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Beyond EdenBeyond Eden by Kele Moon

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I enjoyed this book greatly!  Many of my book group friends won't be surprised as this style of BDSM is right up my alley.  I do agree with several of the others who indicated Ms. Moon needs to work on her writing technique.  There were many times I became lost because I didn't know who was saying what.  I had to back track and re-read those.  It was enough times that I actually noted which is not a good sign since I'm the least picky about technical writing and grammar when it comes to my pleasure books.  Ms. Moon, if you are reading this, I recommend a strong editor or some classes to work on your writing flow.  Jarring readers out of the storyline can make or break an author, no matter how talented with alluring story lines.

I LOVED this book and will probably end up reading it over and over again - the naughty parts I like.  The S&M here was breathtaking.  Paul is a painslut.  The descriptions of each scene was mind boggling for me.  I could hear it, see it and almost taste it.  Is it wrong to admit I'd want to feel it?  The main theme Ms. Moon brought into this story line was very nice.  Eve's temptation, Eden, tree of knowledge...etc were all strong metaphors which pulled me into the story.  I liked Evie quite a bit.  I like her voyeuristic tendencies because well, I'm a voyeur too.  I totally understand the allure.  Danny is the dream Dominant.  I can't believe the shit he puts up with and what he can dole out.  I shiver thinking about Danny.  His loyalty, caring and love is what everyone should strive to be in a relationship.  I read about him and I think, wow, I have so much to learn and could be a better person if I thought the same way he did.  He is truly a remarkable person.

This is one of the first books I've read in about maybe 200 in the past 5 months where I genuinely like all of the main characters.  I felt sorry for each one.  I understood their dilemma and pain.  None of them were stupid or inconsiderate.  Ms. Moon made them human and relate-able.  If this is Ms. Moon's first book and she's just getting started, I can't wait to read her other books.  I recommend this to people who love a happily ever after and devoted love.

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