Book Challenges

Now that I've been on Goodreads for almost 4 months, I've started to participate in book challenges. The first one I completed was the Forbidden Bookshelf erotic reading challenge.  I completed this March 20, 2011.  I picked the scorching challenge.

I did a mini menage in March, but it wasn't exactly right so I decided not to include it.

The next one I picked is the BDSM Gang Bang Book Challenge for Q2, 2011.  It's been very confusing, trying to understand how it works.  I finally understand and think I need to work on a process flow for people.  The entire group was confused.  I created a tracking spreadsheet for everyone.  I dreamt about a formula to determine who finishes and who's picks were most completed.

The final challenge I'm picking for April is the Erotic Goodreads Titles A-Z 2011.  I have almost everything read already!  There are 5 more books I need.  Q, V, X, Y and Z.  I have the books picked out.  Now I just have to read them.


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