Reclaiming ZarahReclaiming Zarah by Jennifer Cole

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I liked this book.  Ms. Cole's Zarah is running into the usual marital relation issues as a new mother.  Zarah's situation is complicated by having two husbands.  Both Lane and Jack are lovely husbands.  The triad seems to be working great for them, despite the mommy blues. Trying to capture the feelings before was fun to watch.  The sex was good.  Hmm mmm.

Ms. Cole creates a realistic portray of 3 people trying to make their non traditional marriage work.  I particularly like the misconceptions other people have about Zarah due to her triad.  Ms. Cole does an excellent job of confronting this head on.  The result of the miscommunication, I'm more skeptical of because I don't believe the person would have really responded the way Ms. Cole laid out.

  What I didn't like is the two men didn't have a relationship with each other.  Sure they were best friends, but they weren't sexually intimate with each other.  This was disappointing for me.  I find this a lopsided triangle, more like a very fat and short isosceles triangle since the connection to Zarah is very short and tight while the connections for the men is much further away.

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