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Review: Second Time Lucky

Second Time Lucky by Ethan Day

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Third time's the charm. Fortunately for Luke Landon, he doesn't need a third time. Instead, he gets lucky the second time around with his former college lover, Owen West. A chance meeting with Owen when Luke is at his emotional lowest point is just what Luke needs.

This is a classic Mr. Day story filled with snark, wit, drama and romance. Every book I've read of Mr. Day shows he is a romantic. This story is another testament to his dream for two lovers finding their happily ever after. And true to Mr. Day's writing style, he doesn't make it easy for them.

While the characters are different than his Sno Ho series, the formula is a bit similar and it works so well. Luke and Owen live in different states and there are complications. Owen still lives with his cheating ex-lover. Luke, who seems all together, actually harbors a deep Daddy abandonment issue which affects his life without him acknowledging it.

While th…

Review: Hungry

Hungry by Logan Belle

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The story of Facebook meets erotica. Miss Chatterley is a serial about Connie the girlfriend of wunderkind Cliff. Connie is slowly being pushed out of Cliff's life by his right hand person, Ivy. Ivy is a convincing bitch. She knows she is worthless unless she can ride Cliff's coat tails. It's despicable.

Ms. Belle is spends this first section setting up her characters. Each character knows it part quite well and is integral to the story. It is unfortunate the characters are so underwhelming. The only character who is engaging is the personal trainer, Mellors. He's the enigmatic hardass crossfit coach kicking Connie's recently rapidly increasing bottom.

This plot of this story just starts to take off and the tale ends. The book summary entices, but the initial set up and introduction of characters is bland and frustratingly annoying. The pettiness from Ivy and the neglect from Cliff overshadow Connie. Conn…

Review: The Devil of Whiskey Row

The Devil of Whiskey Row by Renee Rose

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Mine is the second review

Prostitutes, gold miners and spanking combine into a jolly good time. In THE DEVIL OF WHISKEY ROW, spanking is an equal opportunity event for both sexes. For some, it elicits erotic arousal. For some, it is pure punishment. For Cora, could it be both?

Cora Underhill went from pampered princess to abused whore when her parents were murdered. The past five years working as a two-bit filthy harlot in a sleazy whorehouse nearly broke her. When a mysterious fire changes her circumstances, is it for the better or worse?

Jake Diggory is the heavy handed brute with the soul of a musician. He's also the owner of the high class brothel, Daddy Diggs'. His treatment of Cora is confusing. Instead of irrational abuse and indentured servitude, she's given a choice to behave according to his rules and earn a wage.

This is where Ms. Rose makes it interesting. Jake is a spankophile. He is also a gentlem…

Review: Dark Space

Dark Space by Lisa Henry

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Predator-like aliens destroying and possibly enslaving humans with a subtle undertone of D/s and pet play equals nirvana for me! Ms. Henry woos me again with her delightful worlds and awesome characters.

Cameron Rushton is the war hero captured and probably tortured by the Faceless. These aliens in freaky armor decimates Earth and leaves behind a shattered mankind. Now, the young sixteen year old boys are drafted into space to help defend against an enemy who outguns and outthinks them. Talk about a set up for failure.

Garrett is three years into his ten year stint in a space station filled with aggressive and horny males. Women are considered a commodity too precious to allow into combat zone. Garrett is struggling with his own personal demons when Cameron Rushton is returned. This is when the book becomes very interesting.

The world building in here is dangerously erotic. It's just enough to provide a good framework of this altern…

Review: Make Me Behave

Make Me Behave by Nancy Pirri

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Like the bratty type getting their just rewards? MAKE ME BEHAVE is brimming with brats. In the five stories, some of the women are smart ass brats while others are merely mischievous minxes. I'm not a fan of the bratty type, but several of these are actually more naughty than spoiled. The sauciness made this a smooth sexy read. Plus the real spoiled bratty ones received a punishment which pleased me greatly.

There are three stories in here tied together. First Time, Second Session and Three Strikes. This trio is very good. In First Time, an adventurous female is enticed by a riding crop. The stranger who picks Vicky up is a hot Dom. Cain lures Vicky into his den of iniquity. The story is well written and with just the right sexy impact play.

Second Session continues with a switch theme. Switches are greedy play sluts. I know this because I'm a switch. Vicky explores her Domme side with Cain's friend, Devlin. This is my …

Caning Part II

Why would a person want to cane someone?What does a Top get out of it?
Rapture explained what he gets out of caning.
Enjoyment in the sensation of being together and getting "lost" with each other.Listening to the bottom moaning, squealing and whimpering.(Sometimes there is a yelp.)Enjoying the wiggling and squirming of the bottom.Enjoying the instant gratification from an action he controls to see how a bottom responses.Powerful feeling as well as control.
For Rapture, he doesn't use caning for punishment.Because he enjoys it, it is a sensual impact play for him.
Now, I was privileged to watch Rapture demo about a 10 minute session on his bottom.She was on a massage table, on her belly and naked except for her thong.Even though Rapture indicates he doesn't use caning for punishment, it does not mean he didn't strike her hard.There were several times when he hit her, she lurched up.
I sat in the front row and I squealed.I know my butt chee…

Caning Part I

Thank you to Rapture who presented caning.His fet id is _Rapture_.His website is
As usual,I'm going to stick to using Top and bottom.I'm also going to use he for Top and she for bottom.
What is a cane?
A cane is any stick.It could be made of hard wood such as cherry wood.Other common material are:
Take by Neville Elder
There are also bundle canes which are made of the same materials listed above.
From Adam and Gillian's Sensual Whips & Toys
As we all know, safety is key for me to pass on to all of you.It is important to keep your canes well maintained and clean.
For most wooden canes, they need to remain moist.Not dripping wet or damp, but moist so they do not crack or splinter.Rapture indicated he used a warm wet towel to run up and down the stick once every three months.Some recommended taking the sticks and leaving it in the bathroom while taking a long hot steamy shower.
Because canes can break skin, it is …

May 2013 Recommendations

This last month, I have read only three books I would recommend. I guess either I'm not reading enough BDSM or I'm just not impressed.


Fettered by Lyn Gala is much touted by many readers. For me it was very good. I loved it. My Review


Best Women's Erotica 2013 by Violet Blue is a great selection of many different authors. There were many authors I enjoyed reading in this one. My Review


Willing Sacrifice by Joey W. Hill was a hard one. There were some parts I really enjoyed about it. The writing is smooth and good. I guess what I didn't enjoy was the way the female lead behaved. This situation is realistic as far as relationship dynamics. My Review

Review: Silver/Steel

Silver/Steel by Belinda McBride

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ms. McBride returns to the Arcada world with another stunningly tortured tale.

Forced to become a bogeyman to all Fae, Dylan Ryve suffers through the centuries. He is close to freedom, only one more soul to collect for his master. The complication he encounters is something he never dreamed to have again – emotions.

Travis is one of the wolves from the Arcada pack. He is one of the sons of the Alpha yet he's treated as one of the lowest in the pack. He's the type of bad boy who cuts off his nose to spite his face. He crosses path with Dylan by wiggling his delicious ass and cock teasing an entire bar. Dylan is the steadying hand to help Travis with his impulse control.

It doesn't appear as though any of Ms McBride's characters enjoy an easy life. Nor is it easy for them to find their true mate and keep them. The conflicts Ms. McBride creates in her story are gut clenching. The foreboding keeps the reader's anx…

Review: The Queen's Consorts

The Queen's Consorts by Kele Moon

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Two men and one woman is the standard relationship in this world. Menage as a v triad or a complete triangle is what everyone one hopes to achieve. Sari is all alone with no hope of finding two male mates to complete her. Through a series of events, she's led to the Sacred City where the Rayians rule.

Ms. Moon breaks out another delightful tale with steamy erotic scenes and conflict. The world building in this is fabulous. The mix of elemental powers with soulmates and an elite race is fascinating. This is a world turned upside down with a missing Queen. This queen is why the world is under rainy and fog for over thirty years. How does one survive without sunlight? It's unbearable and I'm surprised there aren't more suicides.

The characters in this story are endearing. Sari is a woman who's lived a hard life. She's orphaned and then sold to sexual slavery. Doing the best she can, she surv…

Review: Once a Brat

Once a Brat by Kim Dare

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Bratty submissives are not my favourite characters. Nor are they people I enjoy being around in real life. It is more the fact that I can't stand bratty people. There is a sudden increase in stories with bratty subs. Some of the authors push it because they claim those in the lifestyle are too uppity with their "one true way" of how a submissive should behave. Not sure what to expect and yet a fan of Ms. Dare, this story is not as I anticipated.

To be clear, Ms. Dare is not one of those authors being pushy about bratty subs and claiming they are more interesting and true to life than those "doormat" subs. Since I don't believe people are one or the other, it's refreshing to see Ms. Dare avoiding these kinds of boring stereotypes. She creates a fresh look at an atypical relationship just budding.

Bret Daniels is a boy who knows next to nothing about BDSM. What he does know is he likes men and he'…

Review: Fettered

Fettered by Lyn Gala

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First impressions are important, especially in a BDSM scenario. Dylan, aka Dilly, first learned of BDSM by seeing his sadistic brother's tools on a news broadcast. His brother is being tried for raping and torturing women. Dilly isn't looking to torture women or wield the whip. Instead, he lusts after men flogging and spanking his ass until he squirts. A young eighteen year old, he's both innocent and completely naïve.

This book is much lauded among many BDSM m/m readers. In the BDSM book club in Goodreads, members are fawning over this book. They wax about hawt BDSM scenes and engaging characters. Can this book live up to the hype? Why yes it can.

Ms. Gala writes moving characters. Dilly may at first come across as a too stupid to live character. Dilly is bumbling boy and an all-around pussy who can't stand up for himself. This perception of Dilly is not that far off. Initially he is very frustrating and makes…

Review: Something New Under the Sun

Something New Under the Sun by L.A. Witt

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rebel forces in a cyberpunk world fighting the good fight is a trope I adore. Ms. Witt's conclusion to her debut "A Chip in His Shoulder" with edgy publishing company Riptide is HAWT. Liam and Daniel return in this fast paced tale of betrayal, redemption and love lost.

Something New under the Sun breaks open the conspiracy against vampires. Daniel's father is a psychopath. Any person who uses children as collateral against their parents is an evil person in my book. Ms. Witt can create some chillingly evil characters. It's interesting since her lead characters are flawed and sometimes comes across as the villain. Yet once their motives are revealed, a reader can't help but fall in love with the anti-hero. Still, Ms. Witt ruthlessly creates the antagonist with despicable personalities. This seems to be a trademark in the books I've read of hers.

This plot is thrilling as well as madd…

Venik Massage or BDSM session?

Recently, I learned of a Russian massage which includes wet birch branches used to beat a body.  Yes, you read this correctly.  Birch branches used to beat a person for massage.

I looked it up and found this website which gives a pretty good description.  Venik - Russian treatment.  I find it interesting they use the word "twigs" rather than "branches".  Still, I looked around where I live to see if any massage place gives this type of massage.  The answer would be NO.

Still fascinated with this massage, I kept my eye out for it.  Luckily, I vacationed in London UK where there a spa provided this service.  Excited, I made an appointment to experience it.  I think my experience was rather disappointing.

When I arrived, it was required that I shower completely as well as wash my hair.  The shampoo, conditioner and soap were all high end and lovely.  Wrapped in a robe and wearing disposable flip flops, I followed the masseuse into one of the therapy rooms.  There was…

Review: My Wicked Devil

My Wicked Devil by Ann Mayburn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Get a towel for clean up in aisle four! Good lord almighty. I leaked all over my chair when reading the hot scenes from the middle to last half of this book. Ms. Mayburn is turning up the BDSM heat and playing to all my favourite kinks. For this, I rating it a four star.

In the third of this series, the BDSM is focused on a sadist and a SAM (smart ass masochist). Kira Harmony is a daredevil who dared one too many times. Recovering from a horrific motorcycle accident, she's looking to take back her sexuality. Not sure if it is purely a physical or mental hurdle for sexual intercourse, she turns to a friend who introduces her to BDSM. Kira is searching for a sadist to turn her pain to pleasure.

Lord Bryan Sutherland is one of the more sadistic Doms at Wicked. He's actually an English Lord too! In the previous book, he came across as a complete jerk. Not sure how my view of him could change. With him as a lead …

Review: Corporal Punishment : A Study in Caning

Corporal Punishment : A Study in Caning by Sabrina Jen Mountford

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The title says it all. It's amazing what can be researched and written about for a paper in academia. While this one may be a bit of stretch, I wouldn't be shocked if someone has proposed this as a study.

Ms. Mountford does it again with another erotic dub-con story. Professor Jacqueline Reed works on a controversial research study. She believes corporal punishment will help a person do better. I would say this is true. Her findings however, startle her because they are contrary to her hypothesis.

The caning in this story is arousing. Ms. Mountford delights in eroticizing dubious consensual and she does it so well. In this one, readers are treated with delicious femdom exerting authority over young males and females. The forced orgasm after a punishment is especially tasty. The method to measure a male or female's exciting is particularly humiliating and depraved. It was a…

Review: Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis by Grace Marshall

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Secret identities, enemies turned to lovers and an obsessed stalker - a must read. Ms. Marshall is a new to me author. The blurb of this book immediately caught my attention. This trope while rare, is one I've come across before. This one is by far the best one I've read. A man writing romance under a female's pen name is delightful. Garrett Thorne easily keeps up the facade of a wastrel riding his successful brother's coat tails. It keeps him hidden, gives him space to observer others and writing hot desirable romance stories. Surprisingly, Garrett is a romantic looking for his own happily ever after.

Kendra Davies is Garrett's sister-in-law's best friend, Dee. Kendra is the opposite of Garrett. She thrives on lust and one night stands. She doesn't believe in the happily ever after and romance is for smucks. Still, she is enamoured with romance stories written by the talented Tess Delaney…

Review: The Flesh Cartel #5: Wins and Losses

The Flesh Cartel #5: Wins and Losses by Rachel Haimowitz

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Another winner! This is a 3.5 star book. The mind-fucking is heating up as sadistic Nikolai tortures both Dougie and Mat mentally. Nikolai is quite gentle in this installment. He doesn't beat either one of them, but he does force them to unwillingly submit to his conditioning. I love how Nikolai messes with the two brothers.

Mat is learning how to keep fighting even though he needs to be broken. The way Nikolai forces them is pretty hawt. His lessons are interesting because if Mat was just a little bit brighter, he'd realize Nikolai gave him the key to beat Nikolai.

There was one part of this story which caught my attention. I'm surprised Dougie didn't. Then again, Dougie is being edged for days so his mind isn't fully functioning. There is a fable where the old woman saves a deadly snake only to have the snake behave as expected in the end. Dougie's take is Nikolai …

Swinging Sexy Interview

Today I'd like to welcome my two guests, I'm a Voracious Reader (IaVR) and Chowhound88.I invited this husband and wife duo to share some of their swinging experiences.Many people believe swinging and BDSM are synonymous.This is not the case.There are some overlaps.The overlaps are when a BDSM couple are also polyamorous.For the purpose of this interview, we are sticking to the term swinging without BDSM.
BookAddict: Let's start off with how the two of you define Swinging.
Chowhound88: Swinging is sex outside of marriage, whatever form the sex entails, and the spouse knows about it.
I’m a Voracious Reader: I say swinging is having sex with someone other than your significant other (SO) and your SO has full knowledge and approval of it otherwise it's cheating.
BookAddict: When you swing, do you do it together?  Or do you go off and do your own thing with the person who want to swing with?
Chowhound88: We've never done anything without the other's knowledge or permissi…