Milady's School for Girls

MiLadys School For GirlsMiLadys School For Girls by Lady Midnight

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book by Lady Midnight aka JJ Giles was not what I expected.  I've found the few books I've read of hers to be well crafted with characters you love to hate.  The emotional turmoil in MiLady's school for girls was unexpected.  I was really quite shocked by the turn of events.  While there is a HEA, it's more bittersweet.  Secrets are revealed which made me wince.  The story of a husband and wife, dealing with empty nest syndrome and past hurts was more than I could bare at times.  Lady Midnight put a good deal of thought into her plot.  I'm usually very good at guessing the ending and what happens next.  This one took me completely by surprise.

Still, the sex scenes and service by the slaves was a huge turn on.  Lady Midnight writes in a way that it is clear she has some experience.  Every time I read one of her books, I think, oohh, I wish that I could experience this first hand.  I enjoyed the book and rated it high because it put me through an emotional wringer.  I recommend this book for those who are interest in more than the light BDSM.  This is for those who want to explore just a bit darker side and aren't interested in happily ever afters. 

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