Office Visit

Daphne chewed on her lower lip. Glancing down at her watch, she winced at the time. Picking up the pace, she raced into the office building. Her lack of attention to time caused her to be late. After entering the building, she searched for the elevator. Her blue eyes darted wildly left and right. To her right, she saw a long line for two elevators. Grimacing, she slung her bag over her shoulder and ran to the stairs next to the elevator. Skip up two steps at a time, she raced up to the fourth floor.

Panting, she jerked open the door for the Romeo Club. Letting the door slam behind her, she strode to the reception desk. “Hi! My name is Daphne. I’m running a bit late. I have an appointment with Dr. Frederick. Tell him I’m here” she blurted out.

The redhead receptionist placed a hand over her headset mouth piece. Eyebrows furrowed, she retorted “I know who you are. You are late. Sit.” She pointed to an empty chair. There were four men occupying the other seats.

“But if you would just let him know I’m in a rush” Daphne urged.

“Daphne, what part of sit do you not understand? Go. SIT. You don’t tell me to do anything” she commanded. Her green eyes glared at Daphne as her pink nail polished left hand pointed to the empty chair again. “I’m sorry Sir, please continue” she removed her hand and spoke into her headset as she dismissed Daphne with a head toss.

Daphne grumbled under her breath and sat down. “God, I guess what they say about redheads is true. They do have fiery tempers, huh?” she joked to the man on her left.

The blond haired skinny man’s eyes widened at Daphne’s remark. His adam’s apple bobbed up and down as he swallowed quickly. He glanced at the receptionist and turned pale. Turning away from Daphne, he picked up a magazine and ignored her.

Confused, Daphne looked up and saw the receptionist with one eyebrow raised and a finger waving in the air at her. Pissed, Daphne muttered to the guy on her right, “Who the hell does the bitch think she is? I can’t believe she just gave me the naughty sign.”

The broad shouldered dark haired man glared at Daphne. His unusual grey eyes showed no warmth as he said, “Listen, you are in enough trouble as it is. Don’t drag me into it. Don’t talk to me.” The man also grabbed a magazine and ignored Daphne.

“SILENCE” ordered the receptionist. “Daphne, Dr. Frederick will see you now. Go through the door on your right. The second door on your left is his office.”

Daphne stood up and went through the door to find Dr. Frederick. The office furniture stole her breath away. She took a step back, thinking she entered into the wrong place only to thud into a solid mass behind her. Surprised, she whipped around and jammed her face into a hard chest. Craning her head up, she focused on the face of a stoic blond man who looked straight out of a German super soldier movie. “I’m sorry; I took a wrong turn” she stuttered.

“No, you are at the right location. Please come in, Daphne. I assume Alana didn’t inform you of our exact purpose here, did she?” an amused male voice called out from the room.

Daphne found himself forced around and pushed into the room. She stumbled several feet into the room and fell onto her hands and knees. She heard the snick of a lock and assumed the blonde brute locked them in. Daphne stood up and dusted herself off while gathering her thoughts. She tried not to look at the huge dog cage. She ignored the medieval stocks and she definitely didn’t want to acknowledge the padded bench with cuffs on the wooden legs.

“Daphne, you are thirty minutes late. You were rude to my receptionist. It’s no wonder Alana sent you here. Did she tell you what would happen at the Romeo club?” the man asked.

Daphne looked at the raven haired man. She guessed the guy was of Asian descent. His almond shaped and almost black eyes seemed to be assessing him. “Dr. Frederick? Alana told me this was to help me become a better partner for her. I forget special occasions and I’ve been late coming home from work. I’m supposed to learn how to be a Romeo and bring our relationship back to how it used to be when we first met. I know I’ve been taking her for granted, but this seems to be a different place. I think I’m going to cancel my membership here. Sorry to waste your time” Daphne explained.

“Daphne, Daphne, Daphne. This isn’t a club you can cancel a membership from. Alana has signed you up for lessons which depending on you, could take a month to several months. I’m leaning more towards several months. Your sessions have been paid in full and is non refundable. Dale, please assist Daphne out of her clothes as we begin our first session. Daphne, I’m going to enjoy remolding you into the Romeo Alana deserves.” Dr. Frederick taunted.

Daphne whirled around and tried to dart around Dale towards the door. Dale’s huge paw slammed into Daphne’s breast and knocked her onto her ass. Daphne crab crawled backward only to halt in screaming pain. She looked to her right shoulder where two fingers were digging into her collar bone area.

“Pressure points are a wonderful thing, aren’t they? Let's start your training, shall we?” Dr. Frederick purred.


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