A New Beginning

Dane squeezed his lips tightly. The cock aiming for his mouth was like no cock he'd ever seen. The head of it was surrounded by little appendages which wiggled independent of the cock. It almost looked like a little baby sea anemone. He hoped it didn't sting like one.

Dane nearly opened his mouth in a yelp when the tentacle in his ass hit tunneled deeper and took a ninety degree turn, following his intestine. The scene from Aliens popped into his mind which made him scream.

Lightening quick, the cock dove into his mouth. Shit! The cock did have a mild sting to it, not too different than the TENS unit he played with Bob. He clenched his jaw, hoping to bite off the cock. The little tentacles on the cock finally made sense. It forced his mouth wide open from the inside. He choked as he felt the head thrust into his throat. As he swallowed, the nasty cock slid halfway down. Just as he started to feel woozy, it pulled back. Tears streamed down his cheeks, dripping onto the nasty alien cock.

He could feel the undulation of the tentacles puffing his cheeks out. His reflection in the mirror looked like some horror B science fiction flick found on SyFy station. His ass felt stuffed as the tentacle rippled. Dane liked to top for a reason. Anal penetration for him didn't get him off. The only anal play he enjoyed was forcing a man to rim his ass.

Over the course of the next few hours, Dane was violently raped in every conceivable hole. It didn't happen all at the same time, but even his ears were not left alone. At one point, he felt as though he was placed in an isolation chamber because a tentacle wrapped around his head and covered his eyes. His ears were plugged with little soft squishy alien parts. His mouth was gagged with the anemone cock.

Never once did he cum when he was cock was stroked, licked, suckled and pumped by the varies tentacles from Mathesar. This wasn't because Dane was frightened. Every time he came close, Mathesar would thrust a cock or thick tentacle in his ass like a piston in a V8 engine. A thin tentacle would grip his balls in a vice making him scream in high notes he didn't even know he could reach.

Sweat mixed with alien cum dripped from his hair and body. He couldn't even process the pain of his ass. Through all the torture, Dane chanted, "it will be fine. This will end." This helped him endure it until the last act.

Bound up again in an isolation chamber stasis, he felt a tickle at the head of his penis. His swollen anus was being gently suckled in a heavenly rimming style he enjoyed. The massaging of his heavy sack caused his balls to gradually tighten and pull up into his body. Finally, Dane thought. He would be allowed to come. The time must be up. His dick hardened under the twisting motion of two tentacles wound around it. The strange thing was, his penis felt full. He guessed his hot cum was stuck in his cock ~ ready to burst. That was why he felt so full.

Dane scream was muffled by the cock exploding cum into his mouth. He thrust his hips as best he could forward as his balls sucked into his body. His anus clenched tightly as the pleasure rolled through his body, starting from his penis. The rimming around his anus became almost too painful as the suction increased. He felt his cum squirt as his entire body shook.

Dane opened his eyes and gasped for air when all of the tentacles disappeared from his body. His blurry eyes looked at the mirror in front of him and his brain stopped. He couldn't process what he was seeing. There was a tentacle retracting out of his penis. Dane began screaming and didn't stop, long after at least of foot of the tentacle finally exited his cock.

A second mirror behind him slid down from the ceiling. Dane could now see his ravaged backside. He had purple circles covering his back, left from the suckers on the tentacles. The worst was his new rosebud. He specifically avoided anal play for fear of creating the rosebud. Although, this never stopped Dane from creating a rosebud on his previous lovers, whether they wanted it or not.

Sobbing, his shoulders twitched uncontrollably. Dane wasn't sure how long he cried. When he finally ceased, he noticed a big scene TV in front of him, covering the mirror. It was turned on and there four scenes being simultaneously shown. Three of them were of him in the various states of being abused. The fourth one was the last straw. This one was Bob watching Dane getting abused and enjoy it. Bob was being fucked in all different ways and it appeared he was allowed to have orgasm after orgasm.

Dane heard the click click of the heels on the floor as the streaming video faded. Stacey stood in front of him with Bob collared and leashed, naked at her feet.

"I hope you enjoyed your time, Dane. You brought our server down with the number of hits we received. I'm glad Bob was able to seduce you into my employment. Well, is it really being employed if you aren't paid in money? I see this as a beautiful start to our relationship. Your week long audition is complete. I can't wait for you to start on the projects I have lined up for you. Best part is, room and board is included!" she cackled.


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