Sounding from a SME part II ~ including women

Suz continues to help educate with the following information.

The medical term for the devices are called dialators. The reason the "scene" calls them sounds is a rip off of an old nautical term in which they send down a line to measure the depth of the water, or "sound the depths." Using a dialator for this sort of play is a bit akin to sounding the depths to the bladder. You can use the same sounds for men and women, but the set with the significant curve on the ends is not really suited to women. The straight ones, and the gently curved ones, are fine.

Don't let go of a sound when you are playing with someone. The last thing you want to do is go fishing for it (doesn't often happen that the urethra is that long but why risk it?) Stretching should be done very gently.

I can not emphasize enough that urethral damage today can be a massive, blocking bit of scar tissue years down the road. Tearing, scratching, and other things that can possibly get infected should be avoided. I've seen people who use knitting needles for this sort of play. I do not recommend that at all.

I always pressure cook my sounds but many people don't understand that alcohol is not a sterilizing agent, it's not even a good cleaning agent. Always know the person who owns the toys, whether they use those toys on others, and how they clean them.

I use sounds on women as a type of gspot stimulation so significant depth isn't really needed. I use them for prostate stim on men.

Of course your mileage may vary.


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