Boss's Pet

The Boss's PetThe Boss's Pet by J.J. Argus

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is my favourite book by Mr. Argus to date.  It contained many of sex themes I enjoyed.  The femdom was very hot for me.  There was plenty of it between the various female characters.  I liked how Gwen was seduced into the lifestyle and how she and Sean, her husband, got off.  This is probably the only book by Mr. Argus I've read so far with a happily ever after between a couple.  This isn't why I gave it a 5 star.  The reason why I gave it a 5 star is because there are so few femdom books which are done without jealousy or hate.  There are even fewer where it is F/f.  This book was filled with f/f scenes I liked.  The only thing missing was fisting.  That would have been an added nice touch.

This book was a hot fantasy from beginning to end.  If he would write more in this worlds with other characters, I'd read it.  I recommend this for people who like femdom done nice. 

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