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We kick off Sherri Haye's Blog Tour of her highly anticipated third book, Truth.  Today, we have a treat for you!  We have an audio excerpt as well as a YouTube Trailer.  You can listen to this steamy excerpt either way.  Wait, there's more!  Stephan was kind enough to sit for a little interview.  Comment for a chance to win a hard copy of Truth.  (Only available to USA and Canada residents) A winner will be picked on July 27th.

Summary of Truth, Finding Anna 3

For the last two months, Brianna has discovered something she never thought she would again. Hope. After the horror of being Ian’s slave for ten months, a fate she never imagined she’d escape, it feels as if she is living a dream. She has freedom she hadn’t expected to have again, and she wakes up every morning not fearing what the day will bring.

There is also Stephan. The man who saved her from the daily torture she had to endure at the hands of Ian and his friends. The same man who makes her heart race with just the thought of him. Life is good.

Outside forces are determined to conspire against them, however. When Brianna’s father shows up on her doorstep, it sends her world spiraling out of control. He brings with him new information about how Brianna ended up in Ian’s clutches, but will it make a difference? Will Stephan be able to find a way to make Ian pay for all he made Brianna suffer?

As Brianna and Stephan try to find out the truth, their relationship is tested. She is forced to face her past head on and deal with the ugly reality of what happened to her. Will Stephan’s love be enough to see her through her newest challenge, or will the fragile trust they’ve built come crumbling down around them as the truth makes itself known.

Author Bio

Sherri is the author of five novels: Hidden Threat, Slave (Finding Anna, Book 1), Need (Finding Anna, Book 2), Behind Closed Doors (A Daniels Brothers Novel), Red Zone (A Daniels Brothers Novel), and a short story, “A Christmas Proposal.” She lives in central Ohio with her husband and three cats. Her mother fostered her love for books at a young age by reading to her as a child. Stories have been floating around in her head for as long as she can remember; however, she didn’t start writing them down until she turned thirty. It has become a creative outlet that allows her to explore a wide range of emotions, while having fun taking her characters through all the twists and turns she can create. When she’s not writing, she can usually be found helping her husband in his woodworking shop. 
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Interview with the Dom

La Crimson Femme: Welcome Stephan.  It is a pleasure to finally meet you.  Thank you for joining us  today. 
Stephan: Thank you for having me, La Crimson Femme. When Sherri mentioned the interview to me, I took a look at your blog, and some of your previous interviews. *crosses arms, and leans back in his chair* To be clear, we won’t be playing together today. As I’m sure you’re already aware, Brianna and I have a monogamous relationship.
La Crimson Femme: It's all good.  I'm interviewing today instead of BookAddict.  There will be no shameless sexual shenanigans.  Let's start off with a question which comes up quite often in book club discussions. Many readers comment how you are accomplished you are for your young age of twenty-four.  They say, it’s impossible how mature you come across.  What do you think it was that helped you be “wiser” than your peers?
Stephan: When my parents died, I didn’t react well. I think major life events such as losing both your parents can have a profound effect on a person. It certainly did for me. Add to that the additional responsibility of taking over the foundation at twenty-one, and I was forced to grow up quickly. I didn’t want to shame my parents or the reputation they built by being anything less than the man they would want me to be.
La Crimson Femme: Wow, taking over the foundation at twenty-one when most people are still partying in college.  The past three years must have been a lot of hard work and long hours.  You probably didn't have much time to entertain or attend many social functions.  Now with Anna in your life, it's another responsibility which takes away from going out.  While helping Anna adjust back into society, what is do you miss most about BDSM?
Stephan: Most of my social functions before Brianna were related to the foundation in one way or another. While I miss it to some extent, I’m enjoying the time away from the social politics. To answer the second half of your question---most of what I get out of BDSM, the control aspect of the dynamic, I’m still able to experience with Brianna. What I miss most, though, would be my toys. Brianna fears even the most basic of toys because of how they were used on her in the past. I’m hoping one day we can work through that.
La Crimson Femme: Hmmm, toys.  Yes, I do recall you are quite fond of ropes.  Perhaps a demonstration?
Stephan: *raises eyebrows, and gives a disapproving look*  I do believe we already discussed that. Next question.
La Crimson Femme: *grumbles* Back to the questions.  What is about Anna which attracts you?
Stephan: That’s easy. Her strength. She is by far the strongest woman I’ve ever known. Given what she’s been through, she could justifiably curl up into a ball and stay there. Instead, she fights. Even when things terrify her, she fights because she hates being scared. I admire that greatly about her. She is also beautiful, loving, and completely selfless.
La Crimson Femme: She does have to have strength against the disapproval in this lifestyle which seems to be prevalent.  Both Anna's childhood friend and your uncle come to mind.  Your Uncle is dead set against the BDSM lifestyle.  If he would give you the chance to explain without judgment, what would you say?
Stephan: Hmm. That’s a good question. I think it would depend a lot on what the situation surrounding the conversation was, although I would try to explain to him that for me, it’s about control and trust. I would attempt to explain that everything is done with full consent of both parties, explaining the importance of communication. Most people don’t blink an eye at alpha males who like to take control in the bedroom. BDSM just takes it a step further.
La Crimson Femme: For a new to BDSM Dom/me, how would you advise them?
Stephan: Do your research, and find a mentor. Having Daren there to answer my questions was invaluable. Although he’d not been in the lifestyle for decades like some, he knew the basics, and that’s what I needed at the time to get started. Sarah, my first submissive, helped me greatly as well. It would have taken me a lot longer to learn had both my sub and myself been new to the lifestyle. I am still friends with, Daren and Sarah, as well as Logan and a few others I’ve met over the years. Establishing long-term friendships with others in the lifestyle is important. There are times when even the most experienced Dom/mes don’t have all the answers.
La Crimson Femme: Thank you for again for your time today.  I'll end with an easy question.  Describe your perfect lazy afternoon.
Stephan: My perfect lazy afternoon would be spent curled up on the couch with Brianna reading or watching a movie.


Karen said…
Great Interview! Thanks for the giveaway.
Sarah Kat said…
Sweet bedtime story! I only got to hear a little bit.. I will be back when my brother leaves, lol.
Jennifer Elliott said…
I soo can't wait for is such a wonderful story. Thanks for the interview ;)
theladykt said…
Can't wait for this one to come out.
@ Karen, Sarah, The Ladykt, and Jennifer Elliott - thanks for stopping by!
Lona said…
I love this series, and was pretty sure I was going to die of wanting before truth came out. I made it (it was close). Great interview.

@ Lona - your wait is ALMOST done. :)
TinkNCognito said…
What a fun and great interview. Stephan has a sense of humor, who would have thought.
Briana said…
Fantastic interview
Shanean Reed said…
TRUTH is almost here!!! I feel like I have been waiting forever. :) I have to have the ebook, paperback and the audio book. Oh the guy who does Stephan's voice (heavenly)
@ TinkNCognito - It was fun to interview Stephan. He wasn't into a bit of play though. *scowl*

@ Briana - glad you enjoyed the interview

I have both of you added to the contest list.

@ Shanean Reed - wow! You are all over it. Did you still want to join in the contest to win another copy? I wasn't sure.
J Molly said…
I enjoyed this ARC very much and can't wait for more of this series. Fun interview and great reading. Thanks! :)
@ J Molly - thanks for stopping by!
Anonymous said…
Great interview, you should do this again.Alicia Fortuin
@Alicia - glad you liked it! Then you are in for a treat.

In October, the group I moderate on Goodreads will start the Season Two of BDSM Bedtime Stories. Several of the authors selected a character interview as well. For three months, Oct - December, I'll have roughly 3 character interviews a month!
Inspire Rae said…
Thank you for doing a wonderful interview with Stephan.

Don't forget that Truth is not the end of this series. There will be one more book!
Inspire Rae said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Inspire Rae said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
@ Inspire Rae - I can't wait to find out what happens in the next book!
Inspire Rae said…
@ La Crimson Femme

I wished I did too. Wonder if Master would tell me since he and Sherri have worked on these last two books together. Yep, he is her consulting Dominant. Now if I could just see all those emails. I do know that book 4 is done and she is waiting on the edits to come through. So we should not have to wait to longer.
@ Inspire Rae - That is awesome! I had no idea. That gives me more questions to ask Sherri next time. :D

You are still participating in the contest, right? To win a copy of the book? I just wanted to verify.
Inspire Rae said…
@ La Crimson Femme

Yes, please.
@ Inspire Rae - Great! I have you marked down as well.
lagina reese said…
Cant wait to read this series!!
@ lagina reese - I hope you enjoy it as much I as did.
I some Stefan
@ Mariana - Thanks for dropping by!
Penumbra said…
Looks like BA did try to slip in there for a split second, lol.

Count me in please :)

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