Yes, My MistressYes, My Mistress by Jennifer Cole

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I was expecting more femdom.  This book was a let down on the femdom.  Dani was really a sub playing at being a domme to break a dry spell.  She was tired of not enjoying sex and felt being in control would help.  She took lessons from Troy, a master, on how to be a domme.  This might lead a person to believe she is a switch.  Based on how Ms. Cole wrote Dani, it was not believable to me at all.  Especially from my own experience.  Dani's responses were off compared to being a switch.

There were some holes in the plot and some glossed over answers.  I think this book could have been longer and better developed.  For example:

1. For Nat to immediately spend the night with Max after attending the BDSM Club?  That is a bit of a stretch.

2. The senator's daughter immediately falls into a threesome w/ 2 m/m within hours of meeting her?

3. The allegations the senator who opposes the club also goes there incognito?

Theses were all distracting to the story.  Either build this up more or remove it completely.  What I think really needs to be done, is the three books in this Le Club d'Esclavage series needs to be combined into one.  Or sold as one.

Still the story was a quick and light read. 

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