MM Challenge 2011Q3 Picks

Click here to see the m/m books I have on my tiny shelf.
Update - my shelf should have enough selections! Woohoo! Thank you Dee and Katie! You guys are the best.

Read 8/43

NAME               BOOK TITLE                RATING    REVIEW 

1. Moderatrix Lori My Fair Captain           ★★★★   My Fair Captain review 
2. Lexi            Submission Times Two
3. Valentina       Tatterdemalion
4. MandyM          The Last Pure Human
5. Dee             The Mis-adventures of Mark ★★     Mark's review
6. Stacey Jo       At Piper's Point
7. Smut Bitch      Uneven
8. Nikyta          The Englor Affair
9. Shanna          The Doors of Time
10. Min            Spoils of War             ★★★★   Spoils of War Review
11. Tana           Thaw                      ★★      Thaw review 
12. Kathleen       Anything for You
13. Yvonne         Melting Ice 1
14. Katie          Breaking Logan's Laws
15. Janean         Julian's Jeopardy   
16. Cori           Close to Me
17. Courtney       Bourbon Affair
18. AshleyAlexis   Fuck the Foreplay
19. Sarah          My Father's Lover
20. Desert Rose    Dark Angel
21. Katie          Force of Law
22. Cassandra      Soft Focus
23. D              Among the Living          ★★★     Among the Living review
24. Pia            Some Kind of Stranger
25. Amanda Sings   Pain
26. Mika           Truth in the Dark
27. Laura          Tom or An Improbable Tail
28. Dianna         Marked                    ★★★     Marked Review
29. Snowtulip      Gathering Storm
30. Bookaddict     Bugchaser
31. Glossedcurle   Stuff My Stocking
32. Kyreadinggirl  Blacque/Bleu
33. MsOPP (Julie)  Out There in the Night
34. Lavinia        Life in Fusion
35. Midia          His Hearth
36. Tj             Counterpoint              ★★       Counterpoint review
37. Natsroshan     Dreaming of You
38. Jessica        A Russian Bear
39. Nikki          As You Are
40. Veronica       More Than Make-Believe    ★★★★    More than Make-Believe Review
41. Nancy L.       Mexican Heat
42. Pushubuu       Promises
43. Lily           Criss Cross


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