Between Men

Between MenBetween Men by Brit M.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

HOLY COW THIS IS SMOKING HOT!  I read this book and thought, wow, what did I miss out in?  Don't get me wrong, I love my DH and he's awesome in bed.  But seriously, the sex going on in this book was damn hot for me.  I felt like I was right there, watching.  I'm starting to think the author may have some er, hem, first hand experience?  London and Jack are definitely fictional characters.  Seriously, they are dream men.  Do these type of men exist in real life?  Doubtful.  Their interaction with each other and with Tara was unbelievably awesome. 

I rated this a 5 star because of a few things.

1.  I remembered all the characters names w/o looking them up.  This means they made an impression on me.  Most times, the characters remain faceless and nameless to me.  The fact I remembered their names meant I could connect with these characters and I could visualize them.

2.  Tara was kind of an emotional wreck but she still worked through it.  She didn't go all psycho bitch.  Her way of handling her ex was quite mature and heartbreaking.

3.  I liked how it didn't go into detail about the cheating.  What I liked most about this much used conflict, was how it was handled.  The fact that Tara still loved him but couldn't forgive him.  The realization when Trey figured out he really lost his "love".  This is just sad and heartbreaking.  There were no winners there, only losers.  People where hurt.  No one was vicious about it or petty.  Just remembering the scenes and the emotions invoked by the scene moves me.

4.  Jack and London having sex is hot.  I liked the threesome part, but seriously, the two of them together and what they did with each other was hot.  No toys involved.  Just pure unadulterated hot sex.  I'm still drooling thinking about it.  I'm not even a m/m slut.  I prefer m/f.

Brit M. wrote a beautifully crafted contemporary romance with three people becoming lovers.  I'm hoping there is a follow up to this one.  It ended up happily, but not a happily ever after.  I definitely will be buying more of this author's works.  I recommend this book to people who enjoy hot M/M/F and sweet romance.

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