Review: Chains and Chocolate

Chains and Chocolate
Chains and Chocolate by Bonnie Bliss

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Want some kinky sex with your husband and afraid how it may turn out? Do you think he'll be disgusted? Afraid he'll think you are a freak? If you don't ask, you will never know. Marie took that step two years ago. Since then, her husband Neil ran with it and we are treated to a hot and smexy BDSM scene between the two.

I liked this story because it is realistic and the couple has a child. This doesn't stop them from their sexual escapades. Nor does the author lecture us about how to hide it from the kid. Instead, she cleverly describes the actions of Marie to show how the couple still has a BDSM relationship while raising a child.

I enjoyed the smexy BDSM scenes as well as the cellar Neil creates for the two of them to play. This is an ultimate fantasy of mine, to create my own little dungeon in my basement with my spouse. To read a short story where a couple does just this pulls me in and I'm betting it has many a woman wishing the same. While Marie and Neil's playroom may be a bit too intense for some, for me it contains everything I want. I'd love to be a voyeur watching them too. What really made this story was Neil listening to his wife Marie's needs and working together to satisfy their sexual desires.

I recommend this short smexy book to BDSM lovers who may have given up hope to bring some spice into their life. Don't give up.

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