Lady Bethany

Lady Bethany or should I say, whore/slut/slave Bethany is a story about wicked sexually deviant stepmother! I liked this one out of the three I purchased from Author Argus. This one amused me the most because it is in jolly ole England and is from a different century. Since I'm not a history major, just a Historical Romance junkie, the setting seemed accurate.

This book was a quick read regarding a spoiled useless noble girl and her comeuppance. She rebels several times and each time, she's slapped down. The BDSM is a bit heavier and there is some puppy play, or I guess I should say, kitty play. Heavy on degradation and humiliation. I found this story more plausible in circumstances due to the time period and lack of women's rights. I also found it believable with the difference in social classes. Once again, not all the BDSM scenes are possible. Once again, this is a male fantasy story, not a realistic guide for BDSM lifestyle. Still, it was a fun read.

Lady BethanyLady Bethany by J Argus


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