Making a mistake

Warning, this isn't romantic and it's not for the meek. Never give up! Never surrender! *snort*

Final payment

Not again, Dane thought. His head bowed down as he curled into a fetal position and let the hot water pulse over his body. His redden skin hurt from the heat but he still felt dirty. He could still feel the slime covering his body. He clenched his jaw and closed his eyes, willing away the thoughts running through his mind. He would never look at an eel the same way again.

“Dane, are you ready? We need to finish off with the last scene” Bob yelled from the door.

Dane shouted back, “They said I had thirty minutes. Only ten minutes have passed! Leave me alone.” Dane heard shoes shuffle into the bathroom. He turned his head to the right and looked up at Bob.

“Dane, buddy, I know this is hard. It’s the last scene. Please, it’s been longer than thirty minutes. I promise this is the last one. When you are done, you’ll be free. I know this wasn’t what you were expecting, but you have to finish this off. Be a good boy for me, please?” Bob cajoled.

Dane tightened his left hand into a tight ball. His muscles strained as he struggled to keep still. He wanted to kill Bob, his lover. Correct that, former lover. After this last scene, he would walk away and forget Bob ever existed.

The water stopped raining down his body. He glared at Bob’s hand. With the water shut off, he pushed himself up and grabbed a towel to wipe off. Before he could cover his body, Bob ripped the towel from him.

“Sorry Dane, you are going to get wet anyway. We are running late. Hurry on back to Stacey before she comes in here to find you” he apologized.

Dane strode through the door and slammed it behind him, leaving Bob in the bathroom. He walked down the long hallway, leaving a wet trail. By the time he reached the main room, he was shivering from the icy cold air blowing from the vents.

“Let’s get this over with, Bitch” Dane snarled.

“Finally the Prima Donna graces us with her presence” Stacey mocked. “You are late and your dick isn’t hard. Daisy, come over here and fluff him. Oh, sorry, that won’t work, will it? Where’s Bob? Bob, get your cock sucking ass over here and make lover boy hard.”

Bob’s blue eyes were downcast as he knelt in front of Dane. Dane felt the familiar mouth suck him in. Dane cursed at Bob when he felt an icy hot mouth instead of a warm one. He caught the minty scent wafting up from Bob’s lips. The bastard used ice and mints in his mouth to get Dane hard. The dirty trick never failed to get a rise out of Dane. As Dane started to enjoy the hot and cold sensation, he felt claws dig into his upper arms and rip him from Bob. Stumbling backwards, he was thrown off balance. Before he could straighten up, hands on his back shoved him towards the left. He fell onto his hands and knees. The cushioned mat broke his fall.

Feeling a sharp pain in his lower back, he looked over his right shoulder to see the Amazon bitch, Stacey, digging her spiked heel into him.

“Stay down, cock sucker” she ordered. She flicked her long auburn hair over her shoulder. Her hazel eyes narrowed as she taunted, “This last scene will be fun. Since you wanted my husband’s cock, I figured I’d give you more cock than you can handle. I wouldn’t want you to strain yourself, this little harness will help keep you in place.”

Dane’s body flinched as several women picked him up after Stacey removed her heel off his back. In short order, he was strapped into a harness with his arms tied above his head. His hips felt as though they would break apart. His legs were pulled in a wide v shape with his feet at the same level as his head. Dane figured the fiery red head was going to film a gang bang with him being fucked by women with strap-ons. He hated women to begin with; to be fucked by them only increased his hatred. Next time, he’d make sure his lover was not married, especially to a bloody woman.

“Since you are Earth bound, I’m guessing you haven’t met the Thermians, have you? Let me introduce you to Mathesar. He expressed a deep desire for some time with you. He paid me to give him a few hours. He also wanted a little souvenir. Smile for the camera, Bitch” Stacey snarked as she slapped his ass.

What on Earth is a Thermian? Dane pondered. He stared into the full length mirror in front of him. He looked up at the ceiling and noticed more mirrors on the ceiling. This vengeful wife of his ex-lover was psychotic. His soul already felt darkened after the past week of depravities she perpetrated on his body. He prayed to make it through this last unknown indignity.

Catching movement in the mirror, his head dropped back down to stare ahead of him. His eyes widened as his mouth opened wide. Dane let loose a blood curdling scream. He twisted left and right, trying to escape from the harness. He hated octopuses ever since a mishap in the ocean when he was a child. He remembered sharing this fear with Bob during one of their intimate moments. The asshole must have told Stacey.

Dane whimpered as the first tentacle reached his anus, probing his dry hole. He puckered up his hole as the blunt tip rimmed him. His cock drooped and his balls shriveled up. He let out another scream as a second tentacle wrapped around his dick. He could feel the suction cups gripping his dick hard. The tip of the second tentacle pushed his foreskin back.

Tears dripped down his cheek as more tentacles explored his body. His nipples were sucked painfully. The lukewarm rubbery feel of the skin spiraled up both his legs. Dane couldn’t stop his screams as the first tentacle squirmed its way up his ass. The increasing size forced him to stop mid scream and gasp. He resumed shrieking when he felt another tentacle questing in his asshole, expanding it more than he’d ever taken. He begged not to be fisted and to date, Stacey honoured his request. Technically, a tentacle wasn’t a fist.

“Dane, it’s only been five minutes. I hope you enjoy your next several hours. Just so you know, Thermians have more than eight arms. Wait until you see his multiple cocks. Oh, there’s the first one, aiming for your cute little mouth” Stacey cackled.

Chapter Two ~ A New Beginning 


What a great story. Truly enjoying the read!
Thank you Patrick! :)

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