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Darkest Hunger
Darkest Hunger by Aline Hunter

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Wouldn't it be nice to know who your fated soul mate is from the time you are born? A fated mate is the other half of you who will be able to connect through heart, body and soul. This person would love you for eternity. How could this be a bad thing? For Willow, it's been a heavy albatross slowly strangling her to death.

Willow, the Lycae Princess, is foretold through prophecies that she will betray her blood for their worst enemy, the blood-sucking leeches, vampires. Willow has been trained since an infant to hate them and especially avoid the Vampire King, Bridon Walkyr. Obedient to her father and loyal to her kind, she will do anything to prevent the mating from happening. No sacrifice is too great.

Does this sound a bit melodramatic to you? As I'm reading the story, I felt this fatalistic martyr complex to be a bit over the top. As the story unfolds, the facts behind the actions are rather sad. Finding out that things are not as they seem is jarring to Willow and she's barely able to realign her thoughts before she realizes what must be done. While she strives to be a martyr for her people, she's not the weapon her father honed her to be.

I liked Willow. She was a decent if totally misguided heroine. The one who was fun and I'd enjoyed more was Bridon. He truly received the short end of the stick and his life sucked. He's lived centuries waiting for his soul mate to return. I was rooting for a happy ending for him. His patience in the face of his Willow's cruelty made me like him even better.

The Otherworld is an interesting world crafted by Ms. Hunter. I would like to see more of it. Perhaps there was more explanation in the first book of this series which I did not read. This story reminded me greatly of the Immortals After Dark by Ms. Kresley Cole. It is a similar mythology of paranormal creatures and the requirement of a mate for life. For those who enjoyed the Immortal in the Dark series, I recommend this series for a tasty treat. The story may not be as long, but the sex is hot and the undertones of D/s are smexy.

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