books from. You can only select 1 book from each friend.

You will have 3 options in the number of books.

Option 1 – January is the 1st month - pick from 1 GR friend.

Option 2 – January is 7 characters - pick from 7 GR friends.

Option 3 - It is 2012 - pick from 12 GR friends

Step 2 - Find the books

Now that you know which friends you want to pick from, browse through their READ shelf. Using the compare books feature is another method.

Step 3 - Post your list

Create a thread listing the friend and book you chose. You may post the list at anytime. Reading starts on January 1st.

Step 4 - Update your post
As you complete the challenge, edit your post indicating it's been completed.

I completed it

Start Date: J…

Review: Hostile Takeover

Hostile Takeover by Joey W. Hill

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ben has been Marcie's teenage crush. Do first crushes bloom into love? I think they can. Marcie does her damnest to prove to Ben her love is real, even if she is only 23 and he's 32. Pfft. It's a know fact (yes, I'm bias) that women mature quicker than men. With Marcie's history of her parents deserting them and becoming second mother to help her older sister Cass, Marcie grew up very quickly. I think of when I was 23 with two younger siblings. At 23 I had been working for 3 years full time and I bought my first home. I spent time helping my mother raise my much younger siblings to the point that they don't think of me as an older sister but more a second mother. I get Marcie. I believe in her. She is a painslut though. Yikes. I'm a masochist but in different ways. I couldn't handle what she physically went through with Ben. I'd had cried "red" like a little baby.


Review: Chains and Chocolate

Chains and Chocolate by Bonnie Bliss

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Want some kinky sex with your husband and afraid how it may turn out? Do you think he'll be disgusted? Afraid he'll think you are a freak? If you don't ask, you will never know. Marie took that step two years ago. Since then, her husband Neil ran with it and we are treated to a hot and smexy BDSM scene between the two.

I liked this story because it is realistic and the couple has a child. This doesn't stop them from their sexual escapades. Nor does the author lecture us about how to hide it from the kid. Instead, she cleverly describes the actions of Marie to show how the couple still has a BDSM relationship while raising a child.

I enjoyed the smexy BDSM scenes as well as the cellar Neil creates for the two of them to play. This is an ultimate fantasy of mine, to create my own little dungeon in my basement with my spouse. To read a short story where a couple does just this pulls me in and I'm betting it …

Yards of Dicks

Chapter Two Yards of Dicks

“Wait! BA, I’m coming with you. Can we go to the Prison Yard instead? I love wrestling.” Paws cajoled.

“I’m coming too!” Mari ran to catch up to us.

“Okey dokey. Where’s James? Isn’t he supposed to give us a tour? Bloody bastard. Well, the sign ahead says Prison yard to the left.”

We turned left and pushed open the double doors. Squinting at the bright sunlight, I peered at the open area. My jaw dropped as I took a closer look at the yard. I stopped in my tracks.

“BA! What the hell? Keep moving, I want to see” pushed Paws.

“You guys aren’t going to believe this.” There was a playground to the left. But it was unlike any playground I’d ever seen. There were swing sets but they weren’t the type for kids to swing on. Every swing had a guy either face up or face down tethered to the swing. Another guy with his hands bound to the hanging chains stood groin to ass, fucking the bound man. This was taking sex swings to another level.

The …

White Collar Crimes

Chapter One The Tour

I clutched my four passes tightly in my left hand as I waited in front of the men’s correctional facility. I leaned against the flag pole nervously looking left and right. Women were slowly starting to show up. As usual, I arrived to my destination early to scope out the place and figure out what we needed to do. I’m a bit OCD this way. I noticed a brunette walking towards me with a kindle in hand and a matching t-shirt to mine stating, “Kindle Smut Group.”

Waving, I shouted, “SB! It’s BA! Yoohoo! Over here!”.

The brunette’s eyes light up as she hurried in my direction. “BA? Is it really you? How do I know it’s you?’

I whispered my part of the secret phrase into her ear. Watching her lips widen into a smile, I knew I passed my part of the test. When she covered her mouth to my ear and whispered her matching phrase, my heart beat faster. This was it! Two of us were here.

As we were chatting, another brunette had walked up to us. Touchin…

Review: Keep Me Safe

Keep Me Safe by Skye Warren

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was not what I exactly expected. Based on a couple of scathing reviews on GR, I thought this was going to be some intense non-con. I'm even questioning the BDSM categorization. This story isn't fluffy, it just wasn't really into the sexual games of BDSM or even the slavery aspects. Yes there was some kinky bondage that should have me going, "bad bad". Instead I was going, "ooh, hot!" If we are going by BDSM standards, I'd say several of these scenes were edgeplay. Since this was more a "gangs" story, I'm not sure what to term it.

First off, let me state, I am very prejudice here. I don't like gangs. I find them despicable and want to treat them not too different than vermin. Yes, I get the mentality of why kids want to join a gang. That's a symptom of a larger societal issue which is neither here or there. I mention this only because when I read a storyline w…

Review: Handcuffs and Roses

Handcuffs and Roses by Laura Hammond

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Lisa Mayne is a beautiful cop with psychic abilities. Rather than being pushed into cold cases, her boss makes use of her ability. This is surprising and a change for me when it comes to how psychics are treated by law enforcement agencies. It does help that her boss is a family friend and father figure. The latest case Lisa is placed on comes with a new partner, James McGuinn. James is a pretty boy who has anger management issues, to put it kindly.

I like James. He’s dominating and not by the book. His bending of rules helps him with the new division he’s joining since they are known for some leniency when it comes to the rights of criminals. Read this as, criminals possess very little rights in their eyes and sometimes the criminal may accidently run into a door or fall downstairs when being interrogated. In this story, there are vile and vicious criminals. This story is more a murder mystery than a BDSM…

Review: Ragged Edge

Ragged Edge by Sara Brookes

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I panted through this story with the hot triad ménage D/s scenes. I’m a guilty voyeur who derives great pleasure watching others. To catch two hot men, one a sheriff and the other a big bad biker in a D/s scene would push me over the edge. Apparently, it catches Erin’s interest when she unknowingly walking into a hot scene. Naughty Erin isn’t able to resist watching either. To her chagrin, the men know she’s there and tease her to join. Freaked out, Erin runs for her life. I have to say, if it were me, I may have reacted just like Erin. I don’t know if I was caught as a peeping Tom, if I could stay around and accept the punishment. I’d want to, but in reality, I may be too much of a chicken.

Cade, the sheriff, and Dalton, the bike shop owner, track down Erin and start up a conversation. The three become friends first before anything sexual happens. I particularly like this style. This story rings true and pretty …

Review: Hard as Stone

Hard as Stone by Sara Brookes

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Gothic fans, lover of Gargoyles, this is the book for you! There is something about a Gargoyle or in this book; Grotesques that is so sexy to me. Gargoyles are stone creatures created to allow rain to siphon off buildings, like a downspout. Grotesques are stone carvings which do not function as a downspout. See, reading erotic novels are educational. In Ms. Brooke’s Hard as Stone, we meet a guardian watching over Brady. Brady is a trauma surgeon who is burned out. Alone and depressed from the latest string of patient deaths, Brady is lost. Garrett has been watching Brady for years. He’s there to protect and aid Brady.

When Garrett finally reveals himself to Brady, a sigh of relief can be heard. This symbiotic relationship is the start of a new chapter, for both. I found this story to be very sweet and heartwarming. This is the book I’d read when I’m down and out and want a bit of sweet loving and cuddling. The BDSM i…

Review: Grayson's Gamble

Grayson's Gamble by Marie Harte

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Two uber alpha males fighting for dominance and one rogue mutant willing to kill them, what more could I ask for on a lazy Sunday afternoon?

Grayson is the grandson of Alicia Sharpe; he's been bred to be the perfect natural born Circ. Sebastian Decker aka Bas is the perfect partner to keep Gray in line. Gray's increasing mood swings and erratic daredevil tactics is concerning the Admiral and his grandmother. Gray's never exhibited a mating heat, commonly found in the manufactured shape shifting Circ.

Bas is unique among the created Circs by avoiding going rogue and he has no mating heat issue, that is, until he's been partnered with Gray. The two flame up the sheets in a way that made me want to dive in between them for a taste. When rogue Al Ross captures them, it cements the bond between the partners and pulls Ross into the mix. I can always count on Ms. Harte for a hot ménage with plenty of dominance play a…

Review: The Gingerbread Dungeon

The Gingerbread Dungeon by Elizabeth Thorne

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! This is a solid 4.5 star book. I'm going to have to look up this author for more of her erotic books. I really liked this book. I didn't give it a 5 star because these are all reinterpretations of existing stories in the sense that they are fairy-tales retold. These naughty stories had me aroused. We are treated with some nice maledom with the Princess and the Pea. Lovely f/f and bondage with Rapunzel. Leather Daddy and leather family with Goldilocks and the three bears. Delicious femdom with Puss in boots. Each one hit on a kink I adore. The fisting, anal, whipping, spanking, chastity, cock ring and double penetration had me moaning in delight. This is a very fast read and I highly recommend it to all my kinky friends. Get the book NOW!

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Forbidden Bookshelf 2012 Challenge

Challenge Rules:
First: Sign Up!  We want to see who’s on board with us! Challenge runs from January 1, 2012 – December 31, 2012You can start the challenge anytime during the year.As you read, keep a list of the book titles and their author. Stop by The Forbidden Bookshelf and click on the “Challenge” page at the top of the blog. Leave a comment with your list of completed books, and your name and email addy. We will periodically update the “Challenge” page by adding YOUR name with the appropriate key as you “unlock” the appropriate challenge level. Each level you unlock is worth one entry point into the end-of-the-year GRAND PRIZE drawing: A $20 electronic gift card to a book store! At the end of the year, we will randomly select a name from the magical hat (i.e. You don’t have to be a blogger to participate! Bloggers who are keeping a challenge post and want to link to it, may do so by adding your website/blog link in the comment(s) you leave on the challenge pa…

Review: Dark Soul Vol. 2

Dark Soul Vol. 2 by Aleksandr Voinov

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The voyeur in me is happily dancing as I read this second installment of Dark Soul. I'm angry at Battista and find him to an asshole. He broke Silvio's heart. I rage at this yet I'm still very turned on by their phone sex. That was hot. This is another 3.5 star story and I'm hooked. I'm devouring this story as we learn more about the relationship between Battista and Silvio. This Dorian Grey reference is pretty messed up in my opinion. It's rather creepy yet makes so much sense. I like it!

This is another short story and well written. Mr. Voinov gives us more pieces to this seductive world. We witness violence as expected. I'm still impressed with Stefano's will power to resist. I think at this point, I'd have succumb to Silvio's charm. Then again, I'd rather be Silvio submitting to Stefano. What I'm really hoping for is a menage between Stefano, his wife and Sil…

Review: Dark Soul Vol. 1

Dark Soul Vol. 1 by Aleksandr Voinov

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Am I the only one thinking of the lyrics "You are lying so low in the weeds, I get you gonna ambush me, You'd have me down on my knees, Now wouldn't you, Barracuda?" This is the song by Heart running through my mind as I'm reading this story. This is a 3.5 star short story for me. I like Silvio. I melt for Stefano. I'm not really into the mafia type stories and this one had me questioning if I really wanted to read it. Fortunately, I pushed passed my reservations.

Silvio "Barracuda" is a killer on a leash. Stefano is a married made-man. Their paths cross as they attend the passing of the family patriarch. While Silvio is very young, he's deadly and everyone gives him wide berth. Stefano is not high on the totem pole, but he's intrigued and turned on by the Barracuda. The game of cat and mouse begins.

I'm not sure if this is BDSM or not. There is gunplay with bondage…

Review: Hernando Heat

Hernando Heat by Tymber Dalton

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Love the rugged countrymen who take care of the "little lady"? Did you think that ménages were only invented in the last few decades? Introducing the town of Hernando where the men are hot and protective.

Widower Katie Dorchester is not only grieving for her husband, but fighting to keep what he gave her. Katie is unfortunately saddled with male in-laws from hell. They will do anything to take her land from her, even if it is to kill her. Fearing for her life and peace of mind, Katie moves to Hernando for a quiet life.

Katie isn't living as a lady of leisure despite her husband's forethought and planning. She wants to still be useful. She opens up shop as a seamstress. Soon she catches the eye of cousins Joe and Mason. As they both woo Katie, these confirmed bachelors luck out when her in-laws threaten her with bodily harm. Since Joe and Mason share a home, they can both protect Katie if she lives with them. Movi…

Review: Light Switch

Light Switch by Lauren Gallagher

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I should have saved this for February's friends to lovers challenge. This was a lovely friends to lovers BDSM story. I have to admit, the beginning was so damn slow. For the first couple of BDSM scenes, I nearly fell asleep twice. Scott is a damn tease. Kris is a very very lucky woman with two hot hot men. This menage which originally started out as a sexual freedom from a lackluster ex-boyfriend became complicated. I loved how Kris was best friends with Scott and Matt first. (Side note, did anyone notice that Scott and Matt's initials were flipped? SM and MS? And did anyone else find it interesting that Scott was the Sadist and Matt more of a masochist? Hence the switching of the S and M for them? Or am I reading into this too much?)

I found Scott's ritual so damn hot. The wine and rolling up the sleeves was very sexy. I'm thinking of telling my DH so he too can come up with a ritual for us. Ms. G…

Review: Angels of Darkness

Angels of Darkness by Ilona Andrews

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Three of these authors have been favourites of mine. The fourth one I like, but isn't a favourite. This anthology was one of the best I've read for me in a long time. There was very little sex and that was fine by me. These were all so well written I'm blown away.

Angel's Wolf by Nalini Singh ★★★★★
Ms. Singh writes paranormal romances in a way that appeals to me. She creates a world lovingly which balances good and evil quite well. There are no rosy coloured glasses for her. Betrayal of trust is a popular theme for her. I like it because it is realistic to life. There are no happy endings. While she does have happily for now, I tend to think of her endings as bittersweet, specifically the Guild Hunter series. These, somebody always dies. Someone is always tortured or there is pain visited. I like this darkness and find it gives her stories a robustness and depth that other authors have difficulty c…

Review: Honey Badger Dont Care: Randall's Guide to Crazy, Nastyass Animals

Honey Badger Dont Care: Randall's Guide to Crazy, Nastyass Animals by Randall

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Randall is a foul mouthed hilarious narrator. His youtube video commentary on the Honey Badger caused me to laugh uncontrollably with tears rolling down my face. His witty remarks successfully transfer across to the written word. In this humourous book, we are treated to tidbits about the lesser known animals. Most of these animals are endangered or critical endangered. Some of them are just nasty which Randall notes with sharp and witty remarks.

While Randall isn't able to deliver his funny commentary with his distinctive oral tone, he's able to match it with some of the funkiest font. I particularly liked the i's dotted with little hearts. Since I've listened to the Honey Badger video many times, when I read this book, I could hear Randall speaking in my head. That was kind of strange, yet pleasantly stimulating.

This book does provide little known triv…

Review: The Submissive Bride: A Novel of Victorian Age-Play and Discipline

The Submissive Bride: A Novel of Victorian Age-Play and Discipline by Carolyn Faulkner

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Age play is one of those kinky taboo stories that many people won't read or write about. I happen to be a lover of age-play and love getting my grubby hands on a good age-play story. I can always trust Ms. Faulkner to give a me a tasty age-play story. This new one is a second in the "little miss" series. This is hot. When I was reading this story, I was totally aroused. This is a form of TPE which turns me on to read. Now would I like it 24/7? Probably not. But reading about a woman forced into a little girl or even diapered baby 24/7 is hot for me. It's humiliating and so controlling.

I liked all the main characters in the book. King was pretty crafty and I liked that about him. I liked how he built his own cabin and his ABDL toys and furniture for Aubrielle. He's actually quite the nice daddy. He's not unreasonable (except for that n…

Review: To Command and Collar

To Command and Collar by Cherise Sinclair

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another winner and must buy from the talented Ms. Sinclair. I adore Ms. Sinclair's BDSM books. I call them gateway to BDSM books. In TO COMMAND AND COLLAR, we delve deeper into the BDSM subculture -- the grittier side of it. Kimberly has been kidnapped off the streets and sold as a sex slave. What she previously enjoyed for fun, she's now traumatized by the sadistic and cruelty of sexual slavery. At wits' end, Kimberly only longs for death. Luckily, intervention via Master Raoul saves her sanity and life.

Raoul is working with the FBI to capture and close down a sex slavery ring. He never expected to be able to find his friend Gabi's missing friend, Kimberly. When the two are brought together, he can't help but save her. From there, the two are thrown together for more uncover work to help bust the sex slave ring. The uncover work nearly breaks Kimberly as she suffers from post traumatic stress syndr…

Review: Paws On Me

Paws On Me by Silvia Violet

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Friends are all finding themselves in hot relationships. When will Seth find his mate? Overworked and tired, Seth is assigned to yet another homicide. Sexy Seth finally meets his man. Brandon is a bear shifter who owns a club where two wolf shifters have been killed.

Brandon is a terrible flirt who catches Seth's eyes. He messes up Seth's investigation and then proceeds to dig his way into Seth's life. This latest in the series was fast paced. The main point of the story was really about Seth coming to grips with a meaningful relationship.

What confused me about the story were the chapter headings which indicated a blog. Why is it a blog? I understand the change in point of views, switching between Seth and Brandon. I just didn't comprehend the need of "Seth's blog" and "Brandon's blog".

While this story was light and easily resolved, I still enjoyed it because of the smexy scenes. When Bra…

Review: The Lady's Maid

The Lady's Maid by Geneva DeCroix

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was totally worth it. I would have paid money for this book. I'm not a big historical erotica fan. Nor have I really read great BDSM from the historical age. It's not my thing. Now after reading Ms. DeCroix's book, I'm changing my tune. In this hot corporal punishment book, I'm left dripping wet. I really liked the Lord and Lady of the house disciplining their servants. This book had it all - M/f/M, F/f, m/m/m and a bit of f/m. I'm really hoping this isn't just a one off book. I hope she writes more! I want to read more about the Lady's Maid now that she is in her new position. I'd like to read more of Lady Constance. Jessalina - you cheeky little minx. I hope she gets into more trouble so that she's disciplined more thoroughly. Ms. DeCroix - may I respectfully recommend some figging? ^_^

I recommend this to BDSM readers who enjoy a good plot with some hot corpora…

Review: Bridled and Branded

Bridled and Branded by Natalie Acres

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Mine is the second review.

Childhood friends becoming lovers is a sweet romance I enjoy reading. Ever notice how childhood friends sometimes become open adversaries in their late teens, especially if they are the opposite sex? For Blaine and Lynlee, this is the case because they are fighting their attraction for each other. I'm not sure why they feel the need to pretend it doesn't exist as it is clear to everyone around them. They want each other and fortunately more for than just one night.

The sex scenes in this book are smexy and fun. What I didn't find believable was a virgin immediately diving into a threesome where she's taking both front and back. While this scene was hot, I giggled at the absurdity of it. Lynlee has never fully been with a man although she's an experienced cocksucker. Blaine, it seems, has nailed every woman with a heartbeat. Not only that, he's completely indiscreet about hi…

Review: A House of Cards: Deconstructing Ethan

A House of Cards: Deconstructing Ethan by J.P. Barnaby

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Good Lord have mercy. Why is there so much death in these people's lives? I wanna know. I have never read about so many senseless deaths. This one did have me shed a few tears. Unrequited love is one of my favourite story lines and yet it is generally done so poorly. In this one, it was done in so many variations I could barely breathe through the pain. A mother's love is not returned. A father's love is misunderstood. A woman's love of her master and partner is not returned. A man's love and devotion is not returned. Good God Almighty. At this point, just slit my wrists. This book focuses on people's wants and desires which sometimes is met and sometimes not. While it is true growth for Ethan, some of his actions do have negative consequences. I felt so sorry for Gabriel. I wish there was another story to this series and may to read about Gabriel. He's such a sw…

Review: Doms of Dark Haven 2: Western Nights

Doms of Dark Haven 2: Western Nights by Sierra Cartwright

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I do like these three authors quite a bit. Ms. Cartwright dives right in with a hot sub "exchanged" over a hand of poker. Wow it was hot. I did enjoy the story and found it to be smoldering smexy. The training scenes were tasty as were the punishment scenes. She is quite the untrained sub, isn't she?

In Ms. McBride's story, I was a bit thrown as there were shifters in it. I didn't expect the Doms of Dark Haven world to have shifters. Obviously I was confused and mistaken. Wowza. I did like the two shifters Tex and Hunter. I loved how they chased down Holly who is a switch. Their scene with her was menage-tastic! It has intrigued me enough that I need to go hunting down the rest of this series from the talented Ms. McBride.

Lastly, there was the broken sub by Ms. Sinclair. This was a great story as we tie back into the Hunt brothers from her Mountain series. I enjoyed t…

Review: The Forbidden Room

The Forbidden Room by J.P. Barnaby

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ethan, you delicious devilish Dom! Oh how I dream about you. Wow. I'm very impressed with this BDSM novel as it is very sweet and shows quite a bit of education. I wish all the BDSM communities were this way. Well, this is a fictional story so I can only dream and fantasize.

This story was just the right sweetness and tartness. Ethan is a complicated Dom who has his own demons to wrestle. We don't really know the full story about Ethan until close to 2/3 of the way through the story. This story was more than just a BDSM guide of what a new slave can expect. It was a story of friendship blossoming and turning into lovers. I loved the dynamic between Lexi, Ethan and Jayden. Yes, Kimberly, Jayden's twin is a little bit of a prude, but what do you expect from a midwestern girl? Seriously, I grew up in the Chicago suburbs. I know exactly how white bread it is and how any little deviance from their social no…

Figging Part II

A common question is, what happens if the sub doesn't like it and wants the sensation neutralized...

Well, take the ginger root out.  The burning sensation will fade in about 20 minutes or so.  Applying water does NOT help relieve the sensation.  Instead, it intensifies it.


It comes to basic chemistry.  The water with hydrogen bonding helps to trap the active ingredients onto your skin better.  This is why they say, when you eat something spicy, drinking water doesn't help.  Instead, drink milk or eat bread.  One can then ask, can I just flush my ass and pussy out with milk?

Well, yes.  I wouldn't recommend it.  Milk in the ass will tend to cause gas.  Hence the popular Milk and Molasses enema or as it's fondly known as M&M enema. I try to avoid putting anything in my pussy that could cause a yeast infection.  Anything with sugar in it will run a chance of yeast infection.

Why is it that when a chemical has contacted sensitive skin it's recommended to fl…

Figging Part I

Figging!  This came up in one of the reading challenges.  Figging is a wonderful fun method to discipline a sub or just add a bit of spice to your sex life.  What is figging? 

Basically figging is taking a fresh ginger root, peeling it, shaping it into a butt plug shape and sticking up the sub's bum.

To learn about the history of Figging, this website has some excellent information.

This one has better pictures and how to.

This blog is an excellent one to read about real life experiences with figging.  Please note, there are pictures.

Now, you may ask, how do I know if this is effective?  I've read the instructions, but is there some way to track the sensations?  Fear not my fellow Dom/mes, here is a fun worksheet for you.

Well, now that you've tried it out, you ask, is it only for the bum?  The answer, no. In a …