Darker Games

This book is definitely not for those who like a HEA. Nor is it for someone who is just new into BDSM. I read this book and while I enjoyed the scenes greatly, the ending was discomforting abet realistic. I can tell pretty quickly this is not written by a female. How, because I am a female and even though I have "male traits", I know that most women don't feel this way.

I rated this book only as OK because it was a bit too black and white with the characters. I didn't purchase it for character development; I just wanted to read J Argus's deviant sex scenes. I have to admit, the scenes were hot and not that extreme. I would rate it as medium BDSM. What I find amusing about this book is the perspective is from a female who has kinky desires with a boyfriend who becomes actively engaged. Bringing in another woman who turns out to be a cruel boyfriend stealing domme is a rather popular theme for male authors. How do I know this? Eh hem, I have to admit reading quite a bit of male writers from a few websites. If you want to know the websites, email me.

What is not believable is the descent Kendra goes to and how her boyfriend, Ian, ends up pretty much discarding her. The reason why I don't believe this is accurate, is I believe a woman such as Kendra was initially described, would have put a stop to it by leaving Ian before it came to the point it did. Now, let's say she was broken by Caroline, the domme introduced by Ian, still, I believe one of her friends would have noticed and caused an intervention. I do have to state, the author clearly notes in his interview, he doesn't write true to life scenarios, it's fantasies, dirty, gritty and how he'd like to see it. So in that aspect, he succeeds.

I would say this is definitely NOT a book to use for safe, sane and consensual. This book can not be used even as a guide for several of the scenes because it would cause permanent damage. Do not for once believe all the scenes can be re-enacted because there are a few parts where Caroline indicates something isn't "safe". I say this because there are times where Kendra is hanging by the wrist. Many of the described bondage scenes are dangers because it will cut of circulation which will cause nerve damage. A big no no.

This book is only good for smut mind candy ~ fantasy, not for life to imitate art. (Did I really just call this book, art?) If you are interested for a read, contact me. I'll loan you a copy. It is very short and only takes about 45 minutes to read. Well, longer if you um, well, you know.


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