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Chemical Play

     What is chemical play? Is it acids that are used to burn body parts? No. It's using different types of substances to illicit sensation on the skin and perhaps in the body. Generally the substances are in liquid form for easy application. I'm going to go through only the ones I've used. I am sure there are more. Hopefully others will be happy to share their experiences. As usual, I'm going to use the terms Top and bottom for the person applying the person receiving, respectively.

Safety first

     With chemical play, while there is a lessor possibility of harm, it still exists. There can be adverse reactions. It could be a person is allergic to the chemical. It is important to ask about any allergies the bottom may have.

     Another thing to be concerned with chemical play is where it contacts. There are some things which can burn and temporarily damage delicate mucus membranes. Not everyone's body reacts the same to chemicals so it is best to test and go slow with a new play partner.

Things to have on hand.

1. Milk
2. Bread
3. Water
4. Anti-inflammatory drugs
5. Latex/non-latex gloves
6. Cotton balls or cotton swabs
7. Sharp well maintained knife or razor blade
8. String used for cooking

Lists of known ingredients in random order

1. Chili - hot peppers such as jalapeƱo and habanero
2. Ginger root
3. Tabasco
4. Lemons/Limes
5. Cinnamon
6. Mint

1. Mint toothpaste
2. Tiger Balm
3. Icy Hot/ Bengay
4. Vicks Vapor Rub

Where to put it

     This is where the fun can begin. The point of chemical play is to illicit sensations. Depending on the person, it can be either arousing fun or punishment.

1. Male/female genitalia
2. Asshole
3. Lips
4. Tongue
5. Nipples
6. Inner thigh
7. Cuts - this will be explained later

Fun times with Food!

     Let's start with the fun first. The food items, what we are looking for is the oil or juice of it. The oils from hot peppers will generate quite the heat on pussy lips, nipples and cock. Getting it around the asshole is also intense. The Top who is applying the any of these food items should wear gloves to prevent the oils from breaching their skin. They can also go one step further with using cotton balls or cotton swabs to apply the oils.

     These food items can last from twenty minutes to a couple hours depending on where it is applied. It depends on the concentration as well as where the oil is applied. Personally, I made the mistake of touching my eyes after I used habanero oil. This was definitely a mistake I regretted. My hands were well protected with the latex gloves. This did burn my eyes for about thirty minutes before I was able to blink without tearing up.

     Experiment with the bottom to see what they can handle. Sometimes the more fresh the food, the more intense the heat. For example, ginger which is fresh tends to have a hotter sensation then one which has been sitting out for a long time.

     The lemon or lime juice can be mixed in with knifeplay. Once there are open slices from the knife or razor blade, lemon or lime juice dripped, rubbed or poured on it will cause a stinging sensation. Adding salt to it will increase the sting.

     Ginger or ginger root is popular for figging. What many may not realize is that it can be inserted in more than just the ass. It can be placed in the mouth for sucking, in the pussy, in the penis or on the clitoris. For the penis, I haven't personally tested this out because my DH refuses. It is possible to take a sliver and make sure there are no rough edges or woodlike splinter sticking out. It can be gently inserted into the tip of the peehole of a penis. Let the juices of the ginger root drip into the urethra. This may be a good time to remind the Top to have the bottom tightly restrained.

     For the clitoris, if it is possible to coax the clitoris out of from under the hood, this works better. Take a slice of the peeled ginger root and cut a hole so that the slice can fit around the clitoris. Make sure the female bottom is also tightly restrained to prevent dislodging the ginger slice. If the female bottom is prone to urinary tract infections (UTI), this is not a recommended usage. If it is still desired for those prone to UTI, make sure the bottom drinks plenty of water before the scene. Have them pee before and after the ginger application.

     For more on ginger roots, check out the Figging educational post. As a reminder, if any ginger root is to be inserted into a cavity, make sure to have a string attached to one end, generally through the bottom part of the ginger to ensure it can be pulled out. Sometimes, the sensations will cause an involuntary muscle response which will suck the ginger deeper into the anal cavity or the pussy. This could mean a trip to the emergency room. If this does happen, keep the bottom calm. Panicking will only cause the muscles to tighten more and perhaps pull the ginger root deeper into the body.

     In the event any of the food items have been swallowed or left in the mouth too long and is causing unbearable pain, use milk or bread to counteract the heat. Do NOT use water. If you use water, it will bind the heat to your tongue and cause the sensation to last longer. If you do not have milk or bread, then flush out the mouth continuous for a minimum of fifteen minutes to remove all molecules.

Fun times with ointments!

     We've all watched at one point some guys daring each other to place icy hot on their balls. I wonder if they ever knew how kinky it can be? All the ointments mentioned above can be used on the outside of the body. While people have coated the inside of the asshole or pussy with tiger balm, ice hot, etc, it's not recommended. Stick to the outer skin which is less easy to burn than the delicate mucus membranes of the pussy, anus and mouth. Avoid the nasal passages too.

     When it comes to each of these ointments, there are different intensities to purchase for the desired effect. In addition, it can be applied at frequent intervals for the bottom to continuously squirm.

     If the application is too strong, wipe off as much of the ointment as possible. Using soap to wash and water to wash it off will help a little. However, these ointments are meant to be absorbed through the skin. Once absorbed, there is no going back. The anti-inflammatory pills such as Aleve may help deaden the pain a bit. Mileage may vary due to each person's body chemistry. My recommendation, start out with a very light coat. Slathering it on is just asking for a screaming crying bottom.


     These items can all be used for punishment. A strong or more concentrated dose will up the pain. In addition, frequent applications over a period of time can also be used as a punishment. For the food items, such as peppers, cinnamon or Tabasco sauce, these can be placed in the mouth. Perhaps a particularly mouthy bottom needs to learn how to be more respectful. Make them suck on a hot pepper for a minute or more. Give them a small 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon. Perhaps a bottom needs to learn how to stop swearing. These are a way to discipline the bottom, especially for those who enjoy impact play. Since caning, flogging and spankings are enjoyable, it wouldn't be a punishment, now would it? Burning in the mouth is an alternative.

     Now that I've shared my experiences, tell us about yours! When was the last time you tried chemical play? Do you like it? What is your favourite?


Great post! Not sure I'll ever do Chemical Play, but now I have a reference if I decide to give it a go. Thanks! :)
You could always use it as a threat to Chowhound88! If he misbehaves...
pato53 said…
Thanks - appreciate the info - have only used mint candies in the pussy for pleasure before and knew about ginger and peppers but didn't have enough knowledge to be comfortable using them.

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