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Cloud Watcher
Cloud Watcher by Lilith Saintcrow

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The four book in this series is turbulent as the witch is surrounded by nasty forces wanting a piece of her, even someone who is always by their side as a friend. Anya Harris is amazingly resilient as she flees one step ahead of the evil snapping teeth at her heels. This last time is so close as she nearly burns to death. With no reserve money left and absolute no hope remaining, she heads to Santiago City.

This story is another one filled with angst and persecution. Being gifted is not a great thing when all it brings about in life is fear, flight and hunger. Anya's situation is much more dire than any of the previous books. Her ability is not as physically damaging as a fire witch, but it is just as deadly if not more so. Anya is completely clueless about witches and what this supernatural entails. All she knows is evil things hunt her which no one else can see. Lucky for her she meets up with three witches who have been waiting for an air element to complete their set. Depending on how a witch feels, she also lucks out in her own personal Watcher.

The romance part is a bit frustrating as Anya is pulled in two directions. She wants to trust Jack but her sisterly almost motherly love for Shell, the one person who has been with her through all the horrendous times. The rivalry between Shell and all the Watchers is disturbing and never feels resolved. There are times to this story where Anya does come across as an airhead, no pun intended. She makes several bad choices which categorizes her as too stupid to live. Although to be fair, a person who is constantly running in flight mode, her brain is probably broken and logic is impossible for her. Still, she needs a few good whacks upside the head to get the brain rebooted and working again.

This book reveals a disturbing Machiavellian aspect to the dark sides. The organized one is too good to be true. An offer of a high paying job and a luxurious corporate lifestyle could tempt anyone who is in a desperate situation where they cannot even meet two of their most basic needs - food and shelter. Ms. Saintcrow does a great job of creating a dilemma for a worn down woman being pulled in multiple directions. Who should she trust? And what happens when the one she trust is no good for her? This story moved along in a hypnotic undulating pattern with peaks and valleys in just the right places. Overall, this is a quick read and recommended to those who like themes about witches being persecuted.

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