Review: Rosemary & Mistletoe

Rosemary & Mistletoe
Rosemary & Mistletoe by Bianca Sommerland

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a second book in the series. I recommend reading the first book because otherwise, you'll feel like you've been dropped into the middle of Act II in a scene you aren't sure about. The characters may confuse you a bit too. Still, I was able to figure out pretty quickly what was going on. Rosemary reminds me of the books by Sunny - Mona Lisa. I'll have to read the first book to understand better about Rosemary's harem of men to feed her. Actually, I felt it was a mix of Sunny's Mona Lisa, Anne Bishop's Dark Jewel's and LKH's Anita Blake feedings of the ardeur. Since Sunny's Mona Lisa series I felt was a complete rip off blending of Ms. Bishop and LKH's books, perhaps Rosemary is yet another version of the original two.

Regardless of how these characters came about, I still enjoyed this book enough that I really want to read the first one. I want to know about this race of people where the women commit matricide. I want to read about Kurt's betrayal. I want to learn more about Rosemary.

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