Flogging Part I

This month, we are deviating and talking about instruments of pleasure and pain again.  We are going to discuss floggers.  These are one of my favourite play toys.

What is a flogger?
A flogger is a type of cat usually made of different types of animal hide.  There are others made of synthetic materials or even metals.  My personal preference is animal hide.
What kind of material?
A popular type of animal hide used is the bison which is heavier leather. 
Floggers commonly have rounded or square ends.  Square ends tend to be stingier.
Rubber floggers absorb dye and also tend to be on the stingy end.
There are also floggers made of electrical wires or chains.  I have seen these used on subs and they bruise badly and generally bleed.  This I would say is used for the painsluts, not for everyone.

Caring for your flogger
First, most animal hide floggers are dyed, so be careful when using saddle soap.  This will fade the dye.  A popular type of disinfectant is Oster Spray Disinfectant - for use in hospitals, salons and households.
  • Kills most germs and bacteria
  • Eliminates odors
  • Prevents mold and mildew
  • Clean scent
Why do we need to clean the flogger?  Because there is a possibility if used with multiple people, people could become infected or sick. 
  1. Clean at least the bottom six inches of the flogger
  2. Cleaning can be done with saddle soap
  3. Clean with disinfectant to prevent spread of possible infections
Purchasing the flogger for you
  1. Look at the knot of the handle.  How good is it?  Tight? Loose?  Tight is better and will prevent unraveling.
  2. Is the handle smooth?  If it is too smooth, it will fly out of the hand.
  3. Run hand down the strands to look for smoothness.  Anything sharp will cut.
  4. Check the ends of the flogger for evenness in length.
  5. How wide spread is the tails?  Test the swing of the flogger.  Testing can be performed on the inside of the arm.
  6. Generally, a good starter flogger has 24 tails and the tails are 24 inches in length.
  7. Number of tails is usually 16 to 24 on a flogger.  A “mop” contains 101 tails.  And boy is that an intense hit!
The swing is important.  Less arm movement will mean more control.  Use the wrist to flick the flogger.  Most people swing forward.  There is also a back swing.
The 4 throws are:
  1. Figure eight
  2. “Disc”
  3. Egg
  4. Double Florentine
There are two variations to the double Florentine – mirror and same direction.
It is very important to know the know strike zone.  The best part to hit is the ass.  Shoulders are fine.  The no strike zone is an upside down T.  Don’t hit the spine and don’t hit where the kidneys sit.  The danger with hitting the kidney area for too long and intense, is that over the course of a few months, the bruising to the kidneys will cause kidney failure and the person dies.  There will be no bruising on the outside. 

The front stomach area is another area to avoid because of the internal organs. Hitting between the legs is fine; just don’t go up too high.  The breasts are an okay area to flog although quite sensitive.  Be careful with the wrap around when flogging.  The wrap around could still strike the no hit zones.



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