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a lovely pony tale with her words which is an epicurean feast for logophiles @The StablegirlKA_Merikan #bookreview 
The Stablegirl by Miss Merikan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Steampunk, pony play and betrayal - The Stablegirl contains elements I love.  Little Orphan Annie with her lovely blond locks is sold into slavery by someone she thought she loved.  Working in London for an Aristocrat as a scullery maid is a boring and tedious job.  What is worse, is the horrible bullying she experiences from the other servants.  One day this all changes when she's upgraded from scullery maid to stablegirl.  Except she isn't taking care of a horse, she's responsible for the human stallion, Coal.

The characters are wonderful.  Annie is a naïve girl who makes wishes she doesn't believe will ever come true.  She is gentle, too trusting and completely inadequate to navigate this hostile world as a human.  This one theme seems to be central to Miss Merikan's Bylondon Copper Horse world.  Humans who fail miserably in life are redeemed and better off as ponies. 

Coal is an interesting character.  He is a pony for only a year.  When he returns to his human self, Dante, it seems his fortune is of a wealthy gentleman ready to make Annie's dream come true.  He'll whisk her away from all the drudgery and into a spoiled life of a breeding mare.  The story behind Dante's life once revealed is heartbreaking. It's these little twists and turns which pulls me into story and love it.  I love both Dante and Coal's story and what he tries to do to make it better for everyone.  His heart is golden and his intent is pure.  Unfortunately, he's been dealt a raw hand and befriended despicable snakes.  It is sad to see how hard he tries only to make grievous mistakes.  When Annie is in the mix, the world seems to spin a bit more out of control and in the end together, they are able to find their happily ever after.  They really survive because they are two parts to a whole.

This is a sweet romance which is unexpected.  There is less darkness in this m/f story compared to a couple of m/m stories written by the same authors.  The graphic telling of sexual violations is missing in this book.  This is a gentler pony fetish story.  The pony play in here is quite fabulous.  It's well done with exquisite detail of play mixed in with heartwarming emotion.  I love when Coal comes to play with Annie's alter ego - Creme.  The way the authors capture two humans becoming both vulnerable yet more powerful in their pony persona is entrancing. 

The descriptions in this story are fabulous.  It is easy to see every smog filled sky and steampunk dressed person.  This dystopian Victorian world Miss Merikan creates is gritty with pollution and zombies.  The climate is filled with blatant backstabbing.  Miss Merikan has a way with words and this book from start to finish is silky smooth with nary a word misplace.  Each sentence is thoughtfully created and edited for both elegance and efficiency.  Miss Merikan weaves a lovely tale with her words which is an epicurean feast for logophiles.  Highly recommended for kinky readers who enjoy steampunk, lovers united and love conquers all theme.

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review

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