Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

Ivan clenched his gun tightly as flashbacks of the week before caused him to stumble on the sidewalk. Looking up, he tried to determine which building he was held captive. Suppressing the bile collecting in his mouth, he focused on finding the right building. His memories were jumbled up as he looked at one mirrored building after another. He remembered the room was curved rather than straight line.

He could see two buildings that matched the pictures in his head. Ivan strode towards the one on his left first. He would search every floor until he found the bastards who did this to him. He winced as a throbbing in his left shoulder increased. He could feel the heat spread up his neck. NO DAMMIT! It's happening again, Ivan raged.

Ivan no longer controlled his body. He tried to stop walking, only to have his pace increase. He whirled through the revolving door and walked towards the security desk.

"Hello, Blue. I'm here for a treatment" Ivan said, against his will.

The young man in the security uniform glanced up and then leered. "Sure you are, slut. I'll let them know you are going down. Let me take that gun for you. You won't need it where you are going." He held out his hand.

Ivan watched in horror as his right arm lifted and placed the gun in the security guard's hand. Angry, Ivan willed his body to turn around and exit the building. Instead, his body continued pass security to the elevators. He pushed the down button and waited. When the elevator dinged and the door opened, he shuffled in. Looking at the panel, he pushed the D button, five levels below the lobby.

Ivan's body broke out in a cold sweat as the doors closed. He wanted to scream. He tried to push the lobby button. Instead, his hands slid down his front and clasped the edge of his wife beater. He pulled it off his body and dropped it on the floor. His hands returned down to his button fly and undid his pants. He kicked off his shoes and removed his pants. With his clothing and shoes strewn all over, he looked down, afraid his boxers would come off next.

His eyes widened in shock. He remembered putting on black boxers this morning. Instead of the boxers, he was wearing a frilly pink panty with red cherries on it. The reflection in the mirrored elevator walls caused him to want to throw up. Juicy was written on the back of the panties. Before he could process anymore, the elevator doors opened.

It revealed the two bastards from his memories. These were the assholes who raped his ass and mouth for a week. His body took him forward, out of the elevator.

"I told you he would be back. He loves my cock" the green eyed man boasted.

"Maybe, or it could be the chip we inserted into his shoulder to control him like a remote control doll. I can't wait for him to suck me off again. We are going to start his fisting training this week, right?" the blonde haired guy questioned.

As the two of them joked about Ivan's treatment for this week, the green eyed man beckoned him to follow them. Ivan mentally shuddered as dropped to his knees and crawled after them. When he passed through the doorway, he looked up and surveyed the room. It was just as he remembered it. That was the last thing he saw before he felt the swat to his ass and heard, "Irena, we have many weeks of training before you will be done. When we finish, we'll send you to finishing school where we'll fix that body of yours. Don't worry about the cost. Your ex-wife paid in full."


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