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Sensual Stapling

Sensual Stapling

        What?  How can stapling be sexy?  Who wants to be stapled?  How on earth did these BDSM deviants pervert a stapler?

        Are these the thoughts running through your head?  They were the thoughts running through my head.  The only time I've seen stapling done on a person is on the Jackass Movie.  There doesn't seem to be a clip of it on Youtube.  However, Steve-O from Jackass did do it again with a regular stapler here.

        The stapler I'm referring to is NOT a regular office stapler or a staple gun found at a hardware store.  Could you use those?  Yes.  Is it advisable?  No.  Instead, we are going to learn about surgical staple guns.  There are a couple of different brands. 

        The focus of this topic is where you can staple and how you can mix it up in your scene.


        Yes, it's safety time again!  It's boring but mandatory.

        First, stapling does cause a break in the skin.  Depending on the person and sometimes even the time of the month, a person may or may not bleed.  If there is ever any bodily fluid involved, it is best to follow the simple rules.

  1. Don't share surgical staple guns
  2. Have alcoholic wipes ready
  3. Have antibacterial ointment
  4. Have band aids 
  5. Latex Gloves

        Second, go over the medical questions.  A potentially fun scene can be cut short if one of the play partner faints or won't stop bleeding.

  1. Does the person receiving the staples have an issue with seeing blood?
  2. Does the person receiving staples have a blood issue where they don't clot easily if a cut is made?
  3. Does the person applying the staples faint at the sight of blood?

Wait, there is blood?  How much blood?  I'm not into blood play!

        It depends on how deep the staple is applied to the body.  In addition, some areas tend to bleed more than others.  For the most part, the puncture hole from the staple is so slight, it isn't noticeable.  For those who have cats as pets, a claw scratch from a cat is much worse than from a stapler.  Since there is a possibility of blood, latex gloves are suggested for those who are stapling and aren't familiar or fluid bonded with the bottom.


        Other than the safety equipment, only a staple gun and the stapler remover is needed. 

Optional items

  1. Ribbon
  2. Weights
  3. Dangling decoration

        I bought my stapler and remover from Amazon.  The gun is a one time use.  It can't be reloaded.  There are 35 staples.  If you find that you like it, buy several.  You'd be surprised how quickly the staples get used.

For a better look at the packaging of the staple gun.
Staple Gun Package

For less than $15 I can now have some fun!

How and where to staple

         The packaging slip does give instructions.  It's just a firm press of the staple lip onto the body and squeeze the handle.  The first time, people hold it too light and the staple doesn't grab into the skin.  Push too hard and it will go too deep.  It's not a problem either way. 

        Basically, any place where flesh can be pulled up can be stapled.  I would NOT recommend trying to staple the eye lid to the skin under the eye.  Chance of damage to the eyeball would be very high.

Can we staple the sexual organs?

        YES!  The nipples, clit, pussy, penis and ball sack are all fine.  Now, some people have very small nipples so it may not be as easy.  For those of us with eraser head nipples, it's pretty easy.  I've had it on both my nipples and clit.

Doesn't it hurt?

        This will once again depend on the person's pain tolerance.  I loved it. It hurt so very good on my back.  It felt delicious on my nipples and clit.  One note: If you staple your own clit or penis, make sure you can easily access it to use the stapler remover to take out the staple.  I made the mistake of stapling my own clit.  Then I tried to get the staple out.  Yeah… I couldn't see well enough to use the remover to take it out.  I kind of panicked and thought another 3 hours til my DH gets home to take it out!  I didn't hurt.  It was a constant throbbing arousal making it difficult to concentrate.  So plan accordingly if you try anything by yourself during a lunch hour.

        For those wondering, I ended up using a mirror while positioning my legs in an awkward manner to try and get the remover under the staple.  It didn't work.  So…I yanked it out.  Yes, I'm a bit crazy.  The good news was the staple wasn't in deep enough.  So I didn't bleed much.  Just a couple of dots of blood.  I also yanked it out in a manner that was safer.  I pulled the arms of the staple out to the side instead of yanking straight up.  This way, the teeth of the staple released my clit.

What does the staple look like?  Is it big?

        The staple is small.  Here is a picture of it in comparison to my finger.  Remember, this tool is used to close torn flesh together.  So it isn't going to be huge.  It's designed to be an alternative to stitches.

Staple Size

How do I remove the staple?

        This is pretty easy too.  With the remover, it's a simple one click and the teeth of the staple is pushed out so that it opens up and releases.  Here are a couple pictures to show it.  The packaging has instructions with diagrams too.

Getting under the staple

Pressing down to open the staple

How to incorporate into play

          When your submissive or bottom is restrained, you can apply a few staples on their front or back.  Or you can use it for some nice decoration.  I had it applied to my back.   

Back 1

Back 2



      Now you can decorate your bottom.  You can put dangling weights on this or even chains to connect the staples.  The staples hold pretty strong.  They don't pull off easily  unless then were not applied deep enough.  It can be left on for several hours.  Now, if you keep tugging and placing heavy weights on the staples, it can cause a bit of tearing.  Most tears will heal up in a few days.  For those living in humid climates where infections are a possibility, this is where the antibacterial ointment is required after the removal of the staples.

        What we tried was to make a pretty corset decoration.  This is a thin ribbon which easily threaded through the two columns of staples.  We ended up using 8 staples - 4 on each side.  I was laying down on a couch when this was applied.  It can be done standing up too. 

close up ribbon


      Here is another view with me laying down.

ribbon 2

        Here is another view with me standing up.  I prefer this one.  It looks sexier, doesn't it?

Standing up

     How did it feel?  Did it push you into subspace?

        The pain is a quick sharp bite which fades into a light throbbing.  Or perhaps a humming feeling.  It felt really good to me.  When I walked around, I could feel the pull and tugging of my back muscles.  I can imagine if I was stapled this way and restrained with my arms above my head.  Then if I were to be flogged on my breasts or ass.  Or even caned, I'd be hitting subspace pretty quickly.  I could already feel the bit of easing into my "happy quiet" zone as each staple was applied.

        I can't say this is what everyone will feel.  For me it was great and I had to fight to stay in the "now" so I could take notes and write up this educational post.  NOTE: I wouldn’t recommend hitting the staples with any object because that could cause damage.  If you do want to permanently make a mark, this would be a way.

What did it look like after the staples were removed?

        It looked like little bug bites.


         I'd like to thank Sirly Eric for introducing me to the staple gun.  Thanks to my DH for suffering through and stapling me.

       Now, it's your turn!  Have you tried this?  Do you want to try this?  Show us your pictures after you try it!


Great post! Not something I'd want to do, but very interesting!
Unknown said…
That looks like so much fun! I've never been stapled, but I've had a needle corset on my back before. It's probably pretty similar, except mine wasn't that neat, lol!!!
@ Voracious Reader - I thought I posted an answer to you. Hmm... Well, if you ever wanted to do it, as the one giving the staples, I'll be your canvas!

@ Lina, I'd be happy to decorate you. ^_^ I love this.
Lance Smith said…
I'm with Voracious Reader on this. Wouldn't ever do it...but looks interesting
Oh, but it's so much fun! ^_^ It doesn't even hurt one bit...(okay, may that is a stretch).
Anonymous said…
It is a lot of fun on the receiving end. Very erotic. Im up for being a canvas anytime!
@ Anonymous, yes, it is pretty erotic for me too. It is definitely fun to be a canvas.
Anonymous said…
Oh, YES, I'd love to do this! But I need to wait until I am 16... My parents are strict, and they said I need to be 16 to do it... Ah, well, thanks!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the information. My beautiful sub is willing to give this a go.......He's just yummy x

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