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Caught by Cassandra Carr

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Imagine giving everything to a man you loved and receiving not even an invitation to his bed. You are only good enough to be relegated to the guest room after a scene. You submit to his every whim and provide sexual satisfaction and when you want a bit of loving reassurance, he leaves you high and dry.

Callie left Jack three years ago because she was dying from neglect – her love was never returned. Returning home for the first time to visit over the holiday season, Callie bumps into Jack, only to turn tail and run. Jack, the Dominant, chases and corners her before she can escape. Their first contact after years is a hot submission with her on her knees, sucking him off at their mutual friend's party.

Jack never understood why Callie ran from him. He loved her desperately and was afraid his intense BDSM desires scared her. It must have because she left without a word or way of finding her. Finding her again, he doesn't want to lose her this time. So begins the mating dance between Callie and Jack.

This short story was sweet and my heart hurt reading it. The bruised feeling of when a love is unrequited never ceases to move me, and when the lover is as sweetly submissive and gentle hearted as Callie, I feel the blow to my heart physically. My chest literally hurt reading about Callie's forlorn hopeless love for Jack. Jack's inability to communicate with Callie other than through a sexual physical format drove me up the wall. He thinks his actions speak louder than his words. Yes, they do. He just didn't realize that what his actions said was not what he meant. Where is my two by four to hit him across the head to give him a clue?

Ms. Carr is a new to me author and one I'm going to watch. I enjoyed her story. It was well written. I enjoyed the dynamics she employed between her main characters. Her BDSM was light and hot. Her D/s was nicely done. The only thing which confused me was Jack's Dom friend, Ron, who was married yet had no full-time sub. That sounds like a train wreck waiting to happen. Other than this one item which made no sense to me, the story flowed well despite its hinge upon a miscommunication. Ms. Carr showed how hard it is to talk about the next step in a relationship and the fear of rejection. I recommend this book to new-to-BDSM readers who enjoy lovers reunited for a happily ever after.

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