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The Queen's Consorts
The Queen's Consorts by Kele Moon

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Two men and one woman is the standard relationship in this world. Menage as a v triad or a complete triangle is what everyone one hopes to achieve. Sari is all alone with no hope of finding two male mates to complete her. Through a series of events, she's led to the Sacred City where the Rayians rule.

Ms. Moon breaks out another delightful tale with steamy erotic scenes and conflict. The world building in this is fabulous. The mix of elemental powers with soulmates and an elite race is fascinating. This is a world turned upside down with a missing Queen. This queen is why the world is under rainy and fog for over thirty years. How does one survive without sunlight? It's unbearable and I'm surprised there aren't more suicides.

The characters in this story are endearing. Sari is a woman who's lived a hard life. She's orphaned and then sold to sexual slavery. Doing the best she can, she survives and travels all over this world. She could have been designed to be a victim, instead she is a survivor.

The two queen's consorts, Calder and Taryen are held prisoner in the Sacred city. Without a queen, the women of this race are turning into avaricious corrupt forces perverting the way of life. Calder and Taryen are caught in this vicious web. They are forced to endure humiliation and sexual abuse constantly. The way they are treated is horrific.

The conflicts Ms. Moon creates in this is chilling. The amount of collateral damage is a first from Ms. Moon. It's a blood bath and yet it is so necessary. Sometimes the vermin needs to be cleared out.

The sexual tension between Calder, Taryen and Sari is smoking hot. Even before they go all the way, their foreplay is arousing and enough to make a woman's panty wet. As if that is enough, the sexual interlude between the two male consorts is blazing. The carnal pleasures in this tale is so good. There is a bit of torture from a sadistic bitch who is off her rocker. She abuses the flogger and it isn't enticing at all. My thirst for vengeance wishes she would have experienced the business end of many different implements.

It would be interesting to see if Ms. Moon would return to this world. There are so many things needing fixed. What would a mature Sari look like? How will Calder and Taryen grow with her? More importantly, will there be more smexy threesome sex? This fantasy book is recommended for kinky romance lovers who enjoy menages.

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