Review: Keep Me Safe

Keep Me Safe
Keep Me Safe by Skye Warren

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was not what I exactly expected. Based on a couple of scathing reviews on GR, I thought this was going to be some intense non-con. I'm even questioning the BDSM categorization. This story isn't fluffy, it just wasn't really into the sexual games of BDSM or even the slavery aspects. Yes there was some kinky bondage that should have me going, "bad bad". Instead I was going, "ooh, hot!" If we are going by BDSM standards, I'd say several of these scenes were edgeplay. Since this was more a "gangs" story, I'm not sure what to term it.

First off, let me state, I am very prejudice here. I don't like gangs. I find them despicable and want to treat them not too different than vermin. Yes, I get the mentality of why kids want to join a gang. That's a symptom of a larger societal issue which is neither here or there. I mention this only because when I read a storyline which includes gangs in it, I just roll my eyes and want to kill off all the characters. Call me the exterminator. The characters - Rachel - what can I say about her? She's not exactly TSTL, but she does do a few things that make me go, "WTF!!! WOMAN STOP! THINK!" Then again, any woman who lives in a gang infested area who doesn't take self defense classes, I think, what a dumb bitch. That's just me. What I liked about Rachel was her mixed feelings and guilt in the consent of being "raped". This begs the question, can you really rape the willing? I say no, but that's because well, rough sex turns me on.

Yes, this story of rough sex turned me on, especially when Rachel was held down by Zachary. While the other two guys were assholes and abused Rachel, I guess I'm a sick puppy because it turned me on too. Her resistance did it for me. When she responded to Zachary's "abuse", she felt all mixed up. I didn't. I was aroused. Then again, I like the capture, force theme when I read it. In real life, it may be different (if the guy was hot or not). I found this story to be a light to medium non-con story with maybe a little bit of Stockholm syndrome mixed in. I recommend it to BDSM readers who enjoy the non-con with a bit of romance added.

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