Review: Bridled and Branded

Bridled and Branded
Bridled and Branded by Natalie Acres

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Childhood friends becoming lovers is a sweet romance I enjoy reading. Ever notice how childhood friends sometimes become open adversaries in their late teens, especially if they are the opposite sex? For Blaine and Lynlee, this is the case because they are fighting their attraction for each other. I'm not sure why they feel the need to pretend it doesn't exist as it is clear to everyone around them. They want each other and fortunately more for than just one night.

The sex scenes in this book are smexy and fun. What I didn't find believable was a virgin immediately diving into a threesome where she's taking both front and back. While this scene was hot, I giggled at the absurdity of it. Lynlee has never fully been with a man although she's an experienced cocksucker. Blaine, it seems, has nailed every woman with a heartbeat. Not only that, he's completely indiscreet about his sexual shenanigans – even the ones where he is sharing with his male buddies.

While the sexual slutfest from Blaine and his buddy Rhett doesn't shock me, it does disappoint me that they aren't sexually librated enough to interact with each other. It's all okay for the women they poke and grind with to provide a bit of girl on girl action. However, there is no mention of Blaine sharing the same sexual expression with his male partners. This lack in connection is why the story isn't rated higher for me. I find that as I read more and more ménage books, it's more satisfying to have a true triad instead of a sexual play partner.

Still, this story is a smexy ride with a bit of the past coming up to try and destroy Lynlee and Blaine's burgeoning relationship. The conflict is anticipated because really, after boinking any slut in sight, does Blaine really think he can get away with never having an "accident"? Thankfully this does not deter Lynlee and we conclude with a happily for now. I recommend this erotic romance for cowboy lovers and those who want a fast hard smexy ride.

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