Review: The Breaker's Concubine

The Breaker's Concubine
The Breaker's Concubine by Ann Mayburn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

HOLY COW! I just finished this in one reading. My review will be forthcoming once it is approved. All I can say is, "Buy this book. DO NOT WAIT. BUY IT NOW AND READ IT!" My FAVOURITE book from Ms. Mayburn to date.

The Romance Review

Males sharing one female with addictive tasting male come. An entire race on a planet where men can push out pheromones to control those addicted to their taste. On top of this, a warrior prince of this realm is betrayed and forced into sexual servitude. This is, if he can be trained to submit and become the perfect concubine to an alien world's empress. In order to train Devnar, the warrior prince from Jensia, he's sent to Melania, a known breaker.

Based upon the terms "breaker" and "concubine", I figured this would be sadistic BDSM training session. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Melania's style of breaking a concubine is with pleasure and sweetness. She's not exactly a pushover, but she is able to bring amazing results through her dedication and creating a relationship with the concubine.

Devnar is a concubine she's never experienced. First, he is from a different world than her home planet of Kyrimia. Second, he has not a single submissive bone in his body. Third, he doesn't want to serve. Melania's life is on the line if Devnar isn't ready for the Empress to look over within a month. If this isn't enough, both of them are caught up in interplanetary intrigue wrought with power struggles, slavery and betrayals.

Ms. Mayburn pulls me into this story by showing the multi-faceted aspects of the two main characters, Melania and Devnar. I liked learning about their past and how it shaped who they are – both are strong survivors. The chemistry or should I say, bio-chemistry between the two caused me to exothermically combust too. To have her add another male into the mix where there was sharing between all three, I nearly levitated out of orbit.

I liked the dominance plays, which had me drooling. The added feature of a soul mate could have been hokey as it's been overdone in so many paranormal romance novels. In this one, it was blended in well. I felt it added to the story rather than detracted from it. I learned enough about the two worlds that I want to read more. I want to know about the "abominations". I want to learn more about the rebels. Who are these regulators and why do they have a language which is not translatable? What are they hiding?

These questions make me hope Ms. Mayburn returns to this world and provide at least another story. I would be ecstatic if it turns out to be a couple more. If you enjoyed Ms. Anne McCaffrey's mind melding fantasy stories and Ms. Cheryl Brooks' Cat Star Chronicles' addictive chemistry mixed with some smexy Ms. Cherise Sinclair BDSM Masters of Shadowlands kinkiness, I recommend you read this book. I know I'll be pestering the talented Ms. Mayburn for follow up books.

Until a new book in this world comes out, I'll be rereading my favourite parts which have already been dog-eared on my Kindle. Basically, erotic romance lovers who enjoy some hot addictive triad fantasy, buy this book now. My only warning is to let your significant other know to be prepared when you finish reading this book

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