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Review: Plunder

Plunder by Kari Gregg

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When a Prince who is a master only wants to be the slave, how does the slave respond?

Micah is still reeling from all the changes. Roughly a fortnight ago, he's been liberated from Xerxes' torturous raping hands. Micah owns Eli yet he knows Eli is much more than just a slave. To Micah, Eli is his Master and savior. How is it that no one else but Micah acknowledges this? Could it be because Micah is back to being a mute?

This book is frustrating for the majority of the first half. The point of view from Micah will drive many a reader crazy. Micah is headstrong and deliberately cuts his own nose off to spite himself. His memory of being a Prince is slowly coming back to him. What he learns makes him angrier, yet he doesn't do anything about it. Or rather, he does do something about it. He does exactly the wrong thing. Every faux pas he could make and he knows it too, he does it. He says he does it because he is so frightened and …

Review: Forever Wicked: Serena's Prince

Forever Wicked: Serena's Prince by Ayla Ruse

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A prince cursed to be a frog and a headstrong princess who wants a strong man, how will they come together? If this story seems similar to the fairy tale, The Frog Prince made popular by the Brothers Grimm, you would be correct. This is a twisted fairy tale and it's a kinky delight.

Serena is a princess who runs her stepfather's kingdom. She's to be wed, but no man introduced to her is acceptable. She wants a man like her stepfather but the men wooing her are grabby domineering jerks. She kicks each of them out of the castle.

Rennick is a prince cursed to be a frog. How he came to be sounds suspiciously like the back story of Beauty and the Beast. When Rennick sees the one thing that will break his curse in the hands of Princess Serena, he will do anything to convince her to hand it over. He can be very convincing when he's in his dominant human form.

Ms. Ruse does an excellent job of staying clos…

Review: Pierced

Pierced by Natasha Knight

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Maggie is single and finally free of her tyrannical boyfriend. He controlled her so much that now she has a little taste of freedom, she's going to go wild. Well, not really that wild. She goes to a tattoo shop for a belly button piercing. Owner of the tattoo shop, Anthony can sent the submissive sent wafting from her.

Is this realistic? Yes. Submissives, especially women are easy for some people to spot. Anthony is one who spots a submissive with barely a blink. What follows is a bit unrealistic, yet it's smexy fun. Maggie is a sweet and obedient little girl. There is no way she is able to resist Anthony's commanding orders. His scenes with her are hot and move at a faster pace then what is believable. Since this is a short story, a sped up sexual relation is expected.

There were a couple of points which were unclear in this story. Was Maggie new to the BDSM lifestyle? At times it seemed she was completely …

Review: Obsidian

Obsidian by Laurann Dohner

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

880 is back! To be mated is not always "mated" as we learn about 880. His mate was killed in front of his eyes. In a coma, 880 is wasting away and not looking like he's going to be coming out of it. Dr. Allison is obsessed with saving 880. Why? Because she's attracted to him. Huh. Then she violates doctor/patient protocol by getting involved with a biblical way. Her controversial ways are to help 880 wake up. And boy does he wake up - one head at a time. His little head starts first.

Is it really true that a doctor can not sleep with their patient? Apparently so. I guess my medical fetish confused my reality. And here I thought it was hot for a doctor to get it on with a patient. Especially if said patient is unable to say no. Just because 880 couldn't say no, didn't mean he wasn't consenting. *wink wink*

880 wakes ups, kicks ass and then desires to mount Allison. This story i…

Review: Switch

Switch by Desiree Holt

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Switch is a book devoted to short stories about switches. Since there aren't many books with switches highlighted, this collection is of great interest. It starts out with a sweet story by Ms. Holt. In Top or Bottom? the twist is easily guessed at the beginning. Still the smexy femdom scenes were a treat. It’s a believable story of a couple who thrive on communication and love.

Mastering Maya by Ms. Sarai is okay. The story is well written as far as editing and continuity. What is a little distracting or off putting are the characters. Maya’s past issues which leads her to become a Domme is plausible, but her reactions to the new person, Master Shark is discomforting. It’s hard to say exactly what makes this story causes the reader to be ill at ease. It could be the dialogue between the two dominants as well as their introspection which makes the characters come across as less likeable. It’s is an accurate reflection of how pe…

Review: Mate Set

Mate Set by Laurann Dohner

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a 3.5 star book and since I truncate, it's a 3. Mika is the niece of an influential werewolf. Visiting her Uncle Omar for two weeks turns into a kind of a life sentence. Mika is supposed to be 28 in this book. I guess maybe as an only child, she's been coddled a bit too much? Or perhaps she's one of those people whose logic works in different ways. My guess, is that she is a sensor. She doesn't use facts and logic to make decisions. She purely goes by how she feels. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the circumstance.

For this situation, where it's werewolf mating season, it's kind of a bad thing. Mixing her brand of logic with hormonal sex crazed male werewolves is not the best combination. It is a funny combination though, from a reader perspective. The conflict in this story is purely based on lack of communication and crazy female logic which men never understand. (H…

Michele Zurlo BDSM Bedtime stories

The newest BDSM bedtime story is narrated by Master Mike.  He's a friend of the author Michele Zurlo.  Master Mike is a Dom in the real world. Woot!  Enjoy the reading!

Review: The Bacchi

The Bacchi by Belinda McBride

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Returning to the UNCOMMON WHORE world is a fabulous adventure. This time, two new species are introduced and boy, are they hot. One is the Valoran and the other is Somian.

Afton is the Valoran who is an officer of the law. He's by the book and kind of sheltered. This is typical of the Valorans because they are rigid and prefer structure. The interesting thing about Valorans is that they have both male and female sexual organs. As a child, they pick if they are male or female. Those who accept both are labeled as gen and considered throwbacks. These gen designations are the artistic and flamboyant ones who the Valorans want to eradicate from their society.

Lefi, the Somian, is on the opposite spectrum. They are sensual with mating habits that offend the Valorans. Somian are always born as twins and they mate with another set of twins. Some of them even have a special sexual organ which makes them high in demand.


Review: On Dublin Street

On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Behind the strongest walls of a fortress, lies a treasure so great, one can only imagine. Only the bravest hero will be able to scale the walls, avoid the traps, soothe the ravage beast, survive the arctic chill, navigate through the maze and find this precious item. Are you willing to accept this mission? Braden Carmichael nonchalantly shrugs, rolls his neck and smirks. What is this artifact he seeks? What dangers befalls this naive white knight?

This story is an amazingly well written contemporary romance novel. Most romance novels are sweet with a predictable plot and a happily ever after. I'm thrilled if I even remember the names of the characters. I will NEVER forget Braden Carmichael. Who is this man? This is a dangerous man. Listen up all you mothers, do NOT. I repeat NOT let your daughter ever read this book before they start dating. No man will measure up. Braden Carmichael is the ideal man who do…

Review: Mercy Blade

Mercy Blade by Faith Hunter

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Jane seems to be a punching bag in this story. Jane Yellowrock still works for Leo on retainer. Life is going well with her new boyfriend, Rick. Rick is the human cop she chose over Leo and Bruiser (George). She chose Rick because she doesn't want to share her boy with anyone else. She's not into poly. This is all fine and daddy. Did anyone tell Rick this? Rick still goes undercover and as part of his undercover he sleeps with other women. W.T.F?!? Apparently neither Jane nor Beast takes well to this little reveal. Honestly, neither do I.

We learn more about this world Ms. Hunter created. This time, we learn about weres and how they come to existence. Artemis's curse is a very clever reason. Ms. Hunter's innovative and creative ways to explain these mythical creatures is pretty darn impressive. Her set up and tying events together due to past hurts is also pretty good. There is one minor pet peeve th…

Review: Collateral Damage

Collateral Damage by Bianca Sommerland

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This time, Nicole Reed is the victim to Cyrus's sadistic and sociopathic games. Nicole was happily teaching young kids when she is suddenly kidnapped. The goal is to have her compete with 4 other teachers for the 3 teaching spots for the little boy, Alrik. Who is Alrik? This comes out a little bit later.

Vince is one of the guards who takes a liking to Nicole. His interaction with her is odd. In fact this entire story is odd. The lack of world building is what brings this story down. If the first book in this series is not read, the reader would be beyond clueless. Even with the first in this series read, the reader may still be confused.

While it is understandable that a kidnapped victim wouldn't know what is going on, and the point of view is from Nicole, it is still expected to have some information revealed. The information about this world is so stingily provided that it makes the reader question i…

Review: Silver Tongue: A Power Up! Story

Silver Tongue: A Power Up! Story by Marie Harte

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Power up the vibrator on this one! A silver tongue is someone who can clearly express themselves and convince others. Is this Kitty Nelson or is it Dane Hanson?

Kitty is an empath that can sooth even the most troubled soul. She's part of the former secret government psychic group. Now she works in the private sector with many of her former teammates. Their day job cover is a gym. Dane is the brother of Kitty's good friend. Dane does not like Kitty, the red headed busty Amazonian woman because he knows there is something odd about her. A former marine, Dane knows Kitty is the reason why his sister is marrying his family's archenemy.

Kitty and Dane in a room will definitely heat up the temperature. Ms. Harte writes sexual tension like no other. Kitty is a powerhouse both physically and psychically. She fears submission due to watching someone she loves crave the pain and degradation. She equates submissi…

Review: Reclaimed Surrender

Reclaimed Surrender by Riley Murphy

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Romance is overrated. Flowers, date night and chocolates do not bridge the gap between an estranged husband and wife.

Rene is at his wits' end. His marriage is falling apart. The marriage counseling is worse than useless. Changing his way to connect with his wife Alexis has accomplished nothing but more silence and avoidance.

Alexis knows her marriage is in shambles. She's clueless how to fix it and she lays the blame at her husband's feet. Her career matters and now that it is taking off, he's unhappy about it. He wants to control her by forcing her to become pregnant.

There are two sides of a story is never more apparent, than in this book. Sadly, Alexis is the one in the wrong and boy, is she in for a rude awakening. Her insistence of a perceived wrong against her by Rene is such a grievous offense it is amazing Rene doesn't divorce her already. Her blindness to her misconduct and the callous disrespect…

BDSM Bedtime Stories Pam-Ann!

Today's BDSM Bedtime Story brought to you by the BDSM group is from Lindsey Brooks.  It is from his new Steampunk story, Pam-Ann.  Even better, Lindsey has narrated it for us.  Listen to his lovely British accent!  Divine!

Review: The Square Peg

The Square Peg by Jane Davitt

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Estranged father and son relationship, deceased father leaving behind half ownership of a gay bar and a sexy man owning the other half - where have I read this before? If this sounds similar to My Father's Lover by D.J. Manly, this would be half right. Other than these commonalities, everything else is different.

In THE SQUARE PEG, Ben's father left him at a young age. Upon his father's death, he is surprised to learn he's inherited half of a gay bar owned by his father. The other half is deeded to the current manager of the bar, Shane. Shane is resentful of the pretty boy accountant, Ben. Before Ben can even extend a friendly handshake, Shane rudely dismisses him and points to the door.

The plot is pretty straightforward with two men brought together by a father who wants what is best for both of his sons. One is the son of his heart; the other is the son of his loins. What makes this story different and alluring i…

Review: Blue-Blooded Vamp

Blue-Blooded Vamp by Jaye Wells

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sabina experiences loss and rejection like no other. Her entire life is the story of the unwanted red-headed stepchild. On a mission to kill Cain, Sabina is going to do what no one else can do. That is no one else can do without repercussions. As the Bible states, anyone who kills Cain will be punished. So how does Sabina get around this little detail? It's because she's the Chosen one. Or is she?

Finally meeting up with Abel, she's given another shock. I'm feeling vindicated as I immediately guessed the identity of this mysterious mage back when he was first introduced in book four. Ms. Wells adds further complication in this story as Sabina is forced to pay the healing god, Asclepius. Asclepius's payment is counterproductive in securing Abel's help.

This last tale is written just as fast paced as the other books. The world building doesn't lag either. Ms. Wells continues to build it up …

Review: Silver-Tongued Devil

Silver-Tongued Devil by Jaye Wells

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ding Dong the witch is dead! Well, Sabina's evil grandmother is dead but there are no ruby slippers for Sabina to click and take her home. She does have her little mancy, Adam, to flash her back to their apartment together. The problem is, she still doesn't feel at home because she's out of place and doesn't know what to do. She's always had a purpose in her life but now, after her revenge is completed, what is she to do? The dark races are coming together for peace and she still doesn't believe she's the Chosen.

Sabina listlessly goes to magic training twice a week. Her sister Maisie is physically better after being tortured, but emotionally, something is still wrong. It's not going well. While Sabina is flounder, other things are happening which she wants to avoid - vampire politics.

This fourth book was iffy to ready because after the "ultimate" goal is achieved, what more c…

Review: Caging the Beast

Caging the Beast by Marie Harte

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What are the Ebrellions? Ms. Harte needs to write another set of books in this Creations world. There is still so much to explore! The Ebrellions turn into six legged...Trells? These are like insects but not? What the hell are they?

In this last installment of the Creations series, Tarn is an undercover agent to retrieve a cube his nephew is tasked to find. Tarn is in a MMA cage underground slave fighting nightmare. Bored with is babysitting job at the bar he owns, Tarn is up for the challenge. This is where he finds Zachem'zen. This is a shock as Zachem'zen is also a Creation. Since Creations are killed when found as they are psychotic killers, it's amazing Zachem'zen is alive and controlled.

More questions crop up in this story than answers. It's frustrating to learn more about this world only to find out this is the last bloody book in the series. Someone needs to tell Ms. Harte to get her lit…

Review: Creating Chemistry

Creating Chemistry by Marie Harte

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Anin, the perfectly created sexual submissive is caught between two brothers. Both Nu and Set Fas want Anin. Nu is a bit thick headed. He persists to hold on to his old hurts and betrayals but a worthless wife. Set on the other hand knows for certain Anin is the woman for them. In their world, the best matches are when two brothers mate with one woman.

Of course, to get Nu to agree, he needs a bit of smacking around by Anin. It's amusing the way Anin leads Nu around by his dick. With Set and Anin working together, Nu has no chance. This story is more than just about a hot menage getting it on. There is a bit of conflict which reveals the extend of Nu's past pain. It also helps to heal him now that he is in a loving V triad.

The sex in this story smexy smoking hot. There is just something in the way Ms. Harte writes which pulls me in and has me horny in a flash. It could be the way she describes the acts so…

Review: Claudia's Surrender

Claudia's Surrender by S.J. Lewis

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Claudia is back with Sam visiting her. This second installment is a lovely continuation. Claudia's detective business is doing well. What isn't doing well is her private life. She has none. With Sam Pender's return, her libido wakes up and yells, "Hello!" Sam brings Claudia to her knees immediately. It's hot. His smexy BD and D/s is right up my alley. I'm happily humming along as Claudia is screaming out in ecstasy.

This story is more about the two finding their sexual release. Sam needs Claudia's professional help. He needs her to help figure out what happened to a good friend of his. Unfortunately, this is in a state far away from Claudia. Through some manipulation, Claudia ends up using her detective skills to solve the mystery.

This however doesn't solve the situation between Sam and Claudia. It's obvious they are supposed to be together. The story ends in an …

Review: Creation's Control

Creation's Control by Marie Harte

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Be still my wiggling hand, er, beating heart. This second installment with Ryen getting it on with Drekk is HAWT! Ryen is now free from the evil scientists, Eryans. However, he isn't able to control his anger. No one wants him to go rabid which would cause him to be exterminated. Drekk's "nice guy" helpful method along with meditation doesn't work. Time for a new plan! Time to force Ryen into sexual submission with force cuffs and D/s.

Warning to those who don't like girly bits. There is one little hot menage with girly bits, otherwise it's all hot smexy m/m loving from there on out. And boy is it tasty with Ryen fighting his desire to submit. Drekk's dominant demeanor is a complete turn on. His ability to persuade Ryen to submit is a pleasure to watch.

In this story, there is a plot, more than bringing Drekk to heel. We learn more about the different types of humanoids in this …

Hear Me by Skye Warren BDSM Bedtime Stories

A new one is posted!

  is a new book by Skye Warren.  First one we have integrated female and male together.  Hope you enjoy it!

Review: Stranded

Stranded by Anne Bishop

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This anthology is a fabulous read. For those who love Ms. Anne Bishop, her story is very different than her existing novels, with the tiny exception of her favourite reoccurring motif - webs. There are three great writers brought together to write stories about being stranded.

Stranded by Anthony Francis is a jumbled yet intriguing world. This novella is a 3 star. Mr. Francis possess great ideas. His concept for this story is sound. His execution was a bit shaky for me. The world building was crammed with ideas which were not fully explored and explained. This is what made the story not flow as well for me. It's as if we received a one page summary covering over several thousands history. In addition to this, the young female lead, Serendipity experiences issues with her family. The focus is on her competition with her grandmother yet in the last part of the story, new information is introduced regarding strained relationsh…

Review: The Perfect Creation

The Perfect Creation by Marie Harte

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ms. Harte does it again. This series hooked me in and kept me up a couple of nights. Erin is a genetic freak creation. She's designed in a lab and experimented on. She is created to be a perfect warrior plus a sexy as hell submissive sex slave to boot. What is not to like about Erin?

Rafe certainly falls for Erin when she knocks him unconscious and kidnaps him. It's rather hilarious how the big bad guy thought he could take the little sex kitten so easily only to be flatted onto his ass.

The world Ms. Harte creates here is just the beginning of a pretty interesting one, filled with all sorts of aliens. Well, humanoid aliens. She isn't creating a very robust world, but enough for the reader to fill in the blanks and go with the smexy kinky fun. This book is BDSM lite with a focus on some hot D/s. I love D/s so this one is right up my alley. Plus, with a strong female submissive, it's even hotter for …

Review: Blood Cross

Blood Cross by Faith Hunter

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jane is back and still in New Orleans. She's been tasked by the vampire council to find the rogue vampire creator and kill him or her. Too bad Leo is still crazy with grief. He nearly burns her out of her temp home and getting Molly and her kids! Leo is definitely unstable. He was so promising as a love interest too.

In this second book, Molly and her kids are up front and center. They are also in big danger which Jane is unable to prevent. While the readers are experiencing a sick feeling in their gut, Jane is completely clueless about the correct threat.

The world building in this new story is fantastic. Ms. Hunter's interpretation on how vampires are created is awesome. This is a new one which is fascinating to read about. This is definitely unique and a great vampire creationist theory. The explanation of how vampires came to be helps Jane unravel the mystery and solve her case.

I'm pretty impressed wi…

Review: Switching the Control

Switching the Control by Victoria Blisse

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Isn’t it just like an insecure man to blackmail a woman into sexual servitude when she’s in the way of his career? Melissa is a workaholic for Grimly and Vimes. She puts in long hours and weekends. She possesses no social life to speak of, but it’s all good because she is so close to gaining partnership. Richard sacrifices the same as Melissa and he needs just a little bit more of an edge to ensure he gains the upper hand. When he finds a little discrepancy in Melissa’s CV, he takes full advantage of it.

The characters in this short story are not overly endearing. Both Melissa and Richard are cold and guarded - neither one trust easily. They are essentially the same person in many ways, except one is a woman and the other is a man. Melissa’s very stupid claim on her CV is something that happens quite often in the real world, so it is believable. Even though it is a rather asinine thing to do, because the truth w…

BDSM Bedtime Stories Giveaway!

Every month, I'm going to do a giveaway for one book of the winner's choice in the books we've posted to date. 

Book excerpts read for our BDSM Bedtime Storiesto Date.

September 25, 2012
- ageplay - The Game Plan audio read by Will Versuch

- F/f - Society of Golden Rose audio read by BookAddict

September 29, 2012
Make Mine to Go - M/m/m - Make Mine to Go audio read by Will Versuch

October 3, 2012
The Painter - M/f -The Painter audio read by Michael Alexander

October 6, 2012

- M/f - 10 Nights audio read by Will Versuch

October 10, 2012

Exclusive preview of Required Surrender - M/f - Check it out by clicking Kitty Scene in Required Surrender read by Will Versuch.

The only book selections for this giveaway are:

and Required Surrender when it is released.

1. Leave a comment in this thread.
2. Let me know which book tickled your fancy most.
3. Let me know if you enjoyed the narration.
4. List which one of the book you would want if you won.

One winner will be rand…

Kitty Play! BDSM Bedtime Stories

Today we have a very sexily narrated scene by Will Versuch.  This one really made me melt.  This scene is an exclusive preview of soon to be released Required Surrender.  Ms. Riley Murphy generously provided the BDSM group on Goodreads a sneak peak.

For many people, they don't understand the allure of pet play.  Some find this fetish too close to bestiality for comfort.  I find this kind of play totally awesome! I enjoy the mild to the extreme when reading about it.  For real life, I'm more of a mild player.

Ms. Riley Murphy does an excellent job of creating a sensual and erotic play with the kitten role playing.  We are lucky enough for a tidbit in our BDSM Bedtimes Stories brought to you by the BDSM group!

Review: Calling The Shots

Calling The Shots by Christine d'Abo

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hoping for a happily ever after for Josh? Best friends with Paul, Josh was invited to share the relationship with Beth and Paul. Before he could even taste it, Sadie kicked him to the curb with her prude attitude. In this new installment of the Long Shot series, Josh is still friends with Sadie and Paul. His focus is on Oliver and Beth. Remember Beth? She used to work for Sadie but was fired for having sex at work. A bit hypocritical of Sadie. In the past two years, she's been the manager for Josh's sex club, Mavericks. Oliver is a tasty new bartender at Mavericks.

This is a love triangle from their perspective. Beth wants Josh. Josh wants Oliver. And Oliver wants Beth. Josh wants to help Beth and Oliver come together. What really happens is a hot smexy true triad. The strongest structure is a perfect triangle and these three together are perfect. There are struggles for them to accept this new rela…

Review: Reluctant Surrender

Reluctant Surrender by Riley Murphy

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Is it possible to convert a vanilla woman into a willing submissive? This is a question many debate. In RELUCTANT SURRENDER, this question is put to the test. Will Colin Reneaux take a walk on the dark side with Dom Ethan White and want to stay with him?

Colin is a highly sought after photographer who blogs under the name of Riling Rita. Prim and proper Colin comes across as a boring wallflower whose only kink would be if she slept wrong and woke up with a sore neck. Dom Ethan is determined to show her how the other side lives not only because his business needs a good review from Riling Rita, but because there is something about Colin that pulls him.

Ethan suffers from Dom ennui. His last submissive, Jade, was a mentally unstable woman who drained him to the point he no longer enjoys dominating. Colin is the first person in a long time to wake him out of his zombie-like state. Ethan knows something that Colin does not know. …

Review: Time Out: The Game Plan, Book Two

Time Out: The Game Plan, Book Two by Breanna Hayse

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Diapers, baby bottles, enemas - OH MY! Ageplay fantasy scenery overload! Be still my beating heart. (Or actually, be still my vibrating dildo.) Good Lord this one nailed every one of my dearest ageplay fantasies. Cassie returns in this story as a bratty little girl. Cassie turns into a jealous freaked out little girl when she learns of a possible new sister. Isn't this how many only children become when a new sibling enters the equation? Cassie behaves no different as her Daddy Bryon finds a little girl for himself.

Krissy is a cute cubby red head who Aunt Suzanne finds for Bryon. Krissy is quickly initiated into the world of ageplay. It's interesting watching her explore it from an intellectual and personal level. Ms. Hayse shows the plausible responses when introducing a new member into a poly type of family. Even though each couple is monogamous, they still are a poly family. The ageplay…

Review: Gordburg

Gordburg by S.J. Lewis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The infamous Ron Smith is BACK. Now he's with the lovely Elizabeth who captured he his heart and gave him that extra nudge to quit the "organization". Ron and Elizabeth visit Gordburg and it's a fun vacation. They are treated like royalty and get to try out all sorts of the amenities... including a proctor.

In this book, we learn a bit more about Gordburg and how it's run. I have to say, I'd really like to work at this place. It seems amazing. I like the old western town yet inside the buildings, it's modern. This really appeals to me. The slave auction is pretty awesome as well as the training room. This definitely a good place for a kinky hot vacation.

The BDSM in here is a mix of possible and not for real life play. Still, it's hot with cages, f/f, M/F/f and some smoking exhibition. This is probably the sweetest romantic one of all the Prey books. The exploration of a woman and her sexual…

Bedtime Stories!

We released three more!  I've been on vacation so it's been a bit delayed.

Last Saturday on the 29th, we released Make Mine to Go by Dilo Keith.  This is just a little excerpt of some hot M/m/m.  Check her out on her website.

The excerpt of Make Mine to Go is below.

On Wednesday the 3rd, we released The Painter by Michael Alexander.  This is a free story on his website too.  Michael went all out with lovely pictures and awesome music.  Check out his website. He can also be found on his blog.

The excerpt is of The Painter is below.

On Saturday the 6th, we released 10 Nights by Michelle Hughes and Karl Jones.

The excerpt of 10 Nights is below.

Review: His Little Tart

His Little Tart by Sindra van Yssel

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet…this is how the little nursery rhyme starts. In HIS LITTLE TART, Constance is a shy pastry chef willing to cater any party to make ends meet. She's sitting quietly in a room filled with BDSM people getting their kink on. She's trying hard not to stare as she decorates cupcakes and other sweet treats to order. Honestly, if a man was seated majestically with a woman and another man kneeling in front, sucking his dick and balls, whose eyes wouldn't stray?

Constance didn't think she was that inexperienced or na├»ve, but it's what every vanilla person declares before they are faced with this alternative lifestyle. Constance is no different, except she is less horrified and more tempted. This is because our little miss pastry chef wants a little excitement in her dull and boring life. Aidan, one of the members at Bondage Ranch picks up on Constance's desire for a bit more th…

First Saturday of the Month Sex Toy Review: Vibrating Egg

This Month, I will review the remote controlled Vibrating Egg.  I've always found this to be an interesting concept when I read about it in a book.  One person slips the egg in and the other person controls the remote.  Kinky!  Whilst shopping, running errands, in meetings or dining, this little gadget could increase the fun.

Here are my reviewing categories

1. Not Worthy - not worth purchasing or even testing.
2. Spark - it sparked my interest but never kept it.  Can't remember the last time I played with it.
3. Flame - this one will generate orgasms and it's a good toy to keep in your toy chest.
4. Blaze - this is a favourite and guaranteed to cause me orgasms.  In addition, it's one I always want on hand.

My rating - Spark

Below is the one I have.  I purchased it at a Hustler shop near a hotel I was staying at on a business trip.  I was pretty excited to see this sold in a store so I had to buy it.  How great is the range?  Was it a strong vibration?  I was told …