Review: Submission Becomes Her

Submission Becomes Her
Submission Becomes Her by Paige Tyler

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ever meet the almost perfect mate, but he just wasn’t exciting in bed? Even though he had a great body, there just was no chemistry there because his vanilla ways were too boring? Josie feels this way about her ex-boyfriend Gavin. They ended their relationship amicably months ago because they agreed there just wasn’t that sizzling spark.

Now this is why on-line meetings can be beneficial. Behind the anonymity of a screen name, dark deep secrets can be revealed easier than in person. This is what happened to Josie and Gavin. To their surprise, when they schedule a real life blind date, they already know each other.

This short sweet smexy spanking story brought a smile to my face. SUBMISSION BECOMES HER, light BDSM definitely qualifies for the tasty SugarKink category. The story presented a simple plot which flowed at a fast past. We are treated to a smoldering spanking conclusion. I recommend this teaser story to those who enjoy couples reunited under the kinky banner.

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