Female Prey

Female PreyFemale Prey by S.J. Lewis

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I saw this book a year ago and debated whether or not to purchase the book.  It seemed to be up my alley but the author was unknown.  And, as people who read my profile know, I don't read male authors.  Still, I was persuaded to read the book despite my initial ambivalence.  I'm glad I did.

This book was amusing.  I found Elf-girl likable and spunky.  While this book is listed as consensual and the Mr. Lewis also considers it consensual, I believe many females would consider it non consensual.  Here's the reason why.  Females can be fickle (males too).  Just because the female signed up to be hunted, bagged and tagged, doesn't mean she is going to consent to everything the hunters planned.  Obviously, this is a BDSM fantasy, not a guide book.  This is why it was okay for there not be a safe word.  Also, several of the sex scenes were not safe and would cause permanent damage.  Very few of the bondage/restraint scenes were safe.  This was a bit distracting for me, only because I know and understand the ramifications.  I had to tell myself this is just a BDSM fantasy to get over it.

The book was surprisingly well written from a female's voice.  I could relate to this female, but only because I have a lot of stereotypical male traits.  I'm not sure if many of the females will find this book as appealing because their reactions would not be the same reactions of Elf-Girl. The one thing I found as a hot button was the slapping of the face and cuffing on the head.  I'm fine with whipping, spanking, flogging, caning, birching and cropping on all body parts, except the face.  Go figure.

Still, this book was interesting enough for me to purchase the next one, elusive prey.

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