Review of Emily's Debt

** spoiler alert ** I tried another JJ Argus book. Emily's debt was at times a satire for me. I say this, because the author uses extremes for a "what if" Republicans were ruling the US. Once again, this book is definitely not for the newly introduced to BDSM, nor is this book in anyway to be used as a guide for safe, sane and consensual play.

The book is a fantasy, really from the male perspective. It's interesting to view from a man's perspective what he'd like to do to a woman. And even sillier, the POV is a female. At least, what a male thinks a female thinks and feels. Obviously, not all men are like this, but apparently it is appealing enough that it can be published and purchased. (I purchased it so I can't cast any stones.)

Basically, this is a world where people who can't pay their loans and aren't gainfully employed are turned into indentured servants, aka slaves. This is only one step away from becoming a sex slave if the person is good looking, attractive, etc. Due to the laws enacted by a conservative Republicans, they allow indentured servants to become property and have no human rights. (Er, right, so does this author understand the stances of Republicans?)

Emily is a "fu-fu" liberal arts major (liberal arts comes across as a dirty phrase) who can't pay back her student loan. What's a cute girl to do? She's caught and processed as a criminal and turned into a pussy licking, cock sucking degraded anal sex slave.

This book contains gang banging, F/F, public humiliation, light pony and puppy play, forced lactation, repeated rape in all holes and degradation. There is no HEA for this book. As a side note, I'm not sure if this was a slight social commentary on how the author feels about "non-productive" people in the society. It's kind of extreme and amusing.


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