Review: The Forbidden Room

The Forbidden Room
The Forbidden Room by J.P. Barnaby

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ethan, you delicious devilish Dom! Oh how I dream about you. Wow. I'm very impressed with this BDSM novel as it is very sweet and shows quite a bit of education. I wish all the BDSM communities were this way. Well, this is a fictional story so I can only dream and fantasize.

This story was just the right sweetness and tartness. Ethan is a complicated Dom who has his own demons to wrestle. We don't really know the full story about Ethan until close to 2/3 of the way through the story. This story was more than just a BDSM guide of what a new slave can expect. It was a story of friendship blossoming and turning into lovers. I loved the dynamic between Lexi, Ethan and Jayden. Yes, Kimberly, Jayden's twin is a little bit of a prude, but what do you expect from a midwestern girl? Seriously, I grew up in the Chicago suburbs. I know exactly how white bread it is and how any little deviance from their social norm is looked up as something disgusting or with great distrust. *shudder* I'm glad I no longer live there.

Back to the story, author Barnaby moved me. While I never cried or shed a tear while reading this book, I was pulled into the story hard. I was only going to read a couple of chapters. Next thing I know, I'm devouring the book and my chores are left undone. This book is well written with a great plot as well as complex three dimensional characters. Their relationships were believable. Better yet, the BDSM scenes were hot and so well done. Not a single misstep. I'm very impressed. This is the first 5 star rating I've given so far in 2012. True it is early, but I've already read over a dozen books and this one is the very best. I'm now shamelessly going to start the next book even though I have work to do and other books that I really should be completing first. The bar is now set for other books. It's pretty high. I have a feeling there will be less 5 stars this year than last. I highly recommend this book to BDSM readers who enjoy sexual expression in all it's forms.

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