I Deserved to be Punished

I Deserve to be Punished [Adulteress I]I Deserve to be Punished [Adulteress I] by David Jewell

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Unlike the My wife, my slave trilogy, the adulteress duo is a wife, Samantha, who got caught cheating on her cop husband.  Instead of divorcing her, he turns her into a slave instead, against her will.  Obviously, this is a fantasy, not a guide for bdsm relationship.  It is an amusing concept and the short story was a fun read and good for the spank bank.  The reason why I rated it just okay, as I did the second story in this series is because I felt the punishment wasn't enough.  If the husband was really that hurt and upset, I think he should have done a bit more in punishment and marking his territory.  In addition, I think the lover boy got off a bit too easy.  I would have liked to see him punished more.  While he did get it in the arse (maybe that was book two), I would have liked to have seen him taken by two guys while he was dressed up like a sissy.  That would have been truly emasculating for the lover boy, which is what Sarah, the cheated on wife wanted.

All in all, Mr. Jewell delivers again with sex scene after sex scene, which is why I buy his books.

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