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Review: Siren Reborn

Siren Reborn by Sophie Oak

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kitten's story is finally here! Kitten is the submissive whom many may rip on because she comes across as a doormat and she refers to herself in third person. Kitten is also not a common type of submissive found in mainstream "popular" BDSM erotica. For me, Kitten is refreshing and the one I've been waiting to see who her master will be.

I loved this book. My heart broke over Kitten and Mason. I hated Cole and considered him a terrible dominant and lover. Ms. Oak does it again with exquisitely written characters layered with angst and yearning. The characters she creates are so real to me. They resonate with me even though I have not experienced their sufferings. It is difficult to decide which character caused more sorrow--Kitten or Mason.

Kitten is an innocent young lady abusively controlled by her irrational parents. The fear of her father explains her obedience and tentative nature. When she's kidnapped and s…

Review: Laser

Laser by Viola Grace

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Looking for a fluffy space opera? Terran Times Second Wave is the series to read. Ms. Grace is known for her short and enjoyable alien erotica. In LASER, this one mixes a bit of Robocop slash Lindsey Wagner Bionic Woman.

Lee is seeking off-world work. At the right place, wrong time, Lee is blown to bits. Very little of her remains from a terrorist attack. Fortunately for Lee, her father loves her deeply and will do anything to preserve her life.

Lee's new life is to be a kind of emergency response enforcer. Paired up with Lukar, an alien, they travel the universe to protect or evacuate. The plot of the story is good. The sex in the story is what keeps a reader's attention. This is one which is deliciously good with smexy fun. Lukar and Lee fumbling a bit at the beginning and then quickly ravaging each other is great. It may seem a little fast for some, but keep in mind this is a short story with a focused beginning, middle and end. …

Review: Monkey's Uncle

Monkey's Uncle by Tymber Dalton

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Scared of the ebola virus news in current events? Let Ms. Dalton give her theories on how it will all play out.

Book two in the Drunk Monkey series is just as fun as the first. This time, the team is heading to Mexico. Mexico is known for passionate Latina women and lust driven one-night stands to take a man's mind off the world imploding, right? Did they mention the nurse who gleefully castrates men caught sexually violating women? Sometimes, when a small community bands together, justice is swifter than expected.

India Pelletier finally feels at home in Mexico. She's the nurse running a clinic without a doctor. She is waiting patiently for a doctor to arrive to help her. When her term is up, she knows she can go to other places, but where would it be safe? Back home in the US, the Kite virus is becoming more prevalent. Her parents have thrown their life savings away to a con-man. Perhaps staying in Mexico is the bes…

Review: The Sapphire Dragon

The Sapphire Dragon by Tianna Xander

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Powerful dragons and out of control witches make a volatile mix. Ms. Xander pens lovely dragon paranormal stories. Her Project Dare series is fabulous and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The Dragon Bound series, however, is not working for me. It's difficult to write this review because the writing is well done, but I just couldn't stand the main character.

Daisy is a witch with more power than any of her sisters. She's seen how happy her sisters are to mated dragons, yet she doesn't want to have anything to do with a dragon, even if he's her perfect mate.

Ms. Xander did an excellent job of creating a selfish and shallow coward. Daisy is afraid of her powers and hides from it. She is also a racist against dragons. One could say that it's a person's personal preference. However, I counter it with, she won't even get to know a person because of what they are so that does make her blindly judgmental. In…

Review: Taming the Mistress

Taming the Mistress by Sindra van Yssel

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

All dominatrixes secretly yearn to be dominated by an alpha male. Not! Seeing this title did not exactly give me the warm fuzzies. Since it's a Ms. Van Yssel book, however, I want to see what this book is about.

Mistress Sue is a dominatrix who is tired of being alone. Going to a weekend at the Bondage Ranch, she plans for a good time with her submissive only to find out he's not worth her time. Feeling apathetic to a previously erotic feast, she ends up fading into the background and observes. Whilst she quietly watches, another watches her--Dane. Dane is a Dom who shares mutual friends with Sue. They have yet to cross each other's paths even though they have been at the same events over the years.

For many female dominants, this theme is aggravating. It perpetuates a myth that every female dominant is just waiting for the right male dominant to show her who's really the boss. It's insulting and annoy…

Review: The ACT Itself Volume 1, Number 1

The ACT Itself Volume 1, Number 1 by BearManor Media

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Those who enjoyed Penthouse and wanted a kinky taste, this is the magazine for you. This is a spicy collection of biographical excerpts, sexy stories and au natural photos. There is a nice mix of stories. The magazine is split into Fiction & Poetry, Essays and Pictorials.

My favourite one is written by Michael M. Jones. Sexy, erotic and delicious is how I'd describe his story. The Sea's bargain is my favourite because it includes tentacles and f/f sex. I'm a water lover so everything about this story strokes me just the right way. It leaves me wanting more. The cuckold one on the other hand isn't to my taste. I usually enjoy cuckold ones, but this one didn't excite me.

The photography is surprising. Instead of bimbofied plastic sex toys, these are real women with real bodies and shockingly, pubic hair. Women are all of healthy size reminiscent of a time when voluptuous…

Review: Magic City: Recent Spells

Magic City: Recent Spells by Paula Guran

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Magic City anthology reminds me why I love science fiction/fantasy. This collection features some outstanding stories and authors. It does also contain a few duds which I'll leave unmentioned. There are also a few which are quite forgettable. I will focus on the ones which excited me. When a short story generates an exhilaration which ends abruptly when the last word is typed, I love it.

In STREET WIZARD by Simon Green, the story is tightly written with my kind of humour.

Never even react. It’s hard to tell what a Grey is thinking, what with that long flat face and those unblinking eyes. I wish they’d wear some kind of clothes, though. You wouldn’t believe what they’ve got instead of genitals. (loc. 231-232)

In PARANORMAL ROMANCE Christopher Barzak, Mr. Barzak presents a clever way of describing the six degrees of separation between two people. It's something to remember and use in future conversations. For…

Review: The Inner Room

The Inner Room by Claire Thompson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Doctors and nurses exemplify sexy power exchange in erotic novels. Usually it's the doctor giving the orders and the nurse agreeably obeying. In a switch up, Inner Room features a dominant nurse and a submissive doctor. Staying along the lines of a male dominant and a female submissive, it still changes up the traditional roles of who is the doctor and who is the nurse. Dr. Marissa Roberts works a stressful job. She is literally responsible for saving lives. Her decisions can possibly end a life. With this kind of responsibility, she fantasizes about giving away her control. With a kinky interest, she finally accepts a friend's introduction to the wild side. Marissa becomes a submissive in training at a local BDSM club. Apprehensive of the stigma associated with being both a submissive and in an alternative lifestyle, Marissa is relieved when she doesn't seen anyone she knows at the club. When she is asse…

Review: No Safeword Matte -- Happily Ever After

No Safeword Matte -- Happily Ever After by Candace Blevins

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Happily ever after it is! Ethan and Sam come home from their honeymoon. The BDSM continues in intensity in this follow up book. Before they left Hawaii, Sam provided a list of fantasies for Ethan. Ethan takes Sam's wishes into consideration and brings it all to fruition. Sam wanted to be mastered, without a safeword and to experience extreme pain. Be careful of what you wish for… because Ethan's creative scenes make me cross my legs, curl up, cringe and whimper. Then again, I'm no pain masochist. As my kinkster friends say, I'm a wuss-ochist - low threshold for BDSM style pain.

Ms. Blevins is hands down one of the best BDSM writers when it comes to realistic SM. The BDSM scenes in this story are more than what most people can handle. I love it. The scenes are well designed with every precaution taken into consideration. It's nice to see how Ethan goes to a mentor to lear…

Review: Her Troika: The Complete Story

Her Troika: The Complete Story by Trent Evans

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a review long time coming.  Mr. Evans is one of my favourite male authors.  This is saying a lot since I don't normally read male authors.  Yes, I'm a sexist.  The world building in this story is a lovely blend of Penny Birch Pony series and a bit of Story of O.  For those who enjoy romance with their kink, this story will work well for you.  This isn't a light fluffy BDSM erotica.  It is a well written view into the life of a couple who are become more heavily involved in the BDSM lifestyle.

Breanna is a professional woman during the week and a sex slave during the weekend.  Her husband, Kurt, is her dominant and will be pushing her limits.  When they bring their friend, Derek, into their kinky world, it can be a fantasy come true or a nightmare to forget.  The characters in this story are nice because for the most part, they are the average person one would know.  There are a few people who have m…

Review: Wanting It All

Wanting It All by Livia Grant

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

New to me author, Ms. Grant is one to watch. Her freshman book, Wanting it all, delivers it all. This is a nice blend of dubious con and romance. This story caught my attention because the blurb reads as a cheating wife receiving her comeuppance. Brianna hooks up with an abusive ex-boyfriend to receive a little kinky smacking. Brianna does come across as a very stupid female who needs to be put down. From the get go, I'm disgusted by her and hope she is thrashed within an inch of her life.

Here's the thing about Brianna. She's one of those people who cut off their nose to spite herself. She runs on emotion and makes decisions based on her feeling even if she knows logically it's wrong. I can't deal with these kind of people. Seriously, I have two siblings like this and it drives me crazy. I've learned to handle them in a manner which doesn't cause them to do stupid things because of their emot…

Review: Mastered: 10 Tales of Sensual Surrender

Mastered: 10 Tales of Sensual Surrender by Opal Carew

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dominant males who seduce a woman into submission is my kind of man. When the male possesses quiet authority, it's even more attractive. In this anthology, a submissively inclined reader is treated to one after another sensual male in panty wetting goodness. The book kicks off with Scientific Method by Joey W. Hill. This is my favourite story in the book.

Debra is a perfect servant. She is smart and the best partner for Brian. She gave up a lucrative life to become Brian's possession. Unfortunately, the relations between a vampire and their servant should not be more than owner and pet. Anything more loving will give the vampire council cause to destroy the servant. This is the law for centuries. When Debra and Brian discover the missing element to create more born vampires, it rocks the vampire world. Yet nothing changes for Debra. Brian still treats her as a thing and the last time she …

Review: Sex Boot Camp

Sex Boot Camp by Paisley Brown

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Second Review

A free get out of jail card to have sex with other people whilst in a committed relationship is something some people want. To have a few days off spending it in an orgy like environment is even better! This is, unless your boyfriend springs it on you out of the blue and you have no interest in an open relationship.

Cara just wants a few days off to rest and relax. She wants some quality time with her boyfriend. Instead, he drags her to a remote camp where he's separated from her. The camp is to educate her on how to be a better lover.

The premise of this story is hawt. The camp itself is interesting and sounds like a blast. The sexual training in this story is also decent. What makes this a difficult read is the loathsome characters. Cara's boyfriend, Braeden, is an asshat. This is clear from the beginning of the story to the end. That's okay since it's clear he's the one the readers are supposed …

Review: Accursed

Accursed by Belladonna Bordeaux

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

A fairy tale retold in a paranormal romance setting can be so good. When it's a beloved Beauty and the Beast retelling, I'm looking forward to reading it. Full disclosure, I've not read the first three books, but I believe this book can be read as a standalone.

Alexandra Common is a pure blooded royal strigoi who knows the days are numbered for the strigoi because of their self-proclaimed king. Whilst she possesses more royal blood than any of the other ruling strigoi, she is under their thumb, constantly degraded and bullied.

The characters in this story are annoying. Even Alexandra is unappealing in her melodramatic decisions. Her friend, Cornelia, is a fluffy airhead who undergoes a personality change half way through the book. It's passed off as a cover so the evil villains don't attack Cornelia. It's not believable. The villainous characters are vile with absolutely no redeeming qualities. On top of i…

Review: Renegade (Dragon's Watch)

Renegade (Dragon's Watch) by Shelby Morgen

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dragon lovers who love the underdog fighting for humanity may want to pick this book up. In RENEGADE, Esterion is the love child of two powerful dragons. Her mother fights for humanity. Her father sides with the old school dragons who believe they need to step back and be observers. When the world is lost, then the dragons will leave earth.

Full disclosure, I did not read the first book in this series. This could explain a few of the disconnects for me in this book. The world building is light. This is set in a future after a terrible war which left the surviving humans in small encampments. There is a constant battle against the Kobold. These nasty mutant creatures are trying to eat or destroy human and dragons alike. It's not clear how these creatures are created or where they originate. The origins of the dragons as well as how the world fell apart is also unclear. For those who are used to fantasy stories, …

Review: Big Flight

Big Flight by Zenina Masters

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Snobbery of physical attributes is alive and well. Molly is the oldest daughter with a throwback shifter shape. Even though her shifter shape is a king vulture and is rare, it causes her parents embarrassment and they hide her like a dirty secret.

Ms. Masters creates another wonderful pair of characters in Molly and Damon. The two of them are sweetly matching in their animal counterparts. Molly is the one who does it for me in this story. She's a survivor who will create her own life sans the baggage of her family. What is shocking is how Molly is treated. Her parents treat her heinously. Molly takes it all with quiet grace and walks away. Yet this isn't enough. They continue to lie about Molly and try to force her to live a miserable, isolated life. Seriously, it's a shock her parents haven't hired someone to kill her. Or better yet, sell her to the elves who want to keep shifters as their personal sex toy animal.


Review: Implied Consent

Implied Consent by Vedrana Nicolaus

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

This story blurb sounded very familiar. It is one I keep in my spank bank which can be found here on Don't ask how I found this site. And don't ask how often I visit it and read stories. Let's just say there is a direct relationship of how much I read from this site when my work is rife with unreasonable client demands and long hours.

This story is about a Brendon who is happily married. When he's diagnosed with testicular cancer, his world is flipped upside down. The story from a sissification body-modification is a spank bank. It is a more polished version of the free story written by Johnthewimp. Still, it is lacking. The characters aren't developed much. For this kind of story, that's fine. I don't need world building or character development. What I do want is more spank worthy material. I can state the plot is a bit better with the mother-in-law involveme…

Review: The Miller's Daughter

The Miller's Daughter by Jessica Jordan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Fairy tales retold with an erotic twist is bedtime story for adults. In Ms. Jordan's THE MILLER'S DAUGHTER, it's a new look at Rumpelstiltskin.

Elena is the beautiful daughter of the miller who must spin straw into gold. In this story, both the king and the miller are capricious bastards. The magical being helping Elena spin the gold or else face the dire consequences is not as he appears. He holds an agenda which is not readily apparent to Elena. All Elena knows is she'd rather be with the magical being than with the greedy king.

The erotic tone to this story is well done. The story building stays well in line with the original fairy tale. The creative interpretative license applied is decent. The characters are also well done. Elena is a much harassed daughter. With her wastrel and boastful father, it's surprising she is still independent instead of sold to the highest bidder. Rumpelstiltskin is …

Review: Her Special Forces

Her Special Forces by Sophia Roslyn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Romantic suspense with former Navy SEAL and marines is one to pick up. If you enjoy Maya Banks' KGI Series, this book is for you.

Kacey O'Donnell is a retired marine pilot. She's returned to an empty home. As she continues to try to adjust to civilian life, she's called in by a family friend to help in a kidnapping extraction. She must turn to a former lover for help. Nothing about the situation is easy.

What I liked most about this books is how Ms. Roslyn shows great respect for our armed forces. The realities of PTSD is sad because these are tough warriors who are taught to show no weakness. Whilst their body may endure extreme hardship, the mind hits a point where it will break. Without support, healing is difficult. Ms. Roslyn shows the impacts of PTSD on family, friends and the person silently suffering from it.

The characters in this book are fabulous. The character interactions in this story is great be…

Review: Keep Me Safe

Keep Me Safe by Maya Banks

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ever lost something and wish you had a way to find it again? What if a person is able to locate missing people just through a touch? In the a new series from Ms. Banks, Ramie is able to help find a missing person by touch. Sometimes wondrous gifts contain a negative flip side. For Ramie, the flip side is she connects with the missing person and experiences what they feel and more. If the people are merely deadbeat fathers skipping out on alimony or child support, it may not be the worst thing. Unfortunately for Ramie, she is requested for cases involving foul play or kidnapping. Too worn out, Ramie escapes to hide from everyone. This doesn't stop a determined man from finding her.

One of determined men is Caleb Devereaux. He is at his wits end and wants to find his kidnapped sister. He won't rest until Ramie helps him pinpoint his sister's location. When their paths cross and Ramie is tricked into helping, it wo…

Review: Rock Addiction

Rock Addiction by Nalini Singh

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ms. Singh does it again! This new series, Rock Kiss, from the talented author is entering new territory. This is a lovely new contemporary romance feature a rock group. Molly Webster is the sister of the rock group's spin doctor, Thea. As the guest of Thea, Molly is generally able to attend parties which include rock stars. In New Zealand for their tour, Fox, the lead singer in the band spies upon Molly when she attends a party in their honour. From there, Fox hunts Molly down and finally convinces her to try dating him.

For those who love books with rock stars, this is the story for you. There is a little bit of drugs with the rock and roll. For the most part, Fox is a gentleman and looking for a long term relationship. He's no disgusting Brett Michaels, searching for a female groupie to be his girlfriend. Instead, Fox is thoughtful, caring and able to bend to Molly's requests.

Ms. Singh pens a great roman…

Review: Federal Discipline

Federal Discipline by Loki Renard

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A man in a position of authority, wears a uniform and believes in corporal punishment - what's not to like? Jaime Black is in the top of her FBI class and wins a coveted position of working for Jack Harley. Jack is the agent who only picks the best and trains them to be able to profile the violent killers. This is the main reason why he won't allow a woman to work for him. Women are fragile and should never be exposed to the dregs of society. He is an old school man who wants to protect and shelter women. He accidentally picks Jaime based on her scores and accomplishments. When he meets her in person, he rejects her for being unqualified due to a missing appendage, a penis.

Jack is a big enough dick to compensation for Jaime's lack in anatomy. Jack is a character who doesn't do much for me. Despite his sexy accent and penchant for reddening female bottoms when he feels they are disobedient, his view of w…

Review: The History & Arts of the Dominatrix

The History & Arts of the Dominatrix by Anne O. Nomis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The subject of a Dominatrix is whispered in circles among silly titters or hushed lustful sighs. When the word Dominatrix is mentioned, an image of a fierce woman in a corset, leather and high heels wielding a whip is most common. The question is, where did the dominatrix originate? Is this a relatively new phenomenon or have they been throughout history? Are there famous dominatrix throughout history? What are signs of a good dominatrix and how does one become a dominatrix? Anne O Nomis dives into the underground world of sexual deviance to find the elusive dominatrix. She searches through archives and museums for references to ancient women of power. In a beautifully leather bound book, she shares her research in five easy chapters.

This book is lovingly created. It's rare a dead tree book catches my attention. This one is a collector's edition hardcover with heavy pages and colourful…

Review: Clock Strikes

Clock Strikes by Ana Raine

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Someday, my prince will come...this is all Collin can think of when he dreams about leaving Aloria Island. A Neko is a parahuman in the sense that he's part cat and part human. How his race came to existence is lightly touched upon. For a Neko, there are only two ways off the island. He must either become a demon's pet or go to the island where his parents have gone. Collin is thinking of the first option because he's been in love with Prince Adrian for a long time. Unfortunately for Collin, Prince Adrian is the most sought after demon and no one knows if he prefers females or males. Chances of capturing Adrian's attention seem slim from Collin's perspective.

This story is sweet and easy to read. It's a fairy tale in a way because there is a prince and a pauper finding their true love. The sex in the story is also lovely with its rough body play. The characters are cute. The world building is lacking and needs …

Review: Only You

Only You by Katrina Strauss

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Derek and Blue have gone through some of the worst experiences together and come out with a stronger bond. It is ironic that when guns and threats of death aren't involved, their relationship starts to fall apart. In this final chapter, Ms. Strauss brings to us Derek and Blue in their not so happily ever after. A relationship takes constant work and which is quite apparent to Blue when things go awry.

Ms. Strauss does a great job in showing how just a couple of miscommunication will cause a fracture in a strong relationship. If both sides are not actively working to keep open lines of communication, it can cause one or both parties to be hurt. For me, this story is really focused on Blue and his growth. Blue is still very immature and selfish. Everything is about him and it's never more apparent when the reader witnesses how he treats Derek and April. He takes them for granted and when both move on, Blue is shocked. He now co…