Review: Impulse Control

Impulse Control
Impulse Control by Sara Brookes

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Heat Rating: Flame - Needed to find toys while reading.

Tired of dealing with bad guys? Tired of always being the one in control? Selene is a tough Planetary Deputy Chief Marshall. She deals with criminals every day. She needs to decompress and the only way she knows how is to frequent a BDSM club, Tawse. She keeps searching for that Dom who can make her fly into sub space. She’s not a painslut nor is she extremely submissive. She’s looking for a Dom who can top her.

Since this is obviously a fantasy story with sci-fi elements, I chose to ignore the bar serving alcohol to those just about to play. I don’t expect fiction authors to teach people the facts of BDSM clubs, but the alcohol mixed with a scene is a pet peeve of mine. As in, I don’t allow it. I digress. The club is upscale and could be considered a GlitterKink category since it’s obvious only the rich can afford membership to this club.

What holds me back from the GlitterKink category is the exquisite play between Vaughn and Selene. Selene finally meets her match with Vaughn. She cannot top from below with Vaughn. He’s an experienced Dom who puts her through her paces. He does a bit of mind fucking to keep her from seizing control. This one scene they played in this very short story was hot. It had me aroused and ready to play. I particularly liked the nipple clamps attached in a way I’ve never read or seen. I’m wondering if it is possible and want to try it in real life. The scene isn’t heavy into pain or filled with complicated toys. Instead, it’s a strong D/s play which clearly demonstrates who is in charge. Wowza, I want to submit to Vaughn. Still, as far as BDSM stories go, I would consider this light. This is a great book for new to BDSM readers who want a bit more than just handcuffs, a slap and a tickle.

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