Sentenced to Submission, or The Robe

Sentenced to Submission, or The RobeSentenced to Submission, or The Robe by David Jewell

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a hot little number for me.  It involved a work environment which is always a bit "taboo", isn't it?  For fear of losing your job?  In this one, the Judge who is in a position of power submits to other Judges and a police officer.  Sigh.  Police officer which of course is hot for me.  HANDCUFF me officer!  My, is that a nightstick in your pants?  All those cheesy lines pop through my head.

This is pretty much one sex scene after another.  Don't expect a complex plot.  This is a hot erotic read with BDSM element.  I'd keep it in my spank bank.

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