Review: RIDIN' DIRTY: An Outlaw Author Anthology

RIDIN' DIRTY: An Outlaw Author Anthology RIDIN' DIRTY: An Outlaw Author Anthology by Blue Remy
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After reading this anthology, it has cemented my suspicion. I do not like motorcycle-club themes. Just like I don't like cowboy ones. I am leaving this book unrated because for the most part, most of the stories, I hated. I have this book specifically for Ms. Blevin's Nix. I should have just waited for the novella to come out as a standalone.

First, I want to make clear, all the writers did a good job of writing. What I mean is, the stories were developed. The characters were fleshed out. The plots were fine - as much as a writer can do when they need to compress into an anthology. From a technical standpoint, the writing of each and every story is great.

Second, I need to preface that this is just not my genre. Just like some people can't abide BDSM, MC just does nothing for me. Turns out, the only MC books I enjoy are because I really like the author - like Ms. Blevins and Ms. Mayburn. Still, I stuck it out and read through this anthology.

Why do I not enjoy this? Because the males in this story are so loathsome to me. I just don't like them. The males are sluts who will fuck any hole. But if their old lady so much as looks at another man, "OMG THE SKY IS FALLING! SHUN THE CHEATING CUNT!"

Yes, this is how it comes across to me. Too many times I just want to double tap a few of these males right between the eyes. And I probably can do it now with my lovely HK VP9. And the women. Oh dear lord, what the ever loving fuck? Have you no respect for yourself? I get wanting to be a bunny. Or whatever the hell they are called. But why do they have to be so catty, petty? Why do the ole ladies have to be so us versus them? This misogynist culture reinforced with females cutting each other down just disgusts me. Yes this is in other books, but not so in your face to this degree. I am appalled. There is only one story in this book that I really remember after a few weeks and I want to look up the author to read more of her books. It is the one with Princess. I kind of want to see what happens. What really pissed me off is how the guy she liked totally treats her poorly because she is in a position which she needed to make a decision on how to move on with her life. This dichotomy of either a worthy or trashy female from these basically asshole criminal males just doesn't work for me.

I get it works for others. I can't get past this part to enjoy the sex because all I have on my mind is murder.

Anyway, this anthology is well written and for those who really enjoy motorcycle clubs.


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